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artist: Children of Bodom date: 07/23/2008 category: compact discs
Children of Bodom: Blooddrunk
Release Date: Apr 15, 2008
Label: Spinefarm Records
Genres: Melodic Death Metal, Thrash, Power Metal
Number Of Tracks: 9
Metal fans and progressive lovers alike should find an impressive album in Children Of Bodom's genre-crossing CD Blooddrunk.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 7.6
 Overall Impression: 8.4
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overall: 8.3
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: UG Team, on april 15, 2008
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Sound: Say what you will about Alexi Laiho's vocals, the guitarist/vocalist and his group Children of Bodom have an amazing way of constructing a song. The band's latest release Blooddrunk not only excels in being a powerful and aggressive metal album, it comes very close to tackling the progressive precision you might hear on a Rush or Dream Theater album. When you combine that kind of impressive musicianship with some absolutely killer riffs and solos, it truly shows why the band was given a coveted spot on the 2008 Download Festival alongside the likes of Judas Priest and Motorhead. While the Finnish band displayed impressive work on 2005's Are You Dead Yet, the work on Blooddrunk shows both the band's diversity and overall strength in songwriting. From the opening track Hellhounds On My Trail, it's heavy off the bat, with an intro that feels straight-out thrash. Laiho had mentioned in past interviews that he was ready to put out a batch of extremely aggressive songs, and Hellhounds On My Trail was likely a product of that period. While the energy alone could drive the song, one of the highlights is undeniably the hyper-speed solo in which you hear both wah and a straightforward distorted sound throughout the course of it. The progressive element is heavy on Blooddrunk, and at times you'd swear you could be listening to a Dream Theater album. This is usually the case whenever keyboardist Janne Warman takes off on one of his crazy good solos (that uses a keyboard effect similar to Jordan Rudess' own), with the tracks Lobodomy and One Day You Will Cry being the prime examples. The guitar solos never really sound in the style of John Petrucci, but the overall compositions are Dream Theater-like, going on several twists in turns in tempo and style during the song. Of course, for as many moments as you hear the progressive side, you'll also get a heavy dose of straightforward power or thrash metal to match it. The mixing was one of the highlights of the album, with every single riff coming to the surface beautifully. You hear every note or beat, and pretty much no band member gets overshadowed. The vocals are the part the only part that gets a little hidden, but to be honest, that actually isn't the worst thing. While Laiho's distinctive growl fits in well with the songs, it will always take a backseat to the Laiho's own riffs or Jaska Raatikainen's tight percussive skills. // 9

Lyrics: Aggression and anger definitely play a prominent role in the songs on the new CD, but with a title like Blooddrunk that's probably to be expected. In the title track Laiho sings, Blooddrunk; I'll break or dance, let you decide and later Do you have something to blame in such short time? You are the one crying. And you can probably have a pretty good idea of what you'll be hearing lyrically with Smile Pretty For The Devil, Done With Everything, Die For Nothing, or Roadkill Morning. They're incendiary and might lay it on a bit thick at times, but you can't claim that Children of Bodom are lacking passion. // 7

Overall Impression: Although it's hard to get over the one-sided, growled vocals of some bands out there, Children of Bodom are putting enough down on the table elsewhere that they end up working successfully with the complex tracks. Laiho's vocals will never compete with his guitar skills, but it makes little difference on a strong album like Blooddrunk. There are moments on the album that recall everyone from Metallica to Iron Maiden to Dream Theater, and that's a huge credit to Children of Bodom. The chemistry among the band members is amazing, and the quintet has the skills to take on a career as a progressive band -- if they wanted to, that is. Children of Bodom's genre might be a little hazy right now, but it doesn't really matter if they are speed or power metal. The truth is that they recorded a solid, memorable set of 9 songs on Blooddrunk, and that genre-crossing sound seems to be working out brilliantly. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: Steven E, on april 15, 2008
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Sound: Well as many Children of Bodom fans should know there yet to be released album Blooddrunk has been leaked so I'm going to let you all who yet to have obtained a copy how great it is. Though definately not as heavy as their first albums but just as good. There are points in the album that are more progresive, which doesn't really suit there sound. They ease on the volume of the drums but the speed remains. Keyboard wise they have more than doubled the intencity, volume, and the speed which creates a sound somewhat like Dragon Force, guitar wise they remain heavy as ever before, unlike "Are You Dead Yet?" the speed of the guitars is stronger than some of their previous albums. They still have their covers that are almost impossible to take seriously, yet make you listen to them constantly. // 8

