Let's Rock-N-Roll review by Charm City Devils

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  • Released: May 26, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (8 votes)
Charm City Devils: Let's Rock-N-Roll

Sound — 9
Charm City Devils are the band that every fan of real Rock N' ROll has been waiting for! Their first album "Let's Rock-N-Roll" is the most promising debut album since Buckcherry's self-titled album in 1999.(let's just hope they don't follow Buckcherry down the path of writing corny singles such as "Crazy Bitch" and "Too Drunk...". With a sound reminiscent of legendary bands like AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Guns N' Roses, Charm City Devils managed to make a true Rock N' Roll album that is a breath of fresh air in a world where Rolling Stone magazine is giving cover stories to bands like the Jonas Brothers. It is no coincidence that veteran Rock N' Roll bad boy Nikki Sixx(bassist and song writter of Motley Crue) chose Charm City Devils to be his first signing as president of Eleven Seven Music. This band is capable of leading the battle to save Rock N' Roll, if they keep making albums like this one they could bring about the biggest changed to rock music since Nirvana pulled Grunge into the mainstream with their album "Nevermind".

Lyrics — 8
John Allen, the lead singer of Charm City Devils, wrote almost all of the lyrics exclusively for the album (with the exception of "Best of the Worst" which also credits Mitch Allen and John Cohen) and although I wouldn't compare his songwritting skills to some of the greatest rock lyricist such as Roger Waters and Pete Townsend, he can hold his own with anyone out there right now. He manages to write songs that give off authentic hard rock attitude, and ballads in which you feel his every emotion. There is no doubt that Allen can sucessfully front band and lead them from being openers at cruefest 2 to headlining sold out shows all over the world. His voice sounds great on the album and he is even better live, with an amazing talent to work over crowds.

Overall Impression — 9
You can hear so many influences on this album yet Charm City Devils manage to still have a sound of their own. With a sound mainly made up of authentic in your face Rock N' Roll with a little bit of Punk, a little bit of Blues, and some 80's glam metal thrown in there this album can be compared to many. The title track on "Let's Rock-N-Roll" was an obvious choice for the first single due to the fact it has a very real capability of becoming the anthem that brings classic rock music back into the mainstream. Described by Nikki Sixx as "honest, straight in your face" with an "undeniable hook", this song makes for the most impressive one on the album. The second single "Best Of the Worst" is the first ballad you hear, and despite it's amazing sound and above average lyrics it is not the best ballad on "Let's Rock-N-Roll". The track "Almost Home" takes home the title of best ballad on the album due to its great lyrics and the the amount of genuine emotion you can hear coming from John Allen. Everyone should be able to tell write away that the man singing wrote the lyrics, and that they are about a true event because you can't fake emotion like that. I love just about every last thing about this album except for one thing, the guitar solos. It does contain some really good solos, but most of them are too short. If Lead Guitarist Vic Karrera had more time to jam during his solos I'm cofident that he could have made them very memorable, but sadly they are only a few seconds long. I own two copies of this album. One of them I got cause I heard there single and wanted to hear more, which if stolen/lost I would definitely replace. The other copy I bought at Crue Fest 2, because the band was signing copies of it after their set, I would be really upset if it were stolen/lost because it would be very hard to replace and would never be the one I got when I first got to meet some of the most down to earth, nicest guys I've ever met, Charm City Devils.

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    got to cruefest late, only caught the last song (Let's Rock-N-Roll). They sounded good, but I'm not sure they are quite what this review puts them at. I guess I'll have to check out the album!