Guitar Heaven Review

artist: Carlos Santana date: 09/27/2010 category: compact discs
Carlos Santana: Guitar Heaven
Released: Sep 21, 2010
Genre: Rock
Label: Arista Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
It obviously compares to other albums/artists, its a cover album, my opinion, way worst than any of the originals.
 Sound: 3
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 2
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overall: 5
Guitar Heaven Reviewed by: tntero, on september 27, 2010
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Sound: Well, where do I start, I was looking forward to hear this CD, when I heard Santana + Classics = EPIC, or so I thought... I started the CD and I hear Whole Lotta Love, pretty good job, I wasn't impressed though, I had high hopes about this one, and Chris Cornell was good, after that one I can say it was a downward spiral... I wasn't surprised by Can't you hear me knocking(Scott Weiland) and my opinion lowered a bit. Sunshine of your love wasn't bad, I jumped right to back in black, and then... My jaw dropped... It was supposed to be a tribute to Bon Scott, well I can say it woke up Bon just to kill him again(yes it was that bad...), I can't describe it, I totally fell down to the florr with this song, I bet Angus would kick santana's ass for picking Nas to sing... Then, riders on the storm, one phrase: Jim is Rolling around on his grave... Really... I hate it, Chester Bennington? Kill me now please... Smoke on the water, too much guitar, yeah, its Santana, but Blackmore wrote it simple and awesome, lets keep it that way, the voice kinda let me down too... I jumped straight away to little wing, it was a mood riser, I think this and whole lotta love, are the good highlights of this album(being Back in black and riders on the storm the bad highlights), I congratulate both Joe Cocker and Chris Cornell, for being great(if you even think I need to say a word about it). Under the bridge, at first I didn't identified it, I mean I knew the name, but the beginning is so different, but I realized it was the RHCP song like I thought, its a good one though, another good one. I'm not going to review any other song in the album, because(your gonna judge me for this) I don't know them, and I can't give a fair review of a cover without knowing the original. My advice: Piracy is illegal and I don't support it, but don't buy the CD without downloading it, or at least search the songs on youtube, I guess you gotta have a very particular taste to enjoy that, Don't get me wrong, I think Santana did a pretty good job on the guitar, but it was just a poor choice of singers, you can talk all the s*it you want about Slash's album(witch I think is awesome) but, he matched perfectly the song with the singer, I know it might not be fair because this was a cover, and I had this pre-concieved idea of the songs, but it is really poor in the singer/song choice. I would give it a good rating for the guitar job, but I wont because of what I said before. // 3

Lyrics: I don't think I should write a lot about the lyrics, since it is a cover album, so I wont do it. Some are good, some are bad, personal opinion, i would give mine on the band's original album, but not this one. I'm not gonna evaluate the singers for the same reason, they all have proven themselves, doing what they are good at, I don't think the singers are bad, I just think there was a poor match, and I'm not gonna talk thrash about the singers nor the lyrics, because someone made poor matches. // 10

Overall Impression: It obviously compares to other albums/artists, its a cover album, my opinion, way worst than any of the originals. Most impressive songs: Little wing and Whole Lotta Love(and I guess sunshine of your love and smoke on the water aren't that bad) for positive impression. Back in Black and Riders on The Storm for negative impression, and really negative, if this was temperature, those songs weren't Fahrenheit or Celsius, they would be Kelvin...(sorry for the science joke xD) I love the guitar parts by Santana (I'm not gonna talk about the riffs because those were already awesome)except maybe smoke on the water. I hate the poor choice of singers, or better, the bad singer with song match, much better singers could've been chosen(in exception of Whole lotta love and little wing). My advice, don't buy it before you hear it, it is impossible for someone to stole mine since I downloaded it, and if you ask me, I'm glad I did it, but if I bought it and it was stolen I wouldn't buy it again. But again, I'm just a 16 year old beginner guitar player who enjoys the classics, so if you want a good review, listen to it and make your own review, I would like to hear other opinions. This was my first review, and I did it because I thought I should say what I think about this, and also because there was no review for this album. To finish this, I'm sorry if I made any mistake, but English is not my native language. Best Wishes and Keep on Rockin Antero Duarte AKA tntero // 2

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