Lyrics: As always Alexi has great and even at the softer point during the songs he still sings heavy as ever. One of the great things about this albums vocals it's a lot easier to understand what Alexi is saying. Alexi's vocals are like a good whisky, they improve with age. // 9

Overall Impression: Hands down the two songs that really stick out are "Banned From Heaven" and "Blooddrunk" which really get my blood flowing. Great stuff the whole way through. Even if you do download it before release you should still buy the cd, not only to add to your collection, but to keep a great band making music and touring for years of headbanging to come. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: sleepwalker16, on april 21, 2008
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Sound: Today, my Blooddrunk pre-order came in the mail, oh boy, am I excited, my hands are shaking and my heartbeat sure is higher than normal, trust me. Yes, as you can tell from what I've written above, I'm a big fan of Children Of Bodom. They are probably my favorite band of all time. I've had high hopes for this album, and what can I say? I'm not disappointed. Once again, Bodom delivers! This is a great record, both heavy (probably their heaviest yet) and melodic. It is clearly heavily influenced by thrash metal, starting with the speed and aggression of the first track 'Hellhounds On My Trail' and ending with the last, 'Roadkill Morning'. The album also has a progressive edge, very well noticeable in the keyboards, some riffs and some solos. All the usual Bodom elements are present, the guitars on this album are absolutely amazing, blazing fast, easily topping the ones on their previous album 'Are You Dead Yet?' both in terms of speed and in terms of overall sound, much more creative and compelling. The keyboards knocked me off my feet, they are the best I've ever heard in any previous Bodom album, and I'm not exaggerating. The drumming is well done on this album, it's not very original, but very well done. There is even good bass, something Extreme Metal is not knowm for. Lastly, the mix is very good, especially on the guitars. Note: This album is very similar to 'Hate Crew Deathroll'. If you liked HCDR, you will like this album for sure. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics have never been a strong point of this band, and neither were the vocals, but with every new album that Bodom puts out they seem to improve. That is the case with this album as well. The lyrics aren't very poetic or complex, but they are clearly passionate, and that's what matters. Alexi improved his pronunciation, making himself more understandable than before, and changed his tone a bit, which makes him lighter on the ear. Overall, the lyrics are better than before, and with the new vocals it's easier to get into Bodom, as before the vocals were a problem to some people. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is much different from the early Bodom material, but nevertheless great. Bodom incorporated all their usual elements, great guitars and keyboards, technical drumming, some bass here and there, to create a great album that Bodom and Metal fans alike can relate to. It has aggression, heaviness, melody in great abundance and variety, and that's what the usual metal fan need, eh? To see what I mean listen to 'Banned From Heaven', 'Roadkill Morning', 'One Day You Will Cry', 'Smile Pretty For The Devil', and 'Done With Everything, Die For Nothing', those songs get my point across very well. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 23, 2008
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Sound: This is by far the heaviest album COB have crafted since, well ever. The guitar work of ALexi on this album is amazing, especially considering the shoulder injury he had. They seem more chuggise (think Sixpounder) on some songs such as the title track and "Tie My Rope", while others have the signiture virtuoso work of Alexi on "Hellhounds on My Trail" and "Lobodomy". While the guitar work is amazing the drumming and keyboard work is equal, if not better, just listen to the drum intro of "Lobodomy" (whih kinda remnds me of the intro to "Corpral Jigsaw Quandry" by Carcass), and the simply mezmerizing keyboard work on "Banned From Heaven". // 10

Lyrics: While the lyrics are the same, not bad, but more sub-par lyrics of old, Alexi's voice has become what any COB fan could want. It has a cleaner (I said cleaner, not singing still screaming) more focused sound to it which gives the album a more opressive feel to it. // 9

Overall Impression: This is by far the best COB album since Hatebreeder. In my opinion it is the second best album of the past 2 years (behind "Ire Works" by The Dillinger Escape Plan). From the industrial keyboards (great job Janne) to the virtuoso work of Alexi and Roope, this album nears perfection. I recommend it for all COB fans and any Metal Heads out there who are looking for the next best thing. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: ThomasofBodom, on april 25, 2008
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Sound: Childen Of Bodom hav definately changed up their overall sound since their first albums. But, it is definately for the better. They are experimenting with some really heavy riffs, both in vocals and in the instruments. Their sound is a lot more complex and more heavy than their previous work, with songs like Hellhounds on my Trail, and the title track Blooddrunk. There is definately a huge thrash element Alexi and Roope have incorperated in their work. The phenomonal and lightning fast keyboards have also changed up with more power metal like work on the songs. With pounding drums, prescisive guitar, along with wonderful vocals, another graet album with some really good sound has been made by COB. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics haven't changed much, and are as agressive as ever before. The lyrics and vocals are a very key part in the entire COB sound. Although the screams could be timed alittle better in some songs, thei is no serious change up in the vocals from previous work. The sound as mentioned before is a little heavier, with the incorperation of more thrash like singing. // 8

