Relentless Reckless Forever Review

artist: Children of Bodom date: 03/10/2011 category: compact discs
Children of Bodom: Relentless Reckless Forever
Released: Mar 8, 2011
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Spinefarm Records
Number Of Tracks: 9
CoB returns with a punchier album than "Blooddrunk", as Relentless is anything but reckless.
 Sound: 7.1
 Lyrics: 6.2
 Overall Impression: 6.9
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overall: 6
Relentless Reckless Forever Featured review by: UG Team, on march 10, 2011
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Sound: The CoB sound bursts with vibrant guitar tones that would not sound out of place on a Classic Rock record, but, having honed their own brand of Melodic Death, there is nothing to suggest an attempt at innovation on this album.

Laiho's guitar work is technical as ever, as he pulls out all of his tricks on Shovel Knockout a track on which his guitar work doesn't fail to impress. The melodic Roundtrip to Hell and Back follows, bringing a slower, more synth-based facet to the album. In fact, the song sounds like it should be performed in a more orchestral setting, from the dramatically timed synthesiser to Laiho's impassioned screams and down-picked rhythms. Laiho's guitar work remains extraordinary; his inexorable refusal to solo at breakneck speed come the end of the song establishes it as an accomplished music composition.

Included for the listener's own torture is the inane Pussyfoot Miss Suicide cheap lyrics, and less than exciting composition result in a formulaic song that perhaps does more to establish more boundaries than it does to break them.

The title-track includes accomplished metal riffing, whilst Ugly serves as a reminder that even when recording only nine songs it is difficult for a band to say no to filler. Cry of the Nihilist proves to be a highlight of the album, Janne Wirman using his synthesiser skills to elevate the track to the heights it reaches; Laiho does well to remind us that he does a lot more with his guitar than he is often given credit for. It is important to listen for the less audible notes played, with listening to the album with headphones proving to be a step in the right direction to hearing the album as it is meant to be heard.

The singleWas it Worth it?comes next, proving itself to be the compulsory -radio friendly, catch-all manifesto that seems to be the norm in the music industry today. The track is anonymous save its chorus, fitting the pattern that one expects. // 7

Lyrics: Laiho's lyrics aren't poetic harshly delivered, and bluntly put (and I'm not sure if I'm talking about my words or his). Songs such as Pussyfoot Miss Suicide have no place in such a well-established band's repertoire, whilst Ugly proves to be no lyrical masterpiece. // 5

Overall Impression: Relentless Reckless Forever will be met with some indifference by the metal community. It's not that CoB doesn't have the chops they simply don't have anything more to offer with the release of this album. It might include some excellent pieces, but it will be interesting to see how CoB builds on this release. // 6

- Samuel Agini (c) 2011

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overall: 6.7
Relentless Reckless Forever Reviewed by: MetalBart91, on march 10, 2011
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Sound: Relentless Reckless Forever has sort of a weird, not quite Children Of Bodom sound. Unlike in their previous albums which were bright and sharp and melodic this one sounds dull and its very riff orientated much like you see in american metal bands. The guitar riffs are plain, not very memorable and unlike in blooddrunk this album is not heavy at all. As a matter of fact it has a "happy" feel to it. Guitar solos...well their short, also not very memorable and some of them are...bluesy? Drums are your typical metal beats, basically you can tell whats coming next as if you listened to the album 100 times, theres no "wow", no surprise factor. Although it may seem like the band was slacking a bit with their instruments, Janne was definitely putting his keyboards to use. Basically don't expect anything less than great with keyboards. And another good thing on this album I have to say are Alexi's vocals. Seems that they get better and better with each album. // 6

Lyrics: Anyone that listens to COB knows that Alexi's Lyrics are not exactly the greatest lyrics ever written. And that proves itself true in this album as well. "Not My Funeral" the first track on the album has lyrics that feels like hes screaming a question after question with no answer. Most of the songs consists of questions. "Shovel Knockout", just awful. "Roundtrip To Hell And Back", not too bad. A bit different but good different. "Pussyfoot Miss Suicide". You know that one girl in High School who burned herself with lighters and cut her legs and wrists for attention, and nobody really gave a shit what she did? So basically anyone could of written a song like that, but overall not too bad, kinda funny actually. And for the rest of the album it feels like hes talking out of a diary or something. // 7

Overall Impression: Well this album comes nowhere near the first 3, but its definintly better than AYDY. Best songs on the album; "Not My Funeral", "Relentless Reckless Forever" and "Northpole Throwdown" these are (in my opinion) the only songs that say COB on this album. And for the worst songs, well without a doubt is "Shovel Knockout". When listening to this song you kinda have this "What the f--k were they thinking?!" thought. So save your self the trouble and just skip it. And of course the second worst song of the album is "Was Is Worth It", but we all knew that was coming, didn't we? // 7

