Blooddrunk review by Children of Bodom

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  • Released: Apr 15, 2008
  • Sound: 2
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reviewer's score: 3 Poor
  • Users' score: 8.5 (297 votes)
Children of Bodom: Blooddrunk

Sound — 2
I'm really disappointed with this CoB album. I wanted to hear some good bodom music created by guitar master Alexi Laiho. What he did is so poor. Songs are similar to others from this album because of it's structure. Hearing 1st verse, than pre-chorus, 2nd verse, chorus, interlude with solo, 3rd verse, pre-chorus and chorus in each song same order, is boring actually. Maybe some riffs are quite good, but solos are poor and sometimes out of scale.

Lyrics — 5
Laihos' voice has changed, that's for sure. His melodic growl impressed me a lot. I think, that he developed his waz of singing and I'm very happy because of that. But lyrics are again, poor. Everything is so "gloomy", "bad" and "scary".

Overall Impression — 2
I think it's the worst CoB album. Previous was bad too, but "In Your Face", "Living Dead Beat" and "Are You Dead Yet?" were fantastic. This album has only few good riffs, such as main riff in "One Day You Will Cry". One song that is really good is "Tie My Rope". I like it a lot. Lookin' out my back door is a nice country-style experiment. But instead of this the whole album sucks. It's not worth buying.

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    iv been a bodom fan for a few years now and my favourite album is follow the reaper but when i heard blooddrunk, i thought it was amazing. a true fan would like all music a band produce. no, blooddrunk isnt as good as FTR but its still good. its more melodic than AYDY? and i liked that album also. i hate people who compare bands albums all the time. ok its alright to say which is your favourite but to say that this new one is crap because one of the older ones is better is stupid. i accept that bands change their style. I cant think of a band that hasnt. CoB have, metallica have, nightwish have etc. even green day lol. but yes. a true fan would still support the band whatever they do as long as it doesnt go as far as changing genre. eg metal -> jazz or something lol
    this album rocks 'one day you will cry' banned from heaven and bloodrunk are the best songs i have heard in the near past
    all bands evolve from there first album to there next its just how people are no one stays the same forever. look at metallica first they were super thrash metal, then they went to a more alternative sound, and now they have a newer sound that fans hav gotten used to and enjoy
    Great album,great songs..... My favorite are Lobodomy and Done with everything,die for nothing..... But my favorite is still Follow The Reaper.....
    The Burning Red wrote: 1 guy said that this is their heaviest and another said it's not?? cmon people we need to come to an agreement
    I think this is their heaviest album so far.....
    Great album and great songs..... My favorite are Lobodomy and Done with everything,die for nothing. But in my opinion their best album is -Follow the reaper-
    I refuse to accept this as a Bodom album, because it sounds like a Pantera rip off, and I don't like Pantera. If you don't believe me, youtube Sinergy Fucking Hostile. With Alexi on vocals, it sounds like Roadkill morning. This album had the most pathetic song titles I laughed, especially at Lobodomy. Musically, this album is shit, the chorus of Hellhounds is audio-shit, with energy, but no quality, and the intro is a Slayer rip-off. I loved Bodom until Darrel died. He was NEVER listed as an influence of Alexi until he died when he became Alexi's 'idol', and Bodom is now just riding the curve by trying to become Pantera. I find it very sad, because though I didn't like Dimebag, all these people claim to be fans just because he died, when they didn't care when he was alive. (PS He went back to Washburn, buying Dean is spitting on his grave.) This album is great if you like amateur thrash albums. You want something good, listen to the first four albums, back when they tried. That said, the band is still to this day a DAMN FINE live show.
    guys! cmon! just cuz its not what you expected or wanted, doesnt make it crap. i love it. go listen to tie my rope and tell me you dont end up banging your head. its good stuff
    this album turned me off to bodom honestly...listening to hatebreeder now, though, much better!
    follow the reaper is my favorite, i still love old bodom. but i love new bodom. i havent stopped liking them. theyre the 'old' bodom at their shows too. they play everything actually better now that theyre better musicians and alexis vocals have developed. and after 6 albums, you didnt think they would change? the band didnt change anyway, thias album is just different and still terrific
    one of my favorite bands i love the way include the keyboard into metal and make it sound good but thats bsides the point this cd was my first cod cd and it was definately a great choice it made me want more children of bodem GREAT CD
    My favorite album was Hatecrew Deathroll , when they started having a nice sound on CD .The albums Something wild and hatebreeder have an annoying empty tin can sound ( but live they kick ass ) I bought Blooddrunk a while ago and still end up liking it , I didn't find any major downs to it and it's a solid metal album , even if it isn't '' Good old CoB ''
    It is really good album but in my opinion it's not their best.I would say that Hatebreeder,Follow The Reaper and Hatecrew Deathroll are far more better than Blooddrunk.But like i said it still is pretty amazing album.