Blooddrunk review by Children of Bodom

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  • Released: Apr 15, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (297 votes)
Children of Bodom: Blooddrunk

Sound — 10
The sound of this album is amazing, Children Of Bodom have finally gotten a tone that suits the album perfectly, it's heavy and thrashy, yet very melodic and powerful, there best best produced album to date. At a fist impression I was blown away by the sheer intensity with which the music played, incredibly fast, yet annoyingly catchy, these songs will stay in your head for weeks and you will love it. Alexi's guitar playing comes centre stage again in magnificent fashion playing some of the best riffs and solos he has written. The song contruction themselves are one of the highlights, songs like 'Blooddrunk', 'One Day You Will Cry' and 'Banned From Heaven', being instant classics and a prime example of just how good Bodom can be. Overall the sound on this album is a mix between Follow The Reaper and Are You Dead Yet, but still combines attributes from throughout there career, an excellent mix of styles which have been perfected over the years, yet they it's still constantly pushes the boundries of modern metal. A milestone album, not only in Bodoms career but metal in general.

Lyrics — 8
As is the norm with Bodom lyrics, they often leave much to be desired, they are not poems put to the sound of music, they are lyrics which are fun to shout/sing and fit the music perfect, it's agressive and from the heart. Who cares if the meaning behind them isnt as meaningful compared to other bands, when it sounds this awesome who cares. It's all about having fun, and nothing beats shouting "Blooddrunk! Wasted again!", with a few mates. Vocal recording duty's handled by mastermind Guitarist/Vocalist/Producer Peter Tgtgren of Hypocrisy/Pain fame, Alexi has never sounded this good. As convincing as powerful as you will ever find on an album.

Overall Impression — 10
As a long time Bodom fan, I am not one to jump out and hearld every bit of music the put out to be gold, but as an honest opinion, this is not only one of my favourite Bodom albums, but an album I know I will be listening to years from now. it's got everything you need from an album and them some, this is arguable bodoms finest moment so far, and a great album to start with for newer fans, as it combines elements from there entire history and just blends it together effortlessly creating an amazing product. I love pretty much everything about this album, it really is just that good, metal is constantly changing and Bodom are leading the pack in glorious fashion. What do I hate about it, virtually nothing, a few dodgey riffs in a few songs but that's about it, if I lost this album I would by it again hands down, there is no way is isnt going to be a part of my CD collection, if I can get it out of my CD player that is.

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    Considering what Alexi has said about Dream Theater, it's quite funny that people think this Bodom album sounds like them.
    Although I try not to be an elitest, I just can't help it at times. Ever since the er... "scene kids" started listening to these guys, I find myself drifting away from them. I just don't want to see them become the next flavor of the month among people who used too (and still do) listen to mediocre pop-punk bands. I couldn't care less about people listening to a million different genres, it's the ones who listen to Bodom because everyone else is that piss me off.
    genresrforposer wrote: I REALLY want to see them (my fave band) have the type of set time Megadeth had. How's that happen? Buy any of their albums people. Buy them NOW! They NEED to headline a tour.
    I've seen Bodom three times on headlining tours in the United States. After Gigantour they will most likely headline a tour in support of "Blooddrunk"
    i've liked bodom from the start. the newer stuff seems like it's less diverse, who cares their still awesome.
    well i bought it because of the "progressive" labeling and ummm its NOT....but you know whatever....the album is alright but i'm going to listen to FTR and hatebreeder instead.... some cool stuff going on here but didnt overall catch my attention....
    This is a really cool album. Hellhounds on my trail is my favorite. the chorus guitar part is cool. its not their heavyist but definatly up there. Going to GIGANTOUR arpril 30 in toronto. Should be awsome!
    I love this cd, let's say that first... HOWEVER, they'll need to sell their souls to ever surpass Follow the Reaper. I dare any one of you to tell me you can't hum any given riff/melody/beat from EVERY song on that album. Try and say that for this album. It's much harder, no? The distinctiveness every track on that album made it what it was. O well, CoB is maturing before our eyes. Neither for the better or worst. Just happening.
    Real bodom fans wont complain about which albums are best, which guys are getting the most attention, or who Bodom are supposedly ripping off now... They shut up, sit down, listen to the album, enjoy it and appriciate what Alexi and the crew are doing and where theyre heading with their music. Theyre maturing. Personally, I think its an excellent album with some brilliant riffs, bringing back the insane keyboard lines from earlier alums and incorporating the heavier guitars from AYDY. Its a good mix of the FTR and AYDY.
    i agree with scampi666...anyway i think that their albums are sort of escalading-every album they make its better than the one before but that's just mine thinking. all songs are great but my best song from new album is One day you will cry. that inro riff is very cool and solo...the whole thing is great.
    Very good album. I think my favourtie right now is hellhounds on my trail. I can't wait to mosh it out at gigantour.
    I do have a complaint to make. The drums sound dried out and the bass drum is almost unhearable. I think this makes the album a bit more difficult to listen to, when the keyboard drowns out any hint of double bass.