Sci-Fi Crimes review by Chevelle

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  • Released: Aug 31, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (79 votes)
Chevelle: Sci-Fi Crimes

Sound — 9
Chevelle is back with its follow up to there hugely successful Vena Sera. Let me say now this album is a little different from what would be expected by Chevelle in some ways. First they defiantly got back to some of there roots on this one. As from the singles the whole album just has a completely different feel to it. But this is still high powered chevelle. On this one Dean Bernideni is defiantly more noticeable on the bass. Also on this one we see more variety in Pete Lofflers guitar playing, as he actually has these brilliant intricate solos. This record also features some flaws, in a good way, because if you notice it shows a more natural side to the band when they don't use Pro Tools the whole time to adjust little things. Its nice to see that Chevelle is maturing in there out look on everything around them. In a recent interview that I watched Pete talks about the album being a lot deeper than the surface that its has a more personal meaning to it. But all in all the album was good,there was even an acoustic song on the album that we haven't heard since 'This Type of Thinking (Could do us In)' ,and despite a little interlude track that was not necisarily needed, as well as a recuring guitar riff in some songs, but all in all this album was sonic.

Lyrics — 9
As usual with the lyrics of Peter Loffler, he speaks mostly in metaphors and other forms of non traditional lyrical styles. On this record pete tries to make every aspect of himself more than it ever was. Pete is really the heart and soul of this band in my opinion. His sing overall is but the same, but that's not a bad thing he has a wonderful voice that can reach so many octaves and has a wide range. Taking another look at the lyrics, Pete really put some time into it and his emotions. But also we something in Chevelle that is not as prominent as it usually is, that being harmony's. Pete is mostly solo singing, but as I said before that is a good thing he has an amazing powerful voice. And as usual Pete tries to match up his voice with the guitars, and he executes it very well. But for some new comers to the band Petes lyrics might be a little tough to get at first.

Overall Impression — 10
All in all Sci Fi Crimes is defiantly going to be a classic Chevelle album, and a fine look at Hard Rock in this era. This album featured some of Chevelle best works my top 3 would have to be 'Letter from a Thief' 'Roswell' and 'A New Momentum'. This album had so much expectation from my self and it was filled. This was a great record from start to finish, it was fun to listen to the album especially the new acoustic song 'Highland Apparition' which I hope people will like. The songs on this album show a human side to the band despite the name of it, Chevelle is evolving as a band in the formation of making solos and heavy interesting riffs and this record showcases all of those aspects. From the Start Chevelle was a very good band and they have only just begun what is to be a very long career.

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    This is a great Album. I like it even more than Vena Sera. Chevelle is by far my favorite band. keep it going guys
    is he reading defiantly as in, it never happens so its defiant that they are doing certain things? or is that just how he ****ed up the word definitely
    Are you freaking kidding me?! The sucks and is by far their worst! I'd ALMOST want to listen to Point #1 before this (if it was remixed and mastered). Sleep Apnea I think is easily the best song on the album and Jars is pretty decent but other then that I thought this album was trash. I love all of Chevelle's other CD's and just saw them for the second time last Friday (which they have sucked both times, horrible live band) but I don't think this album was worth putting out.
    Solid review, solid album, solid band. I saw them live right when vena Sera came out. I can tell you ive been to many large and small concerts in my day and Chevelle blew the roof off the tiny house of blues in New Orleans. They were so amazing live considering pete has to sing and play at the same time. I cant see how anyone could say they are bad live. They blew my expectations out the water. It was one of my favorite concerts up there with rage against the machine, tool, and STP. These guys are so cool and down to earth and deserve every bit of the success theyve recieved. I really like this album so far, and Im only about halfway through it. each song grows on me more and more as I give a closer listen.
    definitely the BEST hard rock band out there, everyone else seems so generic... but still need to buy the CD. love these guys and everything they do. can't wait to listen
    Really didn't like Vena Sera, so when people say it's better than that one...well, I don't think that took much. lol
    Pretty good CD. I got it early since they played here in STL and were selling EP's to download the cd with. Sleep Apnea, Jars, Roswell's Spell, A New Momentum and This Circus are my personal favorites.
    bought it today.. great album from start to finish. You can kick back and listen to this thing all day long. Very diverse.
    I agree about the spelling errors, otherwise a good review. Looking forward to this one.
    rocklee1431 wrote: you should seriously check for spelling errors
    I agree..when you have a nicely written review, it adds to the impression the readers get from it.
    This is their best album yet, which is hard to say because of all the other ones that were just great too!
    Agreed, when I heard "Jars" I had the entire Kroger parking lot looking at me I was acting so crazy XD
    Been waiting for this for months. Personally think its a solid album. Def better then vena sera. Seeing them oct 3 at bayfest! And shall write a review bout it. Chevelle rocks \m/