Symphonies Of Slackness review by Captain Cleanoff

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (2 votes)
Captain Cleanoff: Symphonies Of Slackness

Sound — 10
Captain Cleanoff are a Grindcore band located In Burton, South Australia. Although all of the members live in three different states (South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales). The band is based in S.A. Symphonies Of Slackness was released in 2008 around march on Obscene Productions and is the bands debut album since forming back in 1997, it also marks the bands first new material in nearly 6 years since releasing their self-titled ep in 2002 on No Escape records. Symphonies of Slackness contains 21 tracks that are: 01. Intro 02. Your Fate 03. Gore Grind Thrush Attack 04. Stuck In A Rut 05. 32,34 06. Wipe Ya Fetus 07. Blockhole 08. Cold Showa 09. Mr. Serious 10. Hardcore Fashion Parade 11. Baby Got Gunt 12. Tow Da Line 13. Wretch 14. Just Another Breakdown 15. Symphonies Of Slackness 16. Here Tis 17. Frog Dog 18. Life Metal 19. Toxic Mind 20. Wasting Time And Money 21. Wizards Sleeve The line up on this album is Ben Parson - Vocals Adrian Medhurst - Gutiar Arnand White - Bass Murray - Drums Rohan - Guitar Symphonies of Slackness title is also a play on Carcass's 1989 album "Symphonies of Sickness" just a little fun fact. Now on too the sound of this album, with Scott Hull (Of Agoraphobic Nosebleed & Pig Destroyer fame) handling mixing and mastering duties you can only expect the best and he delivers the bands full potential of writing devastatingly catchy grind to Fruition. I think that what long time fans of this band will notice on this record is the improvement of not just the recording quality but also most defiantly the musicianship. Everything has just been taken to a new level, its going to be incredibly hard to out do this record. There are just so many catchy fast/tremolo up and down the guitar neck kind of riffs on this album, which the drums usually accommodate by doing blasting and fast double bass beat kind of 4/4 beat patterns. The bass is distorted which gives it that classic Napalm Death feel. The guitars are if I remember correctly are tuned to C# (C,F,A#,D#,G,C) on this album from speaking to Rohan of the band at one of their shows. There are some guitar solos on this record that don't sound overly done unlike many metal bands can venture into the thousand notes per second type of thing. A good example would be the guitar solo for the song "Wretch" from 1.51 - 2.02. This solo kind of has a rock 'n' roll feel to it, which really just fits in amazingly. I think the sound of this album is just so catchy, Heavy and with Australia being a prominent figure but mostly overlooked country in extreme music for such a long time, when compared to Europe or America for example. Captain Cleanoff deliver a well composed beautifully done Grindcore album that I believe will Remain a classic for years to come, regardless of this blooming but mostly overlooked country.

Lyrics — 9
Captain Cleanoff lyrics?... well that don't actually sing anything, yep just grunts and screams. But by judging by their song titles I would say their main lyrical theme is humour. The vocalist of the band "Ben Parson" delivers a high agonizing scream along with an earth quaking low growl (haha yeah I know, I'm trying to be creative!) that are prominent through out the album, no melodic singing here, Just pure straight to the point Grind!

Overall Impression — 10
Unfortunately this album only goes for a little above 28 minutes, which is quite a reasonable time for a Grind album, but eventually all good things have to come to end and Captain Cleanoff are just one of them. Just the question is now how long will it take Again For Captain Cleanoff to release another masterpiece? Stand out tracks: None! all are amazing! but the last track "Wizards Sleeve" is quite breath taking! :) Thanks for reading my so deeply meaningful review, Haha. Visit the bands myspace! cheers

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