Butchered At Birth Review

artist: Cannibal Corpse date: 09/30/2010 category: compact discs

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Cannibal Corpse: Butchered At Birth
Released: Jul 1, 1991
Genre: Death metal
Label: Metal Blade
Number Of Tracks: 9
I have to admit its not my favorite Cannibal Corpse release, but it is definitely a necessity if you consider yourself a Death Metal fan.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
 Users rating:
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overall: 8.7
Butchered At Birth Reviewed by: guitfiddleRR, on september 30, 2010
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Sound: Talk about "captain crunch". The guitar sound on this album is so crunchy and heavy, especially for its time. The sound may be a little bit compressed for some picky guitarists, but it cannot be denied that this is one of the heaviest Death Metal albums ever recorded. Released in 1991 as Corpse's second installment, this album expands vastly beyond its predecessor. The music is much more intricate and much more tightly recorded. Not every single part of music in this album holds interest like others do, but it is a brutal sound, and it makes for an awesome record. // 8

Lyrics: On this album, lead singer Chris Barnes wrote and arranged all of the lyrics. The lyrics on this album are also like the music, much more creative. The lyrics, in my opinion, are the strong point of the album. The lyrics are still intense and "gore-obsessed" just like the previous album, but also in much more depth and detail. The lyrics of this album create a bit of an atmosphere, which is rare for death metal record. The arrangement of the lyrics makes a perfect deliverance for each song. The vocals are also much deeper and heavier than the previous record. It almost sounds like Barnes' voice dropped another four octaves. No special effects are used on the vocal tracks on this record. What you hear is genuine. // 9

Overall Impression: I have to admit its not my favorite Cannibal Corpse release, but it is definitely a necessity if you consider yourself a Death Metal fan. This album has provided me with many of my favorite riffs to warm up with. Some of these riffs include "Meat Hook Sodomy", "Vomit The Soul", "Covered With Sores", and "Gutted". One thing that needs to be mentioned is that Cannibal Corpse is a very underrated band in the world of music. Corpse is one of the most talented bands in the world, and they deliver their most on every single album. This can be heard on every single Corpse release, but it can't be said for many other artists. Corpse are a one of a kind talent, that is for sure. // 9

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