Defending The Throne Of Evil review by Carpathian Forest

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  • Released: Mar 25, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (23 votes)
Carpathian Forest: Defending The Throne Of Evil

Sound — 10
The boys at season of mist have done a great job on this one, it sounds absulutly perfect. Don't be put off by the fact that this claims to be true norweigan black metal, it's not like the other 90% of releases being churned out of norway at an alarming rate year after year. You find that with alot of scandinavian bands around these days the music just isn't up to the cult image they put forward; slow double bass and repetative high hat and snare hit's proceded by a long combination of G's and A minors, carpathian forest just aren't like that, they've been around in the music industry for 14 years now so believe me kids you should be looking up to these wise old men of metal. The guitar work is the main turn on of this album for me, it's fast with a variety of techniques merged in including the odd bit of tremeto picking and some of everyone's favourite pinched harmonics aswell as some nice fluent chord constructions, the drums are nothing special a by modern standards and tchjord dosn't let the band down with some truely groovy bass lines (no I'm being serious here!)

Lyrics — 8
Nattefrost Slaughters the lyrics in this one. If you have any strong religious belifes what so ever I strongly advise you keep your distance from the likes of carpathian forest as they are a truely anti christian band. I think the first track "It's Darker Than You Think" realy somes up the album in it's title, I read the lyrics before reading the song and yes, it was darker than I anticipated. this is no Cradle Of Filth, cradle use poetry to tone down their dank dingy themes down a little, where as Carpathian Forest are strait up in your face with all the hate and spite that could land you in the back seat of a police car if you let it influence you too much.

Overall Impression — 8
Well, it beats just about every other black metal band on the face of the planet. If all black metal acts could mach their apparent 'hardcore' image with musical technical skill like CF do then half of them wouldn't be so laughable. Believe me this is true black metal and it puts all the other acts out there to shame, it shows what such underground metal could and should be with time and effort put into it. A good release it's worth every penny I would recommend this to anybody and I do mean anybody and especialy to people who-like me-doubt most cult bands, go out and by it and with time to let it boil over you'll be pleasantly surprised by thise album.

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