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overall: 7
Relentless Reckless Forever Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 11, 2011
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Sound: Relentless, Reckless Forever! This statement I can tell is meant for you to take notice, but the COB guys should include "Risky" into there title for this record. The opening song "My Funeral" is a major departure from there past efforts and offerings, instead of a blistering 250bpm record there is a groove feeling with this record, the solos are more based on feel then speed and technique which I am impressed by. Don't get me wrong I have loved the records they have put out in the past, but to have something with the Bodom sound and cutting vocals and to have it in a groove feeling is a real treat. That being said this record has it's intense moments, the title track being one of them also the song ugly is almost a take back to the thrash sound of 86. Other songs like "Pussyfoot Miss Suicide" with a syncopated guitar and drum riff is that slow head band feel, "Roundtrip To Hell And Back" is another example the keys are very prominent in this song which will bring a feeling of joy to any key players out there looking for inspiration and finally "Shovel Knockout" this track is in my opinion the heaviest song in there history with an incredible bass and drums intro very nice to this metal heads ears throughout the album Alexi proves he is still one of the most talented players in metal today, and on this record he really go's against his instincts on solos and instead of playing the blistering solos he's know for he add a flow that I have only heard on a few songs in years past also Janne Wirman's keyboard work is spot on as usual a very enjoyable flow to this record. All in all a well done record and a breath of fresh air. // 7

Lyrics: This albums lyrics are especially dark with songs of attempted suicide and many references to death so nothing has changed for COB after all whats more metal then a good horror story so bottom line for song topics, partying, love, death, all things Children Of Bodom. // 7

Overall Impression: This CD is well produced, it has great vibes, a real bash your head / bob to your liking album. You can tell that they put work into the songs and for that I'm grateful. Now its up the the fans to decide! I consider it a great album and a progression from there last, well done boys! // 7

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overall: 9
Relentless Reckless Forever Reviewed by: jas6nq, on march 10, 2011
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Sound: The first few notes of this album ring of Are You Dead Yet? and quickly turns into something much more. This album is everything that Children of Bodom has build up to. The music is fantastically mixed, unlike some bass-heavy blunders found in the Blooddrunk mix. Without doing a song-by-song breakdown, the album goes back to the days of earlier albums, drawing from the same quasi power metal breaks with some new material. The songs have some original choruses, often lending from more rock-oriented riffs that you would expect singing to accompany. The guitar work is beautiful, with some very fun-sounding major licks that lead into head banging heavy stuff. It's a great balance that very few bands can do so well. Listening from start to end the songs tend not to blend together as they have in previous albums as each song has something different about it, each catching your ear in a different way. There has been a lot of work that has gone into the song writing of this album and it shows. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics generally deal with the same themes as their previous albums, violence and whatnot with the exception of partying in their cover of Eddie Murphy`s infamous Party All the Time. Hilarity ensues. Alexi Laiho`s vocal skills have noticeably improved, with better screaming and the occasional singing break that we hear all too few of. // 9

Overall Impression: It would be cliche for me to say that this album is the best yet, but realistically it is fresh and revived, without feeling overworked. This is definitely an album that reassures the bands success and fan base and is sure to grow as well. It captures much of the energy that albums like Follow the Reaper have and polishes it with a new shine. Definitely a must-buy album for the Children of Bodom fan. // 9

