Point #1 review by Chevelle

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  • Released: May 4, 1999
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (20 votes)
Chevelle: Point #1

Sound — 7
At first listen you'll notice a garage/jam band kind of sounding album but soon you'll hear that distinct chevelle sound throughout the 11 track album. The brothers Pete, Joe, and Sam had been in their teens well recording this album. Point #1 has an extremely raw sound yet all intruments are as clear as you'd expect on a junior release. Intrument wise their is alot of repetetion but with petes vocal melodys it fits well.

Lyrics — 9
Petes singing and lyrics weren't very broad but indeed were quite unique and fit the guitar work very well. Pete did most of the singing and writing with joe doing some backing vocals. The lyrical content was usually about events that occured in petes life and his reactions to them. for instance "Mia" was about an ex-girlfriend of pete. Pete has a wide range of singing styles from smooth talking, to long note bending tones, and even some screams. 01.Open: a 2:00 minute instrumental intro which sets a mood to where and how the rest of the album is going to play out. 02.Point #1: being the title track you know this must song must be a stand out and it surely is. It starts soft and climaxes with petes singing and also a short melodic solo and ends with some screaming and closing riffs. 03.Prove To You: the intro puts out an almost phycedelic feel and jumps into a thick hard rockish riff, not a real stand out but still worth the listen. 04.Mia: with a quite intro and hard packed ending its easy to point out this is a chevelle song, a little repetetive but still rocks. 05.Skeptic: the ringing of feedback and palm mutes is how the song starts and it breaks into a very deep song lyricly and rythemly another stand out. 06.Anticipation: Sams drumming deffintly peaks in this song and this song has one of the simplest yet best solos on the album. A Chevelle classic. 07.Dos: the intro starts of a repetetive riff with some soft drums but then turns into a really good song. Deffinatly in the Top 3 best off album. 08.Long: easily said the heaviest song off Point #1 with very distorted guitars and great melodies this track fits well with the rest. 09.Blank Earth: Petes guitar work and vocals hit a peak in this song and blend perfectly within eachother. This song is a deffinant standout from the rest. 10.Sma: starts off with a goofy sounding off timeish riff and ends the same way. Pete had said he wrote this song about his brothers bullying around him as kids. 11.Peer: a very melo and chill song and leaves a great ending for the album. and is also the only song with joes backing vocals on the entire album.

Overall Impression — 8
Chevelle now being a leader in the alternative rock genre has its own niche out of all the other cookie cutter alternative rock bands and this release proves it. Being a long time fan of chevelle this album is a deffinant stand out from later releases because it is the only album with chevelles sound being at it's rawest. As for most impressive songs I think they are all equally impressive and unique. If you have never heard of chevelle or are a long time fan I reccomend this album to anyone.

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