Relentless Reckless Forever review by Children of Bodom

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  • Released: Mar 8, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (187 votes)
Children of Bodom: Relentless Reckless Forever

Sound — 9
The first few notes of this album ring of Are You Dead Yet? and quickly turns into something much more. This album is everything that Children of Bodom has build up to. The music is fantastically mixed, unlike some bass-heavy blunders found in the Blooddrunk mix. Without doing a song-by-song breakdown, the album goes back to the days of earlier albums, drawing from the same quasi power metal breaks with some new material. The songs have some original choruses, often lending from more rock-oriented riffs that you would expect singing to accompany. The guitar work is beautiful, with some very fun-sounding major licks that lead into head banging heavy stuff. It's a great balance that very few bands can do so well. Listening from start to end the songs tend not to blend together as they have in previous albums as each song has something different about it, each catching your ear in a different way. There has been a lot of work that has gone into the song writing of this album and it shows.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics generally deal with the same themes as their previous albums, violence and whatnot with the exception of partying in their cover of Eddie Murphy`s infamous Party All the Time. Hilarity ensues. Alexi Laiho`s vocal skills have noticeably improved, with better screaming and the occasional singing break that we hear all too few of.

Overall Impression — 9
It would be cliche for me to say that this album is the best yet, but realistically it is fresh and revived, without feeling overworked. This is definitely an album that reassures the bands success and fan base and is sure to grow as well. It captures much of the energy that albums like Follow the Reaper have and polishes it with a new shine. Definitely a must-buy album for the Children of Bodom fan.