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overall: 7
Relentless Reckless Forever Reviewed by: Mujibabajaba, on march 14, 2011
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Sound: This album is different. As others have said before, the most standout thing about this album is Alexi Laiho's voice. He gets better with every album COB releases. Even though there's no evidence of improvement from Bloodrunk, I personally don't think innovation was what they were trying to accomplish. I think they knew how good Blooddrunk was, and kept the same formula to try and make another album like it. It's not their best sounding release, but it's definately a strong attempt... in certain areas. 01. Not My Funeral - Strong start, but if its your first listen and you're skeptical about the album your mood won't change after this song. 02. Shovel Knockout - Though it's gotten many negative reviews, and honestly deserves what it got, its an attempt and they tried hard with it. I don't think they accomplished what they wanted to though. 03. Roundtrip to Hell and Back - The intro sounds almost bluesy, and then goes into a keyboard-dominated song. Not a particularly memorable song, but it's decent. 04. Pussyfoot Miss Suicide - A sub-par COB song about emo girls. Although, I must admit the solos pleasantly surprised me a little bit. Thats all. 05. Relentless Reckless Forever - The title track of the album proves Children of Bodom still got it, as the intro leads into a Laiho scream. The solo is has almost a Major feel to it, which gives it a certain "happy" tone. 06. Ugly - Yes, this indeed sounds like a filler. But the instruments sound great nonetheless, as in the case in all songs. But all it really is, is filler. Your feelings won't be made or broken from this song. 07. Cry of the Nihilist - Although I was skeptical, and almost in a negative mind from all the mediocre reviews of the album, I had high hopes of this song. I'm not sure why, but I did. To my surprise, I really liked the song and thought it fit well on a Children of Bodom album. Laihos and Roope Latvala's tones are crisp and perfect for a COB CD. That fact has never changed since the very beginning in 1997. 08. Was It Worth It? - The highly anticipated single off the record is reminiscent of earlier albums, but has a different concept. There is no guitar behind Laiho's singing in the verses, just the ol' bass and drums. That I liked. The solos matches up good as well. I'd recommend this song to even the first time COB listener. But thats just me. 09. Northpole Throwdown - Very Children of Bodom-like. Great song to end the album. As always, the tone is there and the keyboards are obviously put to good use. Laiho's tone was never a major factor in an album before, because it's always been there and it's always been great but the rest of the features contested perfectly. This being almost a Blooddrunk and Are You Dead Yet? mix album, it could've been a lot stronger and more effort could've been put it. Lyrics were never Laiho's strong suit but he makes up for it by singing them. That will hopefully never change. But even with all the features this record has that shows its a lower level than previous work, the constant is the tone. Laiho's and Latvala's tone are up there, Seppala's bass is bumpin', and Raatikainen's drums are great. But we have the album, it is what it is, and if you don't like it than don't listen to it. I give the sound department an 8 purely because I love how the intruments sound and how they're played. They're all fantastic musicians, and deserve every bit of respect they get and then some. // 8

Lyrics: Alexi Laiho is a great singer. His screams and harsh vocal fit his music perfectly. The only song that really has lyrics that threw me off guard was Pussyfoot Miss Suicide. I never expected a song about a high school emo girl. But other than that, I find the lyrics very Laiho-esque. I'm not saying thats good, I'm not saying thats bad, take it how you will. Thats about it for the lyrics section. I give the lyrics a 6 because they're like the other albums, but sung well indeed. // 6

Overall Impression: Chidlren of Bodom are a melodeath band, obviously. But heres the thing: you have other Melodic Death Metal bands, and you have Children of Bodom. They have themselevs set apart from other melodeath greats such as Carcass, Arch Enemy, and myGRAIN. That being said, I guess the only albums you can compare this to are previous Children of Bodom albums. The most impressive songs, in my opinion, include the title track, Cry of the Nihilist, Northpole Showdown, and Was It Worth It. I've mentioned before that I love the tone and playing abilities of all the players. If the CD were stolen or lost, and I had the option of buying it again or getting something else, I'd have to seriously consider it. I can't give a clear answer, but it would probably be to buy something else I didn't have before (probably because I'd have the album downloaded on my computer already). I give the impression part of the album a 7. I wasn't sure how to feel about this album at first, but after a good thorough listen and some thinking, I came to terms with the downsides and consider it a good Children of Bodom album. In the words of George Fisher, keep fuckin' supporting metal. \m/ // 7

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overall: 5.7
Relentless Reckless Forever Reviewed by: JY-Rasputin, on march 11, 2011
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Sound: To be honest, I was very sceptical of this album at first. Mostly because everything after hatebreeder seemed to go downhill. Suprisingly though, Relentless Reckless Forever delivers unlike it's predecessor Blood Drunk. I don't want to say that this album is everything we've been waiting for all this time but it's a good effort nonetheless. // 6

Lyrics: Alexi's lyrics are hard to take serious and are all but deep. They work vocals-wise but that's mostly it. Alexi's vocals sound a little better than on Blood drunk or Are You Dead Yet where I, personnally think, he sounded like he lost all his teeth. The vocals on this album are functional, that's it. // 5

Overall Impression: The album is a better effort than blood drunk but issn't the melody galore one could expect from bodom. The opener 'Not My Funeral' is in my opinion the best song on the album. Shovel Knock-out is the second at that. Pussyfoot Miss Suicide, a song that I was sure would blow actually suprised me. After this song the album gets stale and predictable. The single was it worth it is my least favourate song, that solo section was horrible and the all over sound issn't that impressive. Is this a golden bodom release? No, are they heading towards a better direction? yes. I see this release as a possibility to once again deserve the pedestool they've been put on. If you're a bodom fanboy/girl you will like this release, if you were, like me, sceptical this release will pleasantly suprise you, if you don't like bodom you won't like this. All over this album is one that will get you trough a week or so. // 6