Overall Impression: Children have made another sick album that needs to be heard about. I'd advise you all to get out and go buy this album, it's a great. It was totally worth the fourteen dollars I spent on it. The one bad element to this song is Alexis screams sometimes do not go along with the instruments. Aside from that, an almost perfect sound in general. Some personal favorite songs of mine are Hellhounds On My Trail, Blooddrunk, Tie My Rope, and Done With Everything, Die For Nothing. If this album were stolen or lost, I would go kill the prick who stole it, or get a new copy without a doubt. The very last song on the album is not listed on the CD, it's a sick cover. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: rocktolive, on july 08, 2008
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Sound: I've been a huge fan of Children of Bodom's unique melodic twist on death metal for years now. And while Blooddrunk does stay true to COB's roots, it seems to be taking a little step away from the power metal influence, and a little step closer to darker influences. The track "LoBodomy" (one of my personal favorites) even mildly dabbles in math metal, with at times, meter switching every measure. Over all, the sound of Blooddrunk is much heavier and darker than previous albums such as Hatecrew Deathroll. But with these added dissonant influences, Alexi and Janne still are able fill each of songs to the brim with memorably melodic, and yet intricately woven guitar+keyboard leads. This blend of consonance and dissonance is particularly evident on the title track, "Blooddrunk". The keyboard intro is extremely reminiscent of the "Follow the Reaper" era of COB. But this memorable melodic keyboard lead is quickly proceeded by a crushing guitar lead that personally reminded me of heavy metal acts like Lamb of God, filled with dissonant intervals and tritone-related goodness. I think that Alexi has grown to be even more of an adept soloist over the course of this album. He's always in my opinion been an excellent soloist, but I've felt that in the past he has at times had the bad habit of playing notes to be playing notes (but then again, who hasn't? ). On Blooddrunk it seems that every note of his solos has a musical purpose and direction, more so than any other Children of Bodom album. In fact, almost every note in GENERAL on Blooddrunk has a musical purpose and direction in creating a specific mood and sound, which shifts drastically multiple times throughout each song. I don't know how else to describe the sound other than incredible. // 10

Lyrics: Blooddrunk (the entire album, but more specifically the title track) seems very much directed towards Alexi Laiho's self-destructive past, filled with alcoholism and self-mutilation. Sure, Alexi still drinks a lot, but since the infamous White Russian + bowling accident that sent him into rigorous rehabilitation just to play lower than the 12th fret, he seems to be finding less damaging ways to vent emotion. On the track Blooddrunk, the lyrics include: "They said drinking is a way to die./But I fear, dying is a way to drink." "Degenerate, throwing the wreck of life./Someone is spilling your own blood./That's very hot, scars already made./Ready for another drink anyone?" I think that the lyrics on Blooddrunk are probably an outlet for all of his frustration of that past, and to reflect on it. But don't worry! There's still plenty of the aggressive, angry, roaring lyrics reminiscent of Hatecrew Deathroll and AYDY. From LoBodomy: "You motherf--kers wanna give me, a lobodomy? /f--k no, then you know who I am? /Well we're about to f--king see/You started messin' with death/No one said? /I'm a Maniac/f--k yeah, you have no power to ask why! /Then I will give you a turn." While the majority of the lyrics are directed at these aggressive motives and Alexi's introspections of a self-destructive life, and can at times be more aggressive than the usual COB, it fits the overall sound of the album. Honestly, I was some what disappointed in the lack of variation in Alexi's vocals. On AYDY, Alexi's vocals were at times (bridge of AYDY, chorus of Next in Line, etc.), more like singing than screaming. That variation made AYDY sound more fresh. But other than the slight lack of variation there, Alexi's screaming was right on par throughout. // 8

