Kill review by Cannibal Corpse

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  • Released: Mar 21, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (101 votes)
Cannibal Corpse: Kill

Sound — 10
The sound of this album is unbeleivable. It's brutal, insane and faster than anything. The production is so perfect that there is not one way to critisize it. Everything is just right and just how it should be. The drums are ounding and unforgiving, the guitars more technical than anything else you'll ever find, the bass awe inspiring (listen to intro of Discipline Of Revenge) and the vocals are great.

Lyrics — 9
What can you say about Cannibal Corpse lyrics. The lyrics on the album consist of rape, serial killings, and overall violence, just as a cannibal corpse fan likes it. The vocals fit in perfectly with the music, adding to the overall brutality of the record. Although George Fischer has a rather linear vocal range, he still keeps it interesting through this 40 minute Gorefest.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is brilliant. Not only does it have lyrics that can make you cringe, but the music is so technical, so fast and insane, that I would easily say this was the best Cannibal Corpse album to date. Every song has it's brilliant bit, and each riff, drum fill or bass line seems to have been thought out immensly. If someone stole this album of me, I would hunt them down and make them pay cannibal corpse style, listen to Maniacal, you'll understand. Buy this album. Buy it now.

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    Hmm it's funny why you guys would leave a comment on a band/genre you dont enjoy. I love this album, killer work by CC again, I didnt think they could do anything like the wretched spawn again. Proved me wrong.
    why comment on a Cannibal Corpse album, or why even click the link to go to this review if you know you dislike Death Metal to begin with? I think it is a very good album, and i think they will be getting more success this time around based on personal experience with people i know just getting into CC with "Kill".
    Pretty nice shit. I'm gonna check that out one sometime. And to all them ****s who replied shit about CC, go eat a grater you pussies.
    Jumping around and screaming? I'd like to hear you take on a Cannibal Corpse solo, let alone the drumwork or the vocals! It may be extreme, but just because your puny mind is scared of it doesnt mean you can steriotype. Anyway, judging from the review, it seems to be a good album! I may check it out sometime.
    Synyster Gates
    ****in a been forever since i heard these guys but now i remeber first song i heard skull full of maggots then a bunch of others and now KILL amazzing
    .:LoCo:. : its just aload of idiots jumping around screaming.....
    Have you seen them live? They are AMAZING! and they do not jump around, that would make them look like a bunch of apes. They stand strong on their territory and headbang like there was no tomorrow. and only one of them scream thankyou very much, the rest are too busy playing the fastest and most difficult riffs known to man. So there.
    i preffered cc with chris barnes as vocals.but now hes a pussy.i havent heard too much of newer cc with corpsegrinder
    i only heard the song "the time to kill is now" and i didnt like the vocals on it very much, i prefer some of the other stuff like "****ed with a knife".
    ive gotta give em credit for the music (guitar riffs/solos..crazy drum playing) but the vocals are just terrible...i dont listen to that much metal but if i do i go to slipknot.,...theyre a bit lighter on the good ol' ear drums
    as much as im not the biggest fan of grindcore or cc itself, i think that they are ****ing talented (and probably ****ing crazy as hell!)
    I'm not a big fan of Cannibal Corpse, but they do seem to be improving with time. If somebody would do a more in-depth interview, I might even check out the CD... =D
    i love cannibal corpse. they epitomize death metal. thats why it's called DEATH metal. even though the lyrics are disturbing, you can barely understand any of it anyways. corpsegrinder is an amazing vocalist. sort of...
    .:LoCo:. wrote: its just aload of idiots jumping around screaming.....
    Screaming? No no no! Growling! Growling from the bowels of your gut, nothings better. On a more serious note you guys can't take it that seriously. Plus its better than all that emo shit.
    atkm2891 wrote: this guys had to be molested when they were kids, i cant believe anyone would like this shit. IT's a disgrace to metal
    Disgrace to metal? Metal can be many different sounds. Death Metal being one of them. One narrow minded human doesn't like them. Does not mean they are a disgrace to Metal. atkm2891 is a disgrace to Metal. BTW: If you guys say anything else bad about CC i'll rape you with a
    i'm a big fan of cannibal corpse. i just got kill the other week and it's a great album. it's some of their best work yet! \m/
    Sounds much too disgusting to be enjoyable. And I'm glad you're not my friend, or I'd be really scared of you too. "DON'T TOUCH THAT. BITCH *slits throat*"
    Sorry, but there is something wrong with someone who writes a song about ripping out the entrails of a virgin or whatever that song is called. I'm surprised that any record label would support them, but oh yea, I forgot, they'll sell anything that makes money!