Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live review by Children of Bodom

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  • Released: Dec 5, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (76 votes)
Children of Bodom: Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live

Sound — 9
I just got into this band earlier this year, so when I heard they were coming out with a live disc, I had to get it. I was impressed with the live performance. They sound as good as they do on the CD, and I think they sound a lot heavier live too. They play all of their good songs on this record. They play a lot of stuff from their older records like Hate crew and Hatebreeder. They only played a few songs from their latest CD, Are You Dead Yet? but it's still an awesome performance nonetheless. Really the only thing I didn't like about it, was that after listening to the CD version solos for a while, I grow acustomed to those, and he changes some of them up, which isn't a bad thing, I guess I'm just used to hearing the original versions.

Lyrics — 8
I'm going to be honest, even though the music is freaking awesome, Alexi isnt the best lyricist at all. While they are fun to sing (or scream) along to, they really just aren't that great, and some of them don't even really make that much sense, but that's cool because I think the music makes up for it.

Overall Impression — 10
Children Of Bodom are the only metal band I can stand to listen to, because I think they are different than what's out there right now. They do a flawless version of Angels Don't Kill on the CD, which is a great song. Some of the songs are sped up a little bit, faster than the CD versions, but it still sounds good. My favorite performances would have to be Silent Night Bodom Night, Sixpounder, Downfall (which they do this awesome alternate intro to the song), Living Dead Beat, and Needled 24/7. Don't get me wrong all of the songs are great, but those were the ones that I thought were the best. Really the only minor flaw on the CD in my opinion, is the changing up of some of the solos, like In Your Face, but again, it's just all preference. Other than that, this is probably one of the best CD's I've ever bought. If it were stolen, I would definitely get it again, without thinking twice. I highly recommend getting this CD, it's the best of all their albums, you wont regret it.

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    the sound quality seemed worse than tokyo warhearts, and a little sloppy playing! but still really awesome
    \m/ slayer \m/
    wish alexi's guitar was louder and the keyboards were quieter (like on the cd versions) love the intro to downfall when they play notley crue and judas priest
    the only reason alexi doesn't sing to well on this cd is because hes shot up on morphine cause a few days earlier he broke his foot. thats also why he messes up on the solos
    Lee Mc
    this is one awsome CD and bodom rule and i also like that fact that it aint perfect (like when Alexi goes for these harmonics but misses them a few times)and like the fact you can hear the keyboards more, because that shows that it is live and they aint fixed stuff like the harmonics in the studio after (altho they could of fixed other things). The dvd has this wicked documentary on and everytime i wach it i just want to get a band together and go out giging all the time and get drunk all the time