I Worship Chaos review by Children of Bodom

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  • Released: Oct 2, 2015
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (28 votes)
Children of Bodom: I Worship Chaos

Sound — 8
Children Of Bodom formed in 1993 under the name Inearthed by founding members Alexi Laiho and Jaska Raatikainen (drummer). Both founding members remain in the band, and the remainder of the lineup has been stable for over a decade until the exit of guitarist Roope Latvala. Antti Wirman, Janne Wirman's brother, is supposed to fill in temporarily (I'm assuming for live performances, only). "I Worship Chaos" is the band's ninth studio album, containing ten tracks and clocking in at forty-five minutes. The album was recorded in an abandoned warehouse in an attempt to take advantage of the acoustics and feel, and was released by Nuclear Blast Records.

"I Hurt" comes out the gate swinging, mostly seeming to try to get home the point that the band is going to keep their game up, even with the exit of Roope. The energy is good on the track, with much more power metal than death metal in the composition. "My Bodom (I Am the Only One)" is a good aggressive track with some interesting things going on - both lyrically and musically. "Morrigan" has some of the catchiest riffing from the album in it, with a melody playing over it via keyboard. The track's "breakdown" is a nice touch. "Horns" opens up with tremolo picking and aggression and escalates from there. "Prayer for the Afflicted" sounds like the soundtrack for a horror movie that I want to watch, it does an excellent job of creating a dark vibe. The title track, "I Worship Chaos," seems like it is trying to really embody the title, it is fast and heavy and has a lot of movement in it. "Hold Your Tongue" has a strong power metal vibe going on and an oddly happy sounding solo. "Suicide Bomber" is a tremolo-picked nightmare with some strong folk metal leanings. "All for Nothing" is the longest track on the album at almost six minutes, and it does a lot in that time to catch the listener's attention - from a call and response solo between the guitar and keyboards, to an almost uplifting melody through much of the track, and some really catchy riffing. "Widdershins" closes out the album with some guitar pyrotechnics, and just a really solid track, overall. The album being recorded in an abandoned warehouse was a cool touch, though I'm not sure how much it actually affected the sound on the album.

Lyrics — 8
Alexi Laiho isn't my favorite metal vocalist, or even my favorite death metal vocalist, but he is definitely very skilled - one, he's been doing what he's been doing for over 20 years and he still has a voice. That is impressive in and of itself. Two, he manages to get a lot of different emotion and nuances into his screams - again, very impressive. His performance on "I Worship Chaos" is definitely commendable; this is an impressive vocal performance. Some of my favorite lyrics from the album are from the track "Hold Your Tongue," and here are a sample of those lyrics: "Sick to death... Filled to the brim/ Of feigning interest in your life/ Be it a god... be it a knife/ An answer to the never ending strife/ To hold your tongue speaks of truthful pain/ It's not like I haven't already heard you complain/ Breathe it in or out/ Puke, swallow or spit/ Silence ain't golden then gold has turned to shit/ But enough's enough/ Don't tell me, once again/ Life is constant pain/ I've lost what I'll never find/ Tripped down when I was blind/ But at least I know when to drain the bitter cup/ And when its time to simply just shut the fuck up."

Overall Impression — 8
I have to say - I love the riffing on this album - it just seems like it helps this be a stronger album than I've really heard from Children Of Bodom in a while. They keyboard parts seem to be a little more emphasized than they've been lately, but it works out well. I'm not 100% happy with the way the album is mixed, but I'm normally not happy with the way death metal is mixed - that may be more a matter of my overall preferences than any kind of judgment of the album. My favorite tracks from the album are "Widdershins," "Morrigan," "Prayer for the Afflicted" and "All for Nothing." I would say this album might very well end up in my top 3 favorite Children of Bodom albums as it grows on me, but still a little early to say right this moment.

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    I really liked CoB when i was in my teens, but nowadays, their music just seems... really, really boring to me. Somehow, all songs sound too much alike, and the vocals are repetetive and boring. I feel like "I Hurt" could have grown on me had it been sung by another person.
    Sorry, meant to upvote this. I still like their older stuff, up to Are You Dead Yet, but the new stuff kinda all blends together. Also saw them live twice now, and they were always a bit disapointing really.
    That Danger Zone cover was sooooo bad and dissapointing. I was expecting more from one of my favorite bands covering one of my favorite songs. Such a shame they didn't do a sax/keyboard solo. They kind of made up for it with the Banananananarama cover though.
    sinForge xJp
    Eh, the Danger Zone cover was pretty much exactly what I expected. It was Bodom doing Danger Zone. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Absolutely agree, I had much higher hopes for danger zone. Thought the album as a whole was good, not great.
    Its a decent album. Prayer for the Afflicted is one of the best songs theyve made in years.
    I'm delighted to hear that they continue the upwards trend that started with Halo of Blood. Exciting release and the cover of Danger Zone is fucking gold
    That Danger Zone cover was sooooo bad and dissapointing. I was expecting more from one of my favorite bands covering one of my favorite songs. Such a shame they didn't do a sax/keyboard solo. They kind of made up for it with the Banananananarama cover though.
    It's not better than Halo of Blood, but it's better than everything else since Follow The Reaper.
    None of you will say it's bad, Which it actually is. Dude writes lyrics like a 15 year old goth kid. Laiho would def be better as just a lead player.
    All for nothing My bodom Suicide Bomber my favourite songs.I liked this album so much but keyboard and guitar solo's very short expect Morrigan and All for nothing
    I sorta of didn't like it at first. I hurt didn't have the same hit to me that Waste of Skin and Not My Funeral had. But as I listened more and more it really grew on me. The riffs are catchy and while lyrically it's not great (but I don't really listen to Bodom for lyrics as much) it's grown to be my second favourite album - after HCDR anyway, I don't think anything will top that...
    Where did you find the lyrics, I've been searching for days! I can't understand a fuckin word Alexi says bc of his really weird annunciation.
    This album could have been better... the guitars and vocals seem to occupy the same sonic space in the mix. Often one drowns the other out. A professional producer might have helped identify that. I'll have to rewatch the "making of" dvd but I believe it was mentioned they decided to produce it themselves.