Vena Sera review by Chevelle

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  • Released: Apr 3, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.6 (136 votes)
Chevelle: Vena Sera

Sound — 8
I only tested this with Well Enough Alone, but from the overall sound I think all the songs are this way: Chevelle has giving up megadrop tunings. Which quite frankly I miss. I didn't think I would but I also miss their old bassist. Not just for his base, but for his backup singing. The new basist is good, but he doesn't have any/many solo parts anymore, and doesn't little/no backup singing. Overall the sound is higher, faster, and smoother. It's really a great sound, it's just a step down imo. I liked how Chevelle put empahsis on long low grinding power chords. But it still sounds really good. Really they're just trying something new, and going a new direction with a different bassist. Can't knock them for not producing a record exactly like their others. Also, lots more wah, experimentation with tones, new clean tones.

Lyrics — 7
Lyrics are same old Chevelle. Same old slightly cryptic, slightly making sense, open to interpretation Chevelle lyrics. Very good. Though nothing has struck me as quite as classic as say clincher or the red, but maybe in time. Also a notable change would be the lyrics are less repetitive. Which depending on your tastes could be good, bad, or just different. As far as the singing goes, great singer. Although for some reason, I think it might be either due to faster speed or just some sfx, his voice sounds like it fades into a sloppy spitting sound at the end of some words. Kind of weird, but it works ok.

Overall Impression — 8
I'll be honest here, I like Wonder What's Next and This Type of Thinking better, but I'm really just a sucker for megadrop tunings. So far no single songs have stuck out to me except Well Enough Alone, but I really think that's only because I heard it a million times before the actual release of the album. It's really a good record, I couldn't find any reason to hate it, just haven't adjusted to the change in sound yet. If it were lost or stolen, ok suppose I bought the CD instead of downloading it from iTunes, and I didn't have a computer, yes I would buy it again because I'm a huge Chevelle fan.

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    this album seems to be a step down from this type of thinking. i like chevelle for their incredibly loud guitar riffs, catchy rhythms, and the pressure that builds up in each song until pete explodes into screams. i havent heard anything that caught my ear so far. it all seems kinda boring. i remember listening to TTOT and being like "wow" because every song was so great. i havent said "wow" yet.
    I wanna say I love Chevelle first off. They make me think of a young Tool/Alice in Chains hybrid with lighter lyrics. I don't really like this album at all though. Vocally it sounds like Pete sorta soled out or has lost some of his edge from the effects of time. Not only have the vocal sounds changed dramatically but the guitar riffs sound so much more maintream and bland like maybe they've run out of inspiration. There are of course some saving factors and songs....Humanoid and Antisaint are awesome, but the rest are just okay and some are even kinda irritating. I hate their single. I downloaded it and watched it with my girlfriend who had never listened to Chevelle, and I was shocked when it opened so bizarrely and un-Chevelle like. I was sorely disappointed by it and had to bring up a video for Vitamin-R to redeem their reputation with her. This is a deifnite step down from the grungy, unique sound of their previous albums.
    The CD is different, but some what original. My Fav's:Humaniod, The Fad, Saturdays, and Saferwaters, but i like the whole album. I've been a Fan since Pt.1, and they get better but change alot so ppl seem to lose their focus on the changes, the thing that bothers me tho is their new look...kinda emo-ish MCR gay look...but they still rock harder then any other band, so cheers!
    This CD is much worse than their previous ones. Antisaint, The Fad, Humanoid, and Midnight to Midnight are the only ones really worth downloading. The rest of the album ranges from bad to decent. And I really hate how they've adopted the "scene" or emo image. It's really sad that they've gone from being one of the best bands in alt. metal to a band barely worth a purchase with this album.