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    da.benson8r wrote: Leather Sleeves wrote: Listened to Was it Worth it... it wasn't. +1 As much as I like Alexi Laiho and Children of Bodom, it seems he's gotten simpler and less creative with his riffs since the band started writing in strictly Drop C. Even the album name doesn't sound truly creative...
    you do know they arent strictly in drop C right? Blooddrunk and RRF both have drop c and d standard tunings.
    Pretty awesome album. To me it sounds like the best of their old and their new sounds fused into something better.
    haters gotta hate, fanboys gotta love, quit the flamewar... it's a solid album, deal with it...
    Honestly, I listened to this album and as much as I wanted to praise it, the only thought going through my mind was "this just isn't good." Not to say the album is bad and I do like a few songs, but for the most part there's no feel, no melody and just pain wankery. It's as though they playing just for the sake of playing. Not too impressed, but I can't expect gold from every band every time. And to the reviewer who wrote that anyone could write a song like pussyfoot, you are aware of Alexi's past right? It kinda hits close to home for him.
    Almost right, there's no really new stuff, but!--> COBHC is one of the bests, cause Alexi has got a talent to find out new riffs, sounds like old stuffs within the modern line. The 'Was it worth it' song is so good, but my favorite is 'Roundtrip to hell and back'. This track brings the 2011 children style.
    Im really digging this album. It seems like they are pulling a "Shogun," in the sense that they are combining the elements of their old sound (which people love) with their new sound (which people bitch about). I dont know why so many reviewers disliked "Shovel Knockout," I thought it was awesome. The melodic breaks reminded me of why I love COB. Anyway solid album, its no Hatebreeder, but if I wanted to listen to that record I would just go put it on.
    Freaking Out
    Brilliant album, some of their best work in ages. I don't give a **** if it's not like their old "pirate" sound. They've been doing that for ages, and i'm glad the sound has changed. If you can't accept change, tough shit.
    Top three album from CoB. The most noticeable thing is the quality and richness in riffs. The riffs work well with drums. They have worked hard for the album and luckily it shows. The band is on the right track after the disappointing Blooddrunk album.
    I find Cry of the nihilist clearly the best song on this album. One song contains amazing verse, another one a catchy guitar lick at the chorus, then there's that great keyboard solo somewhere, but overall the songs are nothing special.
    The album is definitely a Bodom album. It is nothing ground breaking. Enough said.
    Actually, I really like the album. It reminds me of some of their older stuff a bit and still has everything that in the "Children of Bodom" sound, no doubt about that. One thing I can say is that in general the songs aren't as memorable. A lot of their other stuff they'd lay a beat/rhythm/riff down and you'd take it to your grave, never forgetting it.
    shredder3386 wrote: Im really digging this album. It seems like they are pulling a "Shogun"
    the only difference being, that the original "Shogun" worked quite well, whereas this didn't.
    2nd review says Shovel Knockout is the worst song on the cd. Pretty funny, seeing as how thats my favorite off the cd and one of the best songs on it.
    CoB is my favorite band and I have really never said a bad word towards them but after listening to RRF, I just thought wait is this a joke or something? this whole album felt like one long, incredibly boring prog album. The vocals were totally monotone through the whole record, the guitar/keyboard solos were predictable. 5/10 even Blooddrunk was WAY better than this.
    celticstorm84 wrote: Actually, I really like the album. It reminds me of some of their older stuff a bit and still has everything that in the "Children of Bodom" sound, no doubt about that. One thing I can say is that in general the songs aren't as memorable. A lot of their other stuff they'd lay a beat/rhythm/riff down and you'd take it to your grave, never forgetting it.
    You took the words right out of my mouth. Its that old CoB sound, but nothing stands out. The solo's also seem kinda there. They don't flow as well as in previous albums imo.
    Have not heard the album yet BUT from what I'm reading here, I'll probably have to wait about another two more years for something worthwhile, like Hate Crew Death Roll.
    It's a decent album, I think it's better than both AYDY and Blooddrunk. "Was it worth it?" is a terrible song and an unfair representation of the whole album. The solos on the album are nice too but nothing no ones ever heard before. 7/10.
    Only heard it once and didnt get a chance to hear it well but it didnt really stick for me so far. AYDY and Blooddrunk were awesome in my eyes and this seems a bit like a step down. WIWI is an good song to me, as well
    i liked the album i just felt it lacked in the solo department a bit they both can rip so they should show it other then that i like it not my favorite but i dont hate it
    Worst COBHC album yet i used to call myself a fan of their now im embarrassed to even say i like them. if they want to be good again they should go back to what made them famous in the 1st place and that is Neoclassical Death Metal from theHatebreeder and Follow the Reaper albums after that alexi lost everything he had and started rushing every song he writes so they all sound the same. i threw out this album after buying it, it was sooo bad i wrote COB's official page asking for my money back
    NikVenom wrote: i threw out this album after buying it,
    Wanna send that my way? I don't have a ride to the record store, and I don't wanna keep listening to this on FLAC
    The only track I had a problem with was the single "Was it Worth It?" It's easily the weakest track and doesn't do the album justice, otherwise, a great album.
    LarryLatexx wrote: bodom's new material is more like black metal mixed with trash metal, not melodic death metal. That melo-death stuff was at time of follow the reaper
    I'd say they are all Trash metal and not much of anything else
    I cant wait to hear it!!! deffs gunna go get it soon!!! cant wait!!!!
    I'll just put on FTR and enjoy the good ole days before Alexi listened to too much BLS and did coke...
    Oddly enough I'm not even a huge fan, maybe i was just a tad too excited.
    I really started to like this album after listening to it a few times. And as far as the lyrics go, I never hear (or care about) what he sings anyway. His voice always felt more like another instrument to me.
    I was a bit disappointed by this album. Sounds decent, that's it. And I'm a huge CoB fan.
    I'm a total fanboy, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but I really enjoyed the album as a whole. There are some more forgetful riffs and certain songs stand out more than others, but I still think it's very solid effort by an amazing band.
    They're ****ing back their previous albums! I mean Follow the reaper, Hate Crew Deathroll and Are you Dead Yet? Fuck haters this album kick ass!
    This is nothing like the best COB album, this album has it moments but it's dull. Solos getting shorter with every new album, so in a few more we'll see bodom doing no solos at all, they're slowly turning into a core band. Want a true melo-death band, go listen to Kalmah
    well i loved the album (: it's kinda Are You Dead Yet? mixed with Follow the Reaper. It's really thrashy, yet still very powermetal-like melodic It's great, but definitly not their best... you can't really say which album is THE BEST, cause every album sounds diffrent. You just can't really compare Something Wild with Blooddrunk... Speaking of that, I wish they'd make an album like Something Wild again, cause that album is SO children of bodom, it's almost scary. It has ALL the Cob-elements even more than the other albums. Overall: Great, but if you didn't like Are You Dead Yet or Blooddrunk there's a chance you won't like this one either
    not bad waaay beter than blooddrunk thats ofr sure i really like the tracks Roundtrip to hell and Cry of the nihilist but i agree with opening paragraph of the review "there is nothing to suggest an attempt at innovation on this album."
    This seems like the album they should have put out after HCDR. Still in the same kind of direction as their new stuff but by far better than their last two efforts. I gave up long ago hoping that they wold return to the style of the first three albums but this at least has hints of their earlier stuff.
    this album in my opinion about this album is that its pretty boring , nothing new and no song was good as hmm maybe 'Every time i Die'
    Fantastic album. They have really redeemed themselves since their last effort. Welcome back boys.
    The UG Team review and MetalBart91's are evenhanded but jas6nq's is pure fanboydom.And as for the album,uh a bit more than the average generic melodeath album and a bit less than a solid one.A 6 from me.
    Its a lot better than the last two releases, the first 5 songs are really good while the last 4 are pretty bad, I don't really care to much as long as they keep playing gigs and I get to see them live
    Loved Not My Funeral and Was it Worth it, Party All the Time is pretty fun to listen to as well. Album's alright, not straight up amazing but I like it.
    YES, they're back with an awesome album, and to be honest, i DO like shovel knockout.
    Let me start by saying I like every Bodom Album. I disagree with the first review I love both Ugly and PMS (Insane solo duel thing) the lyrics are loltastic Alexi isn't exactly poetic. The Keyboard riff on the title track is awesome aswell I think it is a great album. Wish you didn't have to pay 23.99 to get the bonus track I really wanted it.
    I really liked this album. Alexi himself said in an interview that it's not about inventing all the time something new and exciting, but more about creating an ass-kicking record which I agree totally on this album. On RRF bodom's fast stuff are faster than blooddrunk, groovy stuff groovier and solos are still causing blisters on my fingers. I personally like both blooddrunk and RRF over bodom's earlier stuff. p.s. pussyfoot miss suicide and ugly are awesome songs ! **** the lyrics, music is about music not some ****in edgar allan poe-type lyrics. Go read poems if you want eyegasms p.p.s. bodom's new material is more like black metal mixed with trash metal, not melodic death metal. That melo-death stuff was at time of follow the reaper