Wish Upon A Blackstar. Chapter 1 Of 5 review by Celldweller

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  • Released: Aug 25, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.8 (37 votes)
Celldweller: Wish Upon A Blackstar. Chapter 1 Of 5

Sound — 10
01. Louder Than Words: in the first few seconds of the track we're introduced to a simple bass progression accompanied with a hi-hat. The familiar voice of Klayton greets us with a calming voice as the music slowly begins to step up, the hi-hat speeding up, a new guitar riff following. The songs build up with another vocal cue from Klayton before an awesome sounding drum fill. The build up is definitely well placed as we break into the main verse section and holy crap what a verse section it is. Klayton's voice has got even better than it was during the self-titled album. It sounds so powerful and flows really well throughout the song with some awesomely delivered screams as is his tradition in his music. The chorus is equally powerful as the verses and is pretty memorable. Everything needed is here, great drums that keep the song moving with some wonderful fills and cymbal patterns, pounding and pulsating synth and bass beats, great guitar hooks, wonderfully melodic vocals complete with some great techno alterations. All of these culminate into a song definitely worth listening to. Moving through the next verse and chorus we break into an awesome interlude with some brilliant vocals once again and a quick build up before Klayton yells the phrase shut up' commonly heard throughout the song before jumping back into the final chorus section which comes with some brilliant sounding alterations and a final breakdown before ending the first of two wonderful tracks. 10/10 02. So Long Sentiment: everything starts off quietly, fading into an industrial sounding background noise before a huge burst into the beginning guitar line, a musical explosion with a really awesome synth line and a little xylophone sounding melody line as the song fades out until just the melody and the bass line slightly heard before Klayton's vocals come in once again. They sound so depressed yet so full of life. As a new drum beat accompanies Klayton serenading with the line so long sentiment, it doesn't matter now', the song builds up before a quick techno breakdown and we get thrown into a fast paced verse section which doesn't fail to please. Klayton just doesn't let up as we move from the verses into a brilliant chorus section using the lyrics from the introduction which don't fail to please. We move back into the verse section which has an extra vocal line that Klayton add which seems to have almost oriental influences which show some extra musical influences for Celldweller and shows of his diversity more as a singer. Another chorus repeats the wonderful lyrics I mentioned before and we move into a duel vocal interlude which is equally as fast paced as the rest of the song which ends with the original xylophone style melody and we're back into the previous calmness of Klayton's singing before another great drum fill and the we return into the frenzy of the song's chorus which then repeats itself with a different style of vocal. The change of tone and the background screaming that can be heard show the element of mental torture associated with the song's lyrics which is well received and doesn't grow old. The song ends with another explosion similar to the intro and Klayton repeats the song's overall message until the song fades out with the strumming of an acoustic guitar and the orchestral section that has been playing underneath the track. I must admit the string sections have accompanied this song have added extra depth and a musical layer that resembles some of the orchestral sections included on his debut album as Celldweller. 10/10 Overall, both sounds sound similar in certain respects but over all, both songs conjure enough diversity between each other to make each song a fresh listen in comparison to each other. Both songs are definitely worth the purchase and listen. I absolutely loved Celldweller's previous material and was so overwhelmed when I heard these two tracks. Absolutely fantastic and shows off how great and inspirational a musician Klayton has become.

Lyrics — 10
I must admit that the lyrical side of this two song set is one of my favourite features about them. For one, both tracks show off Klayton's skill as a wordsmith, crafting lyrics using words that I wouldn't expect to fit into a song like your insincerities are clinging to me a deafening parade of duplicity etc.' Despite this fact, Klayton delivers tremendously. There's nothing I don't like about his vocal performance here and think he's only improved since his debut album. He covers a good variation of both low and high notes, both calming and frantic. He shows off his screaming ability a little bit although not as much as in the song One Good Reason' from the debut album where he definitely showed his prowess. I also think that Klayton has managed to come up with some addictive hooks for his songs, repeated specific phrases to implant them in the listeners mind. Some of the vocal melodies are infectious and I just can't get them out of my head. Overall, both the lyrical construction of his songs (which both seem to deal with some form of relationship based topic both seeming to deal with negative sides to it) and his vocal deliverance (covering the range of tones that he does) are absolutely fantastic as with his other material. Here's hoping for the rest of the chapters to have the same level of skill and sound.

Overall Impression — 10
Ever since I downloaded Celldweller's debut album I've absolutely loved the wonderful mix of different genres that ultimately combined together for one of the best albums I've ever listened to. I then downloaded the various extra tracks he'd released like his cover of Tragedy which also became a favourite track of mine. His album Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head was also a brilliant album to listen to, primarily focusing on instrumental material save for Birthright which included vocals which funnily enough also became a favourite song. With the announcement of Wish Upon a Blackstar I was obsessed with the concept of a new Celldweller album, constantly wondering what it would sound like. Now that I've listened to the first of five chapters, I'm even more so excited and happy to know everything is shaping up nicely. The visual side of things is also going quite well with a kick ass album cover that is extremely awe-inspiring and really gives the sense that the next album is going to be epic. After having heard these two songs I can honestly say that I believe this will be the case. The style may have changed slightly from the first album but this new style just emphasises on how great a musician Klayton is and how diverse he can make his music. Overall, I feel that this'll not only be something truly special but possibly my favourite album of all time, let alone 2010.

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    Straight 10s... Nice objective criticism. Good to know that this album is better than all other albums and cannot possibly be improved in any way...
    Yeesh. Quality review, but try spacing things out a bit. This just makes my brain hurt. On topic though, this album sounds sweet.
    So far the chapters have been very awesome. I wish though it was just all put out and done with instead of spreading it out over the year but oh well, at least it's finally some new music from him.
    Aeon Orion
    I agree with the Reviewer I don't think it could be improved in any way. By far 2 of Klayton's finest songs.
    White And Nerdy
    These two songs are great, some of the most played songs I have. "The Best It's Gonna Get" is probably the most groovy one I've heard so far. It's on Chapter 2 I believe. The only thing I don't like is that "So Long Sentiment" can get a little repetitive with the lyrics, but I love the song. "Louder Than Words" is great. More people need to hear this music.