Overall Impression: Personally, I think this could be one of Children of Bodom's best offerings yet. It shows a massive amount of their growth as composers, as the arrangements gain complexity and accessibility; a combination rarely found, even among the great. Sure, this album is much darker than previous albums, but never fear! All of the amazing melodies that you've come to know and love from Children of Bodom are still quite present and in full force. I love everything about the album. Other than Alexi's vocals, everything went through drastic variation trying new things throughout the album. Listening to the whole album for the first time was quite an exciting experience. Experiencing all of the elements that COB is praised for, and so much more. For all I care, Alexi could hike the price for the album up to $100, and if I lost my copy, I'd buy another back in a heart beat. For new or veteran fans of COB, I highly recommend this album. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 16, 2008
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Sound: The sound of this album is amazing, Children Of Bodom have finally gotten a tone that suits the album perfectly, it's heavy and thrashy, yet very melodic and powerful, there best best produced album to date. At a fist impression I was blown away by the sheer intensity with which the music played, incredibly fast, yet annoyingly catchy, these songs will stay in your head for weeks and you will love it. Alexi's guitar playing comes centre stage again in magnificent fashion playing some of the best riffs and solos he has written. The song contruction themselves are one of the highlights, songs like 'Blooddrunk', 'One Day You Will Cry' and 'Banned From Heaven', being instant classics and a prime example of just how good Bodom can be. Overall the sound on this album is a mix between Follow The Reaper and Are You Dead Yet, but still combines attributes from throughout there career, an excellent mix of styles which have been perfected over the years, yet they it's still constantly pushes the boundries of modern metal. A milestone album, not only in Bodoms career but metal in general. // 10

Lyrics: As is the norm with Bodom lyrics, they often leave much to be desired, they are not poems put to the sound of music, they are lyrics which are fun to shout/sing and fit the music perfect, it's agressive and from the heart. Who cares if the meaning behind them isnt as meaningful compared to other bands, when it sounds this awesome who cares. It's all about having fun, and nothing beats shouting "Blooddrunk! Wasted again!", with a few mates. Vocal recording duty's handled by mastermind Guitarist/Vocalist/Producer Peter Tgtgren of Hypocrisy/Pain fame, Alexi has never sounded this good. As convincing as powerful as you will ever find on an album. // 8

Overall Impression: As a long time Bodom fan, I am not one to jump out and hearld every bit of music the put out to be gold, but as an honest opinion, this is not only one of my favourite Bodom albums, but an album I know I will be listening to years from now. it's got everything you need from an album and them some, this is arguable bodoms finest moment so far, and a great album to start with for newer fans, as it combines elements from there entire history and just blends it together effortlessly creating an amazing product. I love pretty much everything about this album, it really is just that good, metal is constantly changing and Bodom are leading the pack in glorious fashion. What do I hate about it, virtually nothing, a few dodgey riffs in a few songs but that's about it, if I lost this album I would by it again hands down, there is no way is isnt going to be a part of my CD collection, if I can get it out of my CD player that is. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: Thebiz, on april 25, 2008
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Sound: Children Of Bodom are back at doing what they love, and their arsenal of volcanic axe riffs, explosive bass grooves and sonic-boom-like drum beats has never been greater. Some Bodom faithfuls have considered "Are You Dead Yet?" To be Children Of Bodom's "sellout" album. However, after listening to Blooddrunk, there will be no doubt in any Bodom fan's right mind that this is one of their best records, and they have not "sold out", but rather, continued taking a slightly different (yet still heavy and technically beautiful) direction that started with "Hate Crew Deathroll," the album is a beautiful mix of modern metal riffs, melodeath, and some old-school thrash influences. Not only does Alexi provide the shreddage that fans of Bodom have come to know and love on this album, but one interesting fact is that Roope does two solos on this album, the solos on Done With Everything, Die For Nothing and Banned From Heaven. All of the solos, whether it be keyboard or guitar, are extremely clever and well-crafted, whether it be whammy-bar-harmonic (almost Dimebag-esque) licks, scale improvisations, or just all-out speed shredding, both Alexi and Roope's performances on the album are unique, top-notch, and, for lack of a better word, amazing. // 9

Lyrics: There is a good reason Alexi Laiho is widely known for their guitar virtuosity. He is fairly original, and his song-crafting is unlike any other. This being said, his lyrics never quite live up to the epicness of the guitar riffs as much as they should. It gets close, but stops short. The lyrics definitely help the overall aggressive kick in the, well, you know, of the album's music, but as far as intelligent lyrics with deep meanings go, you will find none here. Alexi Laiho's vocal skills seem to stay the same in this album as other albums. His screaming isn't the best, nor is it the worst, but, as stated earlier, the vocals and lyrics aren't the highlight of the album, the music itself is. // 7

