Torture Review

artist: Cannibal Corpse date: 03/23/2012 category: compact discs
Cannibal Corpse: Torture
Released: Mar 13, 2012
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
We inspect the damage on "Torture", the twelfth album from death metal heavyweights Cannibal Corpse.
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 7.7
Torture Featured review by: UG Team, on march 23, 2012
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Sound: There are but three things which are certain in this world: death, taxes and Cannibal Corpse making records. They've taken it upon themselves to act as a steadfast point of reference for what death metal is and, as the genre's most famous export, preach to an ever-growing choir, but their days of innovation and notoriety are well behind them. They are now flag-bearers, ambassadors, ceremonial figures who bring death metal to the world on the behalf of those who are unable to, leaving artistic expansion to the bands that open their shows. That may concern them, it may not, but they will keep writing riffs until a meteor hits them.

The album starts strongly. The crazed opening exchanges are exhilaratingly fast and threaten to come undone entirely in a way that hasn't really been seen since the band's early days, before years of touring refined their technique. To do this now with click track recording, faultless performance and especially producer Erik Rutan's excessively high volumes is commendable, but those wild vibes are quickly bottled up and saved for later as the bulk of the album is professional, precise and ruthless. Quite similar, then, to what they've been doing since the new millennium.

A point of interest for dedicated fans will be the contribution of bassist Alex Webster, who offers more than his usual share of technical stimulation for those with the ear to hear it. The esteemed bassist can follow even the most complex of riffs to a T but periodically refreshes the assault with melodic flourishes on "Encased In Concrete", "Caged...Contorted" and "The Strangulation Chair". // 7

Lyrics: Which brings us onto lyrics. George Fisher spews a continuously repulsive stream of blood and gore from album to album, sticking to what is familiar and expressing it with an inhuman bellow. There are some particularly sickening turns of phrase here but quite frankly, the finer details are irrelevant. "Torture" as a whole carries a sense of genuine intimidation, its content more menacing, more empowered than the tales of chaotic splatter from frustrated outcasts which were to be found on earlier albums. Perhaps a sign of greater confidence from those writing them, perhaps an utter coincidence that is best ignored in favour of watching on with morbid curiosity. // 8

Overall Impression: You've got to give it to Cannibal Corpse. Let's not forget that they're working in a narrow paradigm here, and they've made almost eight hours of this stuff in a career lasting close to a quarter of a century. A little complacency could be forgiven, but thankfully the band members are able to renew their enthusiasm for the craft every few years and the release of "Torture" has fallen just around one of those moments of rejuvenation. Haters will hate and lovers will love as indiscriminately as ever, but this is a very good album that should provide some pleasure for anyone who has a bit of time for big, stupid violence. // 8

- Duncan Geddes (c) 2012

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overall: 9.7
Torture Reviewed by: Camron62\m/, on march 23, 2012
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Sound: Cannibal Corpse's "Torture" does not fail any expectations. Each song is unique, very well written, and this time, not predominantly written by Alex Webster. The sound is phenomenal and Eric Rutan does a great job producing once again. You can hear each instrument equally and there's not that big of a battle for individual volume. This album separates itself from "Kill" and "Evisceration Plague" in creativity. Any death metal and Cannibal Corpse fan should own this album. You can't get anymore brutal than Corpsegrinder, Pat O'Brien, Rob Barrett, Alex Webster and however you pronounce the drummer's name... Alex had said they were excited about recording this, and that they tried to make each track recognizable and stand out from one another. They did a damn fine job. Better than "Kill" at least. // 10

Lyrics: Although I listened to this album on an iPod, I wasn't able to look up many lyrics, but that doesn't mean that the guys weren't trying hard to write bad-a-s lyrics. Corpsegrinder delivers them unlike anyone and that's why he's the best. I don't pay attention much to the lyrics anyway, but I can tell you that the lyrics on Torture are DEFINITELY worthy of staying in your head if you read them while listening to each song. The lyrics match the music so well, and if you're a big Cannibal Corpse fan like me (kinda), you'll agree. If I saw more lyrics, maybe the rating would be 8, but because Corpsegrinder is a beast all his own... Here ya go. // 9

