Monolith Of Inhumanity review by Cattle Decapitation

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  • Released: May 7, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (45 votes)
Cattle Decapitation: Monolith Of Inhumanity

Sound — 9
I think out of all the death metal bands out there, Cattle Decapitation has had the most improvement out of all of them. Every album they release they improve on something, whether it be the lyrics or just the overall production. They've gone from muddy, boring 50 second long songs, to much more melodic and listenable songs. This really showed on their last album, "The Harvest Floor", but they've come full circle here. "Monolith Of Inhumanity" is one hell of a well put together album. There are occasional times when the instruments and vocals drown each other out, but other than that they sound fantastic. Everything sounds really clear. This is a very good thing for this album: it has some of the best riffs, solos, and drum work I've ever heard on a death metal album. Josh Elmore knows how to write a metal riff. He goes from some low end galloping to psychotic riffs that sound like something a complete madman would play. One suprising thing is the amount of melody that's in this album. In "Gristle Licker", there's a really cool sweep picking lick repeated two or three times throughout the song, and in "Lifestalker", there's a surprisingly chill solo that almost sounds like it belongs in an Opeth song. I really was shocked how melodic this album is. This was the first Cattle Decaptiation album I heard, and just from their name I was expecting some run of the mill obnoxious death metal, but I was so very wrong. Backing all this up is Dave McGraw. My god, can this guy drum. He completely brutalizes his drum kit, sending out a unrelenting wave of intense blast beats. On top of that, there is some of the fastest double bass I have ever heard in metal. It's freakin insane.

Lyrics — 10
One thing I've learned about Cattle Decapitation after listening to some of their earlier stuff is that they have some of the most revolting, gory, violent, and well-written lyrics I've ever heard. All of this is to get their pro-vegetarianism point across. They do a great job of it, too. If you have even a slightly weak stomach, you'll probably never be able to eat meat again after listening to Cattle Decapitation. They just spew a nonstop stream of gore and hatred for humanity on every album. "Monolith Of Inhumanity" is no exception. "Gristle Licker", "A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat", "Forced Gender Reassignment", and "Projectile Ovulation" are some of the most sickening things you'll ever hear. "Forced Gender Reassignment" is especially painful to listen to for anyone with male genitalia, with lyrics like "A slice up the shaft and around the corona/Unsheathed penile muscle exposing the urethra". "Lifestalker" and "Dead Set On Suicide" explore humanity's dark side. "Lifestalker" actually has some pretty interesting lyrics to it. It seems to be talking about how man is too dependent on technology and we're sinking into some sort of dark age. It's kind of neat. And spewing these foul lyrics is perhaps one of the best death metal vocalists ever, Travis Ryan. The things this guy can do with his voice are just insane. He can go from deep growls to these inhuman highs that sound like a demon spawn drinking blood and screaming at the same time. During the especially gory parts, he does some weird throaty gurgling thing with his voice that make them even more sickening to hear. He does this to great effect on "A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat". The one time I don't like his voice is on the first track, "The Carbon Stampede", where he just does spoken word. It doesn't sound good at all, at makes it the worst song on the album. On the interlude to "Lifestalker", he even does melodies with his highs that actually sound really good. I really don't think any other vocalist would have been able to pull this album off the way Travis Ryan did.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, I would say this is perhaps one of the best album's of 2012, and dare I say it: maybe one of the best death metal albums of all time. It has some of the catchiest riffs, the most disgusting lyrics, awesome drumming, and kicka-s vocals. Cattle Decapitation really did something special here. They're one of the most unique sounding bands out there, and they really know how to get their point across. My favorite songs would be "Gristle Licker", "A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat", "Forced Gender Reassignment", and "Lifestalker". The only songs I hated on this album were "The Carbon Stampede", "The Monolith", and "Kingdom Of Tyrants". If you're a metal fan, I definitely recommend you give this album a go, you will not be disappointed. In fact, check out some of the bands older stuff as well, it's pretty good too. I'm hooked on them right now, so go look them up.

I thought I should add this as an afterthought - just to let you know: there are two music videos for this album. The first is for "The Monolith" and "Kingdom Of Tyrants", which is a two part song. The second is for "Forced Gender Reassignment". A word of warning: DO NOT watch the "Forced Gender Reassignment" video. It's one of the most messed up things you'll ever see, to the point the only website that will allow it to be posted is Trust me on this, don't watch it.