Overall Impression: I would say that this album is on par with most of Bodom's other releases. It isn't as neoclassical as "Something Wild", and isn't as thrashy as "Are You Dead Yet?", but it finds a happy medium in between the two. If you're a fan of metal, in general, this album will be a worthy addition to your collection. Children of Bodom are truly one of the most talentedmetal acts around today. Some of the highlights of the album are "Hellhounds On My Trail", "Blooddrunk", "Tie My Rope", "Done With Everything, Die For Nothing", and "Banned From Heaven". If you're a guitarist, which most people registered on this site are, then you will love these tracks. If this album were stolen or lost, I would definitely purchase it again but it won't be lost, technically, because I bought the album in MP3 format for my Zune. // 9

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overall: 7
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 28, 2008
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Sound: Before I begin this review let me say that I have been a diehard Bodom fan since "Something Wild". "Blooddrunk" would be an amazing, exception album for a debut or new band, but this album does not meet the Bodom standards (up through AYDY that is). Listening closely, this album is nowhere near the strength of previous Bodom albums. Riffs from Hate Crew and Hatebreeder have been recycled into this album and solos are very uncreative (Hellhounds on my trail especially). // 7

Lyrics: The vocals have improved since "Are You Dead Yet"'s terrible moments of - *gasp* - clean vocals but they are not as good as "Something Wild" or "Kissing the Shadows". The lyrics themselves are pretty decent and fit each song well but are sometimes overly obvious. Good vocals, decent lyrics. Alexi's vocals change with every album due to his smoking. // 7

Overall Impression: This is a good album, but compared to the rest of the Bodom catalog it isn't very good. Some of the mainstream AYDY sound is kept, but this is a welcome return to older times. Overall, Alexi Laiho & co seem to be running out of ideas. I would maybe buy it again. The best song is Hellhounds on my trail. // 7

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overall: 3
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: n0r, on july 23, 2008
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Sound: I'm really disappointed with this CoB album. I wanted to hear some good bodom music created by guitar master Alexi Laiho. What he did is so poor. Songs are similar to others from this album because of it's structure. Hearing 1st verse, than pre-chorus, 2nd verse, chorus, interlude with solo, 3rd verse, pre-chorus and chorus in each song same order, is boring actually. Maybe some riffs are quite good, but solos are poor and sometimes out of scale. // 2

Lyrics: Laihos' voice has changed, that's for sure. His melodic growl impressed me a lot. I think, that he developed his waz of singing and I'm very happy because of that. But lyrics are again, poor. Everything is so "gloomy", "bad" and "scary". // 5

Overall Impression: I think it's the worst CoB album. Previous was bad too, but "In Your Face", "Living Dead Beat" and "Are You Dead Yet?" were fantastic. This album has only few good riffs, such as main riff in "One Day You Will Cry". One song that is really good is "Tie My Rope". I like it a lot. Lookin' out my back door is a nice country-style experiment. But instead of this the whole album sucks. It's not worth buying. // 2

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overall: 9
Blooddrunk Reviewed by: Rocker_ed, on april 15, 2008
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Sound: Children of Bodom somehow have this amazing ability to just get better with every record, this new release is no different. Blooddrunk is the bands heaviest release so far, but despite this it is still very melodical, due to Janne's fantastic keyboard playing, and Alexi's amazing guitar abilities! This is especially evident on the tracks "Hellbounds On My Trail", "Tie My Rope" and "Banned From Heaven". The production of this release is exceptional! It is extremely well engineered, fantastic use of panning, you can hear each instrument very easily and clearly. // 10

Lyrics: As with most of Children of Bodoms music, it is very difficult to tell what is being sung most of the time, making this section irrelevant. Although the lyrics that can be heard seem to make sense and fit well with the music, heres an excerpt from "Tie my rope": "Tell me why, so I can quietly bitch and moan/To this light, that I'm not going down!/Hang me by, the rope you tied for me!/Lift me up, while I'm still alive!" // 8

Overall Impression: Children Of Bodom are by far the best band in their genre. They're playing Download Fest this year and should be headlining! The fact they aren't is shamefull and the organisers should be destroyed. I don't think this is their best album, but that is in no way implying that this isnt an amazing album, because it is! My personal favourites are Hatebreeder and Are You Dead Yet, and this new release is a lot heavier, but as I say, it's a great album and very worth a listen. My personal favourite tracks are, Tie My Rope, Done With Everything Die For Nothing, and Banned From Heaven. If this album was stolen/lost I would definately re-purchase it! it's a very worth-while purchase and has quite a few memorible tracks present that wont be out of your head for days. // 9

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