Overall Impression: I've only listened to this album twice all the way through, and I was already doing air guitar on some songs through the first listen. I play guitar, and it's now safe to say, Pat O'Brien is indeed one of the greatest metal guitarists in the community. He may sound a bit sloppy on his solos, but I'd like to see YOU copy HIS solos EXACTLY the way they are like he does and at that insane speed. Even well over a decade into writing guitar lines, Rob Barrett and Pat O'Brien lay down some bad-a-s riffage, structure, accuracy and skill. This band did an amazing job. 01. "Demented Aggression" - a fast, blistering track. Very impressive. This'll be a fan favorite, since it starts the album, maybe if anything else. 02. "Sarcophagic Frenzy" - quite a hardcore grooving f--king tune! Pounding, headbangable, great riffs, pretty beast. As I said before, production is great, and shows itself in this song. 03. "Scourge Of Iron" - unique from anything else I've heard from them (I don't know much). Catchy, very heavy, not just all speed and sloppiness. You'll like this one if you're searching for something that'll give you visions in your head with the lyrics and ominous music. Great solo. One of my favorite tracks. 04. "Encased In Concrete" - music video, yay... I don't mean that sarcastically, I mean it'll be very interesting since this song is so brutal. Impressive track, these guys are geniuses. 05. "As Deep As The Knife Will Go" - loud, catchy, instruments being played the shit out of... It makes me wonder what's going through the guitarist's mind when writing such incredibly creative guitar lines and connecting each section. Listen for yourself. 06. "Intestinal Crank" - wild, fast track, no one does shit like this better. Completely brutal break. Great solo if you can hear it well enough to realize the insanity of it and that you'll never be able to play it the same way. 07. "Followed Home Then Killed" - what's this? A change of pace? Oh, my God how it sure works. A slow, fast, scary, creepy song that could be a movie. Cool track, one of my favorites. 08. "The Strangulation Chair" - brutal f--king track. Catchy with odd changing time signatures. Great bass solo from Alex Webster. One of my favorites. 09. "Caged...Contorted" - pounding, brutal very heavy. Sudden tempo/time changes and not a bad solo make this track stand out. Listen for Alex's insane bass playing under the guitar at some parts! 10. "Crucifier Avenged" - intro reminded me of "Death Walking Terror", this is an interesting song, cool structure, pretty damn heavy... 11. "Rabid" - guitar playing is great, structure is great, bass playing is noticeably outstanding, and Pat delivers a great solo. Fast tune. 12. "Torn Through" - low sounding, very brutal song, interesting solo... Is this it for the album? Because I'm very pleased with the way the whole thing turned turned out. Alex Webster is the greatest death metal bassist besides the dude from Dying Fetus. Like most Cannibal Corpse albums and songs, I'm quite impressed, but I'm gonna need to listen to them alot more to actually remember them well. Great album, good job dudes. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Torture Reviewed by: bullsonparade3, on march 23, 2012
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Sound: Cannibal Corpse show no sign of slowing down. "Torture" captures some of the band's finest moments creatively. The drums are very solid, and the bass cuts through well, such as in "Encased In Concrete", "Rabid", and "Torn Through". The guitar work is also very impressive, but there is no really stand out guitar riffs in my opinion. Pat also has some really creative guitar solos, as in "Scourge Of Iron". // 8

Lyrics: George Fisher does a fantastic job with the vocals. While his high screams aren't as good as they were, his growls are showing no sign of weakening. He also does some of the fastest vocals I have ever heard him do, such as in "Demented Aggression" and "Encased In Concrete". No complaints here. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, this is one of my favorite Cannibal Corpse albums. It combines "Kill"'s intensity with "Evisceration Plague"'s slow tempos and grooves. The most impressive songs would be "Scourge Of Iron", "As Deep As The Knife Will Go", "Crucifer Avenged", and "Encased In Concrete". I also really like Paul's performance on the album. He really outdoes himself in songs like "Demented Aggression", and "As Deep As The Knife Will Go". If this album was stolen, I would hunt the person down and get some ideas from the lyrics, or just go buy another one. // 9

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