Inflikted review by Cavalera Conspiracy

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  • Released: Mar 24, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (28 votes)
Cavalera Conspiracy: Inflikted

Sound — 9
Cavalera's way to do their sound: You bottle a monster for ten years and then let it out. It's explosive, and we waited a long time for this beast to be set free. These words are from Max Cavalera, guitarist and vocalist from Cavalera Conspiracy, the newest Cavalera's brothers project. Last time that Max and Iggor Cavalera where together in a studio-album was in 1996, at the recording of Sepultura's Roots. Since then, there was a split in the band, with Max's exit. He continued his musical life with the Soulfly, while Iggor remained in Sepultura.

Lyrics — 7
About the lyrical part, the words match the sounds. Strong themes, heavy songs. Every single verse is shouted at full voice by Max, which's skills as singer match with the force of the riffs. They may be noted specially at the beginning of "Dark Ark", where it seems that the verses were sung in a diferent way than the another ones.

Overall Impression — 9
The CD starts with Inflikted, the chosen song to be the first single of the band. It's enough to give a good idea of what is the Cavalera Conspiracy. But isn't just of this single that the band is made. In the another tracks of the album, Cavalera Conspiracy unleashes a lot of strong riffs, like in Sanctuary, Hex and Ultra-Violent. Bloodbrawl, Must Kill and Dark Ark are other examples of the band's force, where all that fury of Cavalera's is shown. With time, maybe some comparisons with Sepultura may be made. This new work isn't better than any of ancients Sepultura's albums, like Arise or Chaos A. D., and neither is worse. Is a new band, a new era for the Cavalera brothers to do their sound. What will happen in the future, is for the future to tell. While it don't comes, all Thrash Metal fans have the chance to hear the result of Max and Iggor's union. Cavalera Conspiracy's Inflikted is a powerful Thrash Metal CD, where the band explores a lot of different ways to create their sound through heavy notes, and the meaning of this is very clear: The Cavaleras are back!

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    Amazing album. The best purchase i've made since Blood Mountain.
    The most original album I've heard in the last couple of years. Marc Rizzo's leads are like nothing I've ever heard. The only improvement could be they lyrics and vocals but they're OK.
    Its Thrash/ Death with a little hardcore mixed in if you ask me. Album kicks ass!
    this is best album i have heard in a very long time, i prefer it over anything i heard from soulfly and sepultura. 10/10
    steve_a7x wrote: this is best album i have heard in a very long time, i prefer it over anything i heard from soulfly and sepultura. 10/10
    u just made me want to buy this less seeing as u r also an a7x fan. still may get it though.
    I've also got the two b-sides 'In Conspiracy' and their cover of 'the Exorcist' if anyone wants them.
    Soadfan8, don't be too harsh on steve_a7x. Sevenfold are talented and OK they are commercial but they do know how to play. Also Marc Rizzo, who most people on this page are ravinga bout for his amazing guitar leads is a fan of them!