Heartwork review by Carcass

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  • Released: Sep 10, 1996
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (74 votes)
Carcass: Heartwork

Sound — 10
This album is a fourth album by death metal band from England, Carcass. It was released by Earache Records in October 1993. Band consisted of Jeff Walker (vocals, bass), Michael Amott (lead guitar), Bill Steer (lead & rhythm guitar) and Ken Owen (drums). This was the first melodic death metal album released. "Heartwork" is full of monstrous, memorable riffs, in fact Amott and Steer played some of the best death metal riffs in history. My favorite riffs is from "Heartwork", but other riffs aren't far away. In addition, there are beautiful dual guitar fills and solos. Amott and Steer are top notch metal duo. And on top of riffs and solos is incredible drumming, which is very technical and still far away from being technical death metal. It is worth replaying album with only listening to drums. Nice drum work by Owen.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics on this album aren't gory (what you would excepted from previous releases). Sometimes they are weird, but the way they are sung, they fit well into music. Walker isn't one of the best singers, but his singing is just nasty (in a good way of course).

Overall Impression — 10
Album is without bad songs. It is hard to pick the best songs, but I will go with title track, "Arbeit Macht Fleisch" and groovy "No Love Lost". It's easily one of the best melodic death metal albums and it's a must be for any death metal fan (or any kind of metal fan). Album is full of "out of this world" riffs and drumming. Carcass are pioneers of grindcore and goregrind, they released death metal masterpiece and on top of that they invented melodic death metal and released top material album "Heartwork".

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    pantallica95 wrote: Michael did ALL of the solos. Steer did all of the riffs. They didnt change roles once. Just live they did.
    Actually, they split up the solos on the album. Bill played all of the rhythm guitars on this album, as well as Necroticism, and Bill and Michael split the songwriting 60/40, respectively.
    nedthehead wrote: My opinion on this is that you can't hate this album just because you like Carcass's earlier Grindcore albums. The reviewer made one key mistake, and that is taking this album out of the context of it's time. I do have a big problem with the lyrics portion of the review, because the way the reviewer described it, it is presented in a very subjective manner. Personally, I find lyrics about dark feelings and politics to be more thorough and meaningful than lyrics about desecrating human corpses. Makes me want to write a "proper" review
    And you still haven't!!!
    This is one of the best metal albums of freakin all-time...How can you talk $hit about Michael Ammott's playing, hes one of the best death metal guitar players around. Hes sweet in Arch Enemy and hes sweet in Carcass. Heartwork kicks ass 10/10
    Need to correct a misconception here. Michael Amott had almost nothing to do with the songwriting on this album. He literally came in after the album was mostly recorded and threw down some solos. Bill Steer did all the other guitar work. Amott also left the band shortly after Heartwork was recorded, not sure if he ever actually played any of the songs live. So, the reviewer's comment that Michael Amott's influence contributed to the album's drastic change in sound is just plain wrong.