Until The Whole World Hears Review

artist: Casting Crowns date: 01/18/2010 category: compact discs
Casting Crowns: Until The Whole World Hears
Released: Nov 17, 2009
Genre: Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock
Label: Reunion/Beach Street
Number Of Tracks: 12
Probably their best album yet. Don't let the titles of some of the songs fool you. This isn't a gospel album.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Until The Whole World Hears Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 18, 2010
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Sound: The Casting Crowns continue to revolutionize Christian music with Until The Whole World Hears. The album is similar to their previous albums, with a few big differences. First of all, the album contains new themed songs looking more toward the tough times of today and the future of the world. Second, this album also contains more traditional sounding praise songs than previous albums, making this album more Gospel music sounding than other albums. But don't think the rock influence in their music stands out any less in this album. Until the Whole World Hears, Holy One, and Shadow of Your Wings have a more modern rock/80s rock influence to them. They've came a long way since Altar and the Door two years ago, clearly. // 8

Lyrics: Here's what I think of the individual tracks: 01. Until the Whole World Hears: one of the standout tracks, clearly a "looking forward" song. 8 02. If We've Ever Needed You: the perfect song describing the Christian faith in the modern world. 8 03. Always Enough: good one. Not as good as the previos tracks, though. 7 04. Joyful, Joyful: sounds like a simple praise song, but don't be fooled. 7 05. At Your Feet: not a very strong track. 6 06. Glorious Day (LIving He Loved Me): Brings the album back to life, good followup to At Your Feet. 7 07. Holy One: don't be fooled by the "old hymn" sounding title. Modern rock/pop sounding. I really like it. 8 08. To Know You: older sounding song made to sound modern. Good. 7 09. Mercy: sang by the band's violinist, I think. More Gospel sounding. 6 10. Jesus, Hold Me Now: now the album is falling apart, it's getting boring. 5 11. Blessed Redeemer: sang by the violinist again I think. Ballad. 6 "This can't really end the album?" is what goes through your head, but click the track button to track 12. It's a hidden track. Man, I love hidden tracks. 12. Shadow of Your Wings: wow! It doesn't say anything about this on the back of the case. But man, it should. It's a live track with a great guitar riff. You might dissagree with me, but I think it sounds like Cheap Trick music with Christian lyrics. See what you think. 80s rock sounding. Now THIS wraps up the album. 9 Mark Hall, the lead singer, wrote or co-wrote 11 out of 12 of the tracks. Impressive. He's a really good singer, and so is the violinist and piano player. That's talent. The songs are very well-written. No slaking. // 9

Overall Impression: Probably their best album yet. I really enjoyed it. Don't let the titles of some of the songs fool you. This isn't a gospel album. This is a Christian Rock album. This is Casting Crowns. This album is worth buying. Make sure to listen to track 12. Make Sure. Sincerely, guitarslinger // 9

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