Retaliation review by Carnivore

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (3 votes)
Carnivore: Retaliation

Sound — 9
Sounds like getting fisted by three guys from New York. Completely in your face over the top thrashy hardcore crossove..Ultimately, they're fast, and crushing. Their sound was created by a stunning logical acceptance of one thing..Aggression. Angry, fierce, and a force you don't want to f--k with. They only put out a bit of material, 2 full lengths, one being a self titled, and the other being Retaliation. It's a perfect record in my eyes, a potent mix of crushing riffs formed around our bassist and guitarist, ruthless drumming, and a pissed off vocalist to match. On one hand, we have songs such as "Angry Neurotic Catholics" and "Suck my Dick" which are explosive, and just a blur of riffs and beating the shit out of your drums. On the other hand, we have these devastating riffs such as in "Race War" and "Jesus Hitler" which incorporate a sludgier appearance, but do not lack in any sort of aggression.

Lyrics — 10
When I first heard the lyrics to "Race War", I can safely say it's a bit enthralling. At first, seeming like a complete bash to black people, it has an underlying concept of taking a god damn look around you and seeing violence. Look on the news, look at everything. It's an album built around violence and skepticism. Look at Angry Neurotic Catholics, "The agony I must endure My mind is painful and swells The punishment for what I've done Is forever the paints of Hell How come what is natural Has to be a sin? Why would God give me this urge If I cannot give in? They say don't give up That Jesus loves me But there are something he doesn't forgive And am therefore worthless And I don't deserve to live " Understanding some of the underlying concepts behind this album shouldn't be difficult to understand, although on the surface are xenophobic, racist and prejudice, don't let that lead you astray. It's comic. This album preaches hate to a blind world. There are problems, and no one should ignore them.

Overall Impression — 9
I haven't heard their self titled yet, from what I hear, it's awesome as well. I don't doubt the capabilities of Peter Steele, as a songwriter, he's brilliant. There isn't a single thing I hate about this album, although the U.S.A. Patriotism throughout parts of the album did get a little tedious to listen to at first, I've listened to this album many times with only apathy towards the patriotism.

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    Yeah, sorry about the brief. I really didn't want to give too much away, I just wanted to give people a taste of what Retaliation is.