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    Forced Gender blah blah has the most gorey and disturbing music video I've ever watched. Really, there's nothing else from any other band that gets close, not even that goreporn video from Cephalic Carnage.
    What about the Butthole Surfers? They used real gore from penis reconstruction and stuff.
    Sign of War
    Am I the only person who didn't even blink or shudder or anything throughout Forced Gender Reassignment? Seriously it's not that bad, in fact the only reaction I had was a slight smirk when he pulls the woman's tampon out and start sniffing it.
    On the album itself, I like it, it's got more melody than you would expect from a death-grind band, Lifestalker for instance, has a massive bridge with clean singing and a great solo. Pretty good progression from a previous sound, which had the melodic riffs but not so much the overall weight of the melody.
    Mr. Stripe
    Sounds pretty cool. I'm tempted to watch that music video.. Is it any good?
    You will be clutching your balls in fear for a while.
    Mr. Stripe
    ... God no. I've read some reactions on the video. I'm not feeling like puking today, haha!
    Basicly it's a video about a cock getting chopped in half and pushed into the man's body. It's the same thing you get if you want a sex change operation. It's still kind of nasty but trust me, you'll see worse in some horror movies.
    That actually doesn't happen in the video. The song is about "reassigning" genders, so the "parts" get swapped. It's pretty damn brutal to watch. Probably the goriest music video I've seen, but I don't go out of my way to find gory ones.
    Ultimate ass pirate means I ass under the seven butt seas with no equal, so there are no complaints.
    Leather Sleeves
    Heh, I watch the video a few nights ago, it was prettyextreme but I never had to look away. Then again, I've seen people cut up for real.
    Great review but I still reckon Kingdom of Tyrants is one of the best songs. The Carbon Stampede isn't a bad song necessarily, and I think it works as a great intro to the album. Particulary the chanting of "Here they come towards...". Not sure what what 'spoken word' you mean? Maybe you were thinking of The Monolith? Anyway, great review and this album was tits.
    Phenominal album. Also my first experience with Cattle Decap. I was not expecting this from this band. One of the best death metal bands on the scene. Great review.
    Watched the music video. To quote a reaction video "It's like BME Pain Olympics crossed with Saw". It's ****ed up.
    No, Symphonies if anything is the godfather standard but let's face it, you're constructive, thought provoking and the ultimate ass pirate. See what I did there? The ultimate compliment.
    Sorry all, but this isn't a grindcore band. This is some half ass semi nu-metal ass soup. Carcass, Napalm, Terrorizer...that's grind. If you sing and play with melody, sorry, you're done, you're not grind. Grindcore is if anything the one extreme genre that rejects melody. Grindcore bands should never 'progress'. If they start at this stage of melody their only hope is to 'regress' if they wanna be a 'grindcore' band... Crap all the way around. Sorry but I think I am being more than fair.
    Yes, because there is no melody whatsoever in Carcass's "Heartwork" album. Shut the hell up. Anyways.. Ridiculous album! I loved it from start to finish. Definitely a bunch of talented dudes!
    Sign of War
    Well if you wanted to be pedantic "Heartwork" is melodic death metal not grindcore, Carcass's early stuff was grindcore but not that album onwards and Cattle Decapitation are a deathgrind band not a straight grindcore band, that being said Hindhoof was still being a bit of a douche.
    Sign of War, thanks, douche cause I have an opinion on grindcore? Really? Grindcore is pretty particular in style. You either achieve it or not. This album, while musically very, very, good, is not 'grindcore'. Thanks for the defense on the Heartwork comment but the douche comment you can reserve for yourself. Asshat.
    XoP, your're a stool-stopper. Even mentioning Heartwork is completely freakin' maximum douche. Obviously Heartwork has nothing to do with grindcore. When I mentioned Carcass I'd figure the 'real' fans would understand which albums or why. Kill yourself.
    Do you know Aborted? Anaal Nathrakh? Grindcore (of some kind), both with melody, AN even has frequent clean vocals. And you know Napalm Death? They've got songs where Barney sings:
    OK, let me be more clear. There are grind bands that established the style, genre, intensity. etc. for grind. Any album w/ clean singing is not grind. Simple. As for Anaal Nathrakh, stupidest name ever, great musicians, horrible attempt but magnificent failure at grind.
    But yet, you're overlooking the fact that NAPALM DEATH, the FIRST GRINDCORE BAND if going by technicalities, is USING CLEAN VOCALS in their songs. Have you ever heard of cognitive dissonance? Or are you just being an uninterested troll?
    Really?! Cognitive dissonance, holy hell. Thanks for the Napalm history lesson you ass. Just cause they started it doesn't mean they can't stray. Don't think Lee Dorrian, Bill Steer, Jesse Pintado, Justin Braodrick, etc, are still in the band then, right? Not being a troll but just defending what I feel is being watered down by melody and clean vocal garbage. If I want that crap I'll listen to just about anything not 'grindcore'. For F*&$#s sake...
    Yeah, I'm gonna have to disagree with you there, Anaal Nathrakh is one of the coolest, most original names I've heard in awhile, which translates to 'Serpent's Breath.' Pretty badass, I can agree that grindcore definitely attempts to be the most extreme of ALL Metal subgenres but to say it can't have melody or progress any further than 'Genital Grinder' is a magnificent failure as a fan.
    The meaning of the words/name might be epic and awesome but it rolls of the tongue like butthole juice and sounds like Amar Amarth or other similar dumb names and dumb bands. And, yes anything that does go beyond the melody and progression of 'genital grinder' and or anything, 'scum', 'world downfall' etc. is a magnificent failure at grindcore and a magnificent lapse of judgement of any grindcore 'fan' that agrees its ok to put that in the same bucket.
    By this logic, Reek of Putrefaction is the only grind thing they ever put out. There's melodies all over Symphonies. But let's be honest here, you're full of shit.
    hindhoof, you are way out of your league If you want to talk about grindcore, you need an open mind. What you speak of is shit done in the early 90's and late 80's when the genre was first birthed. Just like anything that starts it grows into something bigger and better. The same goes for every other genre in existence. If you want to be trapped in the past then thats your belief, but you need to open your mind and realize that this is 2012 and Grindcore HAS progressed along with Death Metal, Black Metal, Industrial, Thrash, Power Metal, ETC. Cattle Decapitation, in my book, ARE grindcore and to ignore that fact is ignorant. That isn't to say they aren't also considered death Metal, but the point still stands. The Grind community takes to them, that in of itself is evident. It just seems you havn't. Also, to say that Anaal Nathrakh ALSO isn't considered grind is quite laughable. They helped push it to a more extreme dimension.
    How could you hate The Monolith/ Kingdom of Tyrants? Those two songs are master pieces...