Point #1 review by Chevelle

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  • Released: May 4, 1999
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.9 (20 votes)
Chevelle: Point #1

Sound — 7
Point #1 is chevelle's first widely released album. It sets a foundation for the band's sound and offers a small taste of what's to come from them in the future. They use the same type of sound throughout the album which is this kind of synthetic acoustic type thing. The riffs can get repetetive as they sometimes just take one of the acoustic riffs and put distortion over it and call it a new song.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are pretty much typical chevelle type lyrics. Pete La Fleur uses phrases that rarely rhyme but still flow nicely. The subjects of his songs usually revolve around someone else (a girl most likely) being empty headed and not thinking. Pete does have a good voice and his sound is a good match for the type of music that chevelle creates.

Overall Impression — 6
If I were to stack up all of the chevelle albums I've listened to with detail (all except Vena Sera), then this would probably be at the bottom. Their sound is too rough and doesnt't go heavy enough a lot of the time. Wonder what's Next was a great improvement over this album because the guitar riffs are catchier and more distinguishable from one another. When I listen to this album straight through it sometimes can feel like a big blur of the same song with pauses in between. If I lost this album I probably wouldn't replace it because of the have other chevelle albums that are more of what I would want to hear from them.

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    man, i dont care what anybody else thinks, this cd was amazing to me, true that they used many of the chords over and over, but still, i give them credit for it being their first stuff.
    This was the first CD I picked up from them after seeing it laying around at my buddy's house. I listened to it a lot(mostly because it sounded so good to me back and i had like 2 cds back then). I listened to it almost out of desperation though. The intro track and point #1 are the only tracks I can stomach to this day. I tried over and over to find some better stuff on here, but no luck. I still would just let the cd play because i couldnt stand the few other cds i had. The whole thing just seemed so boring and drug on and on. And they also used like 2 riffs max. on each song.(lol exaggerating) Some people always try to make excuses like they were only 18 or what not, but if they were good enough to be signed, they should have been able to put out some more impressive stuff than this! About 6 months or so later, I saw the video for "the red" and I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!! I couldnt even believe it was the same band. So I searched around to see if there was lineup changes or something and found it was the same band all along! So I think what everyone should do is either a) congratulate them for that massive change they made between point #1 and Wonder What's Next and b) forget that this CD existed. I'm sorry to the dudes in Chevelle. I'm really A MASSIVE FAN of their's now, but I can't lie had their more recent not been so distant from point #1(thankfully) I would have never given them a second chance. So thank you so much for showing everyone how good you guys really were! Keep killing it! Vena Sera was so damn good!
    fattymcfat97 wrote: heres the reason why you didnt like this album because your a stupid shit who cant apreciate good music. just look at the fact that pete was like 18, sam was about 21 and joe i know was 14 when they made this. so lighten up this is good shit you just cant enjoy it because your one of those poser ass bitches that started liking chevelle when they heard "the red" on the radio and was like "wow this song is soooo good and i cant relate to this oviously because its on the radio and im a mindless ****ing drone who dosent think for himself". and that is why this album isnt utterly terrible only you will be utterly terrible at life no matter how hard you try.
    first of all pete the frontman was the youngest of the three and their age difference isnt that huge either, they all were in their late teens when they recorded this. and another thing lighten up radio play is there for a reason.