Hatebreeder review by Children of Bodom

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  • Released: May 4, 1999
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (165 votes)
Children of Bodom: Hatebreeder

Sound — 9
Holy cow, COB's sound on this album is incredibly mindblowing. The album never seems to let up. From the opening "Warheart" to the very impressive closer "Downfall", the band always delivers. Alexi's guitar playing is mind bending. All the riffs and solos are top-notch. Henkka's bass playing is great too, he makes up his own rythmn other than just blending the riffs. Jaska, the drummer is fantastic, his blast beats are tight and his overall playing is exciting. The rythmn guitarist, Alexander is also very good. Their keyboardist, Janne is amazing. He produces sounds that aren't cheesy, but fit the atmosphere of the music perfectly. Every song contains a very good solo, or with the help of keyboards. The highlights of the album are Black Widow, Silent Night, Bodom Night, Children of Bodom, and Downfall. Musicmanship is such a level of quality you won't believe your ears. My favorite song, Downfall contains the most entertaining guitar intro I've heard in a while. The song also contains the best of all the band has to offer. Overall, this band blew me away on the overall sound.

Lyrics — 7
The vocals have never been a strenght of COB. They have relied more on their instruments. Alexi uses black metal vocals through the entire album. The songs are most about death and the Lake Bodom murders. The lyrics aren't really good nor are they really bad, they're just acceptable.

Overall Impression — 9
Compared to most modern metal these days, this is mostly a breath of fresh air. COB have outdone themselves once again, this album may not have the the melody of Follow The Reaper, or the cheesy sound of Hatecrew Deathroll, but this ablum is my personal favorite. I just love the fresh music, the finese of the instruments. I don't like the fact they only contain lyrics to four of the songs on the CD. But the music itself makes up for it. Overall if you like metal in general, considering COB combine a lot of metal in their music. You will thorougly enjoy this cd. But I suggest you start of with Hatecrew Deathroll if you want to get into COB.

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    I need to check this cd out, i got all of their "Best" ones such as follow the reaper and HCDR and are you dead yet, but yeah, i will check this one out.
    This is Bodom's best album, the best guitar album ever and one of the best albums ever made! Towards Dead End is a masterpeice on its own
    This got reviewed only recently?? I've had this since it came out. An amazing metal cd, definitely their 2nd best-I'd say Follow the Reaper is the best. Bodom's song writing skills really shine on here and its fueled with beautiful melodies, and awesome riffs and kick ass guitar and keyboard solos.
    dude! hatecrewdeathroll has no bad songs on it. every song on that cd is better than all of their other songs.
    Alexi is my hero basiccly. Im trying to model my guitar playing after him
    My favorite from this album is Silent Night, Bodom Night by far, great album
    CoB is an awesome melodic death metal band. Heavy, yet sick melodies. guitar-guitar harmonies, guitar-keyboard harmonies. This band owns my soul. Also Silent Night, Bodom Night is played just as good live as in the studio, like that is even possible. i don't give a f**k if you HATE ME!!!
    Bwandon wrote: haha, its nice to see no haters in this review
    i know yea.. i expect to see at least 10+ haters here but damn COB must be this good to not have any (present) haters!
    sexybeast101 wrote: alexi laiho is like the fastest guitarist that ive ever heard in my life.he's so good at guitar.this cd rocks, especially the song hatebreeder.
    if you think he's fast you should listen to Michael Angelo Batio or buckethead
    Bwabdon wrote: haha, its nice to see no haters in this reveiew of coarse theirs no haters cob is simply the greatest band ever and the fool above me who thinks theirs fster guitarists than alexi is....well a fool
    this is really the best album by cob in my opinion no single bad song, all kick ass towards dead end got best lyrics, the hatebreeder end solos starting with the bass riff of the last chorus kicks ass its sad that they don't play a lot songs from hateb and sw live anymore