Blooddrunk review by Children of Bodom

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  • Released: Apr 15, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.5 (297 votes)
Children of Bodom: Blooddrunk

Sound — 7
Before I begin this review let me say that I have been a diehard Bodom fan since "Something Wild". "Blooddrunk" would be an amazing, exception album for a debut or new band, but this album does not meet the Bodom standards (up through AYDY that is). Listening closely, this album is nowhere near the strength of previous Bodom albums. Riffs from Hate Crew and Hatebreeder have been recycled into this album and solos are very uncreative (Hellhounds on my trail especially).

Lyrics — 7
The vocals have improved since "Are You Dead Yet"'s terrible moments of - *gasp* - clean vocals but they are not as good as "Something Wild" or "Kissing the Shadows". The lyrics themselves are pretty decent and fit each song well but are sometimes overly obvious. Good vocals, decent lyrics. Alexi's vocals change with every album due to his smoking.

Overall Impression — 7
This is a good album, but compared to the rest of the Bodom catalog it isn't very good. Some of the mainstream AYDY sound is kept, but this is a welcome return to older times. Overall, Alexi Laiho & co seem to be running out of ideas. I would maybe buy it again. The best song is Hellhounds on my trail.

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    What the **** COB doesnt has deep lyrics? Fuck lyrics, music is about tones, go read a ****ing book if you want ****ing ''passion''!!
    well this is still a good album and theres awesome guitar in it now whos the **** who said bodom is pop? pffff.....learn what metal clearly dont know what the **** u are talking about, so shut up and go listen to some green day.
    metal_dclxvi wrote: Children Of Bodom is going mainstream....and down the ****in drain. Ever since BAM did viva la bands, all of the emos started liking COB. It's ****ing bullshit. Bring the old COB back! Back to the follow the reaper days when you knew how to make a good melodic death metal song.
    This happens to bands all the time. Look at what happened to GWAR, Bam put one of their songs on a Viva La Bands disk, And now Everyone "Loves" Gwar agian for the first time in... 17 years. I've been listening to GWAR since 1997, and Bodom since 1998, The only thing that bugs me is if some kid comes up to me and im wearing a GWAR, Or Bodom shirt and trys to tell me which songs are the best. When they only ****ing listen to 2 songs. Like, Emo's generaly listen to 3 bodom songs and those are, Are You Dead Yet? Needled 24\7 and Everytime I Die. Metalheads, Like almost all of us, Listen to every ****ing song, So, I think we should feel sorry for them Because of what they're missing.
    thats cuz emos are lil bitches who want attention and think theyll get it by pretending they're depsressed and suicidal, and that they have so many problems in thier lives..... and i apologize if i offend anyone who actually IS depressed because they have problems in thier lives...but to you emo fags out there grow up now that im done ranting about emos, yes, true fans of a band would be open to any sound the band had to offer. but at the same time, if they morph into a completely new genre, fans would be pissed. in the case of CoB, their sound on AYDY is very different than thier other stuff. but with Blooddrunk i thought that they kinda touched on thier older style of melodic death metal. that was a good thing for me
    roosterfx1 wrote: my fave COB album will always be "Hatecrew deathroll", but this is just briliant! this is what "Are you dead yet"? should have been. its COB updated for a new era and i love it. However i do think that they far more potential.
    yeah man HCDR was badass as hell =]