Indian Summer review by Carbon Leaf

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  • Released: Jul 13, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (4 votes)
Carbon Leaf: Indian Summer

Sound — 9
Carbon Leaf's music style is completally different than anything I had ever heard before. They really don't fit into one genre, if you haven't heard them I highly suggest you get this album, or just go to their website or myspace to hear one or two of their songs. This album is different in alot of ways from their previous albums, I have to say the much lower use of mandelin left me a little dissapointed. I first saw Carbon Leaf at my high school years ago, and was a fan but could never find any of their cds, this one has been in every music store I have ever been in, so it's easy to pick up, they've come a long long way from the first time I heard them.

Lyrics — 10
I have to say the lyrics blew me away. The first song I heard from this album was "What About Everything?" and I knew I had to get the album then. The lyrics are amazing. Barry Privett's voice is beautiful, his singing is best brought out in this album. Perticurly in "When I'm Alone." I think the album is ten times better in the second half, starting with "Paloma."

Overall Impression — 9
01. Life Less Ordinary - what a great song to start an album with, it starts soft and light and slowly picks up, adding instruments, getting louder, etc. Everything blends really well together to make a great sound 02. What About Everything? - this was the first song I ever heard from this album, I actually heard a recorded live version. The chorus was stuck in my head constantly. The lyrics question life in general. My favorite part "I find it hard to complain when compaired with, what about everything?" The best part about this song is the lyrics. 03. Changless - the last time I saw Carbon Leaf Barry said "hang onto your friends" right before he started singing. Honestly this is not my favorite song on the album, I tend to skip it. The hope in this song is that you will hold onto the friends you knew back in high school/college. Like I said, not my favorite song, but it is calm and laid back; good mellowish song (probably why it's not my favorite). 04. This Is My Song! - I love the riff in this song. A nice quirky tune, a little random. 05. Grey Sky Eyes - love this song. Another good laidback song, the style is different than most Carbon Leaf stuff from their previous albums, good to see something a little different. 06. Raise The Roof - the album version of this song is alright, but it's nothing compaired to hearing it live, to truly hear this song, it has to be live. The lyrics aren't very impressive, but the solo(which is awesome live) gives this song its edge. 07. Paloma - this song is one of my favorites on the album. The lyrics are great. The bass line is awesome. The song feels a bit more like what I would expect to hear from Carbon Leaf in their previous albums, but at the same time it's new and different. The little touch of tin whistle at the end is nice. The lyrics are deep and have a story behind them (it's described on their website or blog or something). 08. One Prarie Outpost - I love the guitar part in this song. The harmony is great. I love the lyrics "so much for peace and tranquilty" 09. Let Your Troubles Roll By - my favorite song. It's simple (look at the tab and listen to the song, it should take you about two seconds to figure it out) but despite that its incredible. The lyrics are amazing. Simply put, a great song. 10. When I'm Alone - almost my favorite song from the album. This song has my favorite lyrics "we offer up our heart before the heart's invited or asked for." 11. The Sea - this is a beautiful song, and the longest on the CD. I've put this one on repeat before. I wish someone would tab this song. The perfect song to end this album with. If this was stolen I'd buy another copy, and if it got stolen again, I'd buy another copy, on and on. I'd be happy knowing whoever kept stealing the album like it so much.

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