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overall: 8.3
Relentless Reckless Forever Reviewed by: Maiden-Elf, on april 26, 2011
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Sound: This is indeed not the best album this far, so we have that clear. COB being a well-known Finnish Melodeath-band, with this album they don't prove anything with this album, but they are still strong. 1. "Not My Funeral": Very good sound, not too bad lyrics, good song to open the album with 2. "Shovel Knockout": Bassintro works well, lyrics not too bad, why this song has gotten much bad reviews is a mystery to me, Keyboard-solo rocks. 3. "Roundtrip To Hell And Back": Awesome change of sound, fits the band well actually, very nice melodically seen, good lyrics, at least not bad. 4. "Pussyfoot Miss Suicide": A lot of fun memories from this song already, not the best lyrics though, very "and one more time" melody at first, but that's why I think it's very "mainstream" if you get it. 5. "Relentless, Reckless Forever": Awesome guitarparts, very "partymood", at least I think so, not the best, nor worst, lyrics. 6. "Ugly": Yeah, only a fill-out, were also included on a "Razor(MetalHammer)" and it was this song that made me want to by the album, which I got because I wanted it. 7. "Cry Of The Nihilist": simply awesome track. 8. "Was It Worth It?": Well, a mainstreamfriendly song, nice and very good all in all. Nice keyboardsound and guitar is awesome as always. Nice video too! 9. "Northpole Throwdown": Very, Truly, F--kin Bodom! Truly a very nice song, short and packed with awesomeness. Good solos too! "Party All The Time" has to be the hillarious cover which is typical Bodom too. But they did forget the typical song about Bodom, didn't they? // 8

Lyrics: Lyrics fit the music very well, Laiho's voice fits the lyrics (he wrote them, course they go well together). How GOOD the lyrics are? I guess mine isn't better so, I will not say anymore. // 9

Overall Impression: Maybe you can compare it to "Blooddrunk"... Most impressing song to me is "Northpole Throwdown" but "Shovel Knockout" and some others were very liked too. I love the sound, the technically good everything + for that, - for not having drum intros! If this album disappeared from me I would have bought it again. // 8

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overall: 5.3
Relentless Reckless Forever Reviewed by: mertozer, on march 14, 2011
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Sound: First of all, the band seriously worked hard on this album and you can feel the quality of their new producer. However despite being like that, the album desperately lacks some creativity that we got used to hear from Alexi. It doesn't sound like "old bodom", it doesn't sound like blooddrunk and that somehow annoys you when you listen to the album.The band had started to sound different in blooddrunk, but they clearly out of their music with this album. Best songs in the album should be Not My Funeral and Cry of The Nihilist. Actually you can't believe that Alexi could write the other songs. // 7

Lyrics: You don't wanna understand and think about cob's lyrics, that was their only downside, but now you can't enjoy the songs and lose yourself as usual so you start searching something else to enjoy.all you will find is stupid lyrics, alexi admits that. Everyone says Alexi is becoming a better singer.I agree, but while doing so, t seems to me that he is losing something. I knew he sings better but I don't know I just didn't enjoy his screams and growls like the old times. // 3

Overall Impression: If you haven't listened to any bodom, please start from the earlier albums, and if you are a fan, you should listen this at least a couple of times before throwing it away. I am a cobfan all the way and I know all of their songs by heart, so it was hard to be objective while listening to this album. My favourite albums are FTR and HCDR and now I started to think this can never change. In conclusion, even though RRF is a so-so album, after you listened it all, you are left with an unpleasant feeling. Cob will be coming to my town in april, and of course I will be there, but now I fear they will have too much songs from the new album. Finally, sorry for my English. // 6

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overall: 5.7
Relentless Reckless Forever Reviewed by: mikeiff, on march 21, 2011
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Sound: Three years have passed since Blooddrunk, which I thought was pretty awesome, not their best album but a great album... Now, I've listened to Relentless Reckless Forever, and while it does have the unmistakable CoB guitar tone and overdriven bass, it lacks some strength in the sound of the drums and the vocal sound don't snap at you as aggresively as their previous efforts. The riffs aren't that bad, but some of them are a bit dumbed down, they could make it a lot better, and the guitar solos, despite being Alexi's trademark style, aren't just as good as the ones on "Blooddrunk" or "Are You Dead Yet?". The drum's blast beat in Shovel Knockout is just wrong, it's a resource that Children of Bodom shouldn't have used. // 6

Lyrics: Pussyfoot Miss Suicide and Ugly are really poor lyrically, the rest of the album ranges from "meh.. to decent" but nothing in this album is a Bodom masterpiece. Vocally, while Alexi still sounds good, the vocals lack some punch, and the mixing of the vocals doesn't help the so-so singing and the disappointing lyrics. // 5

Overall Impression: Think of "Relentless Reckless Forever" as Children of Bodom's St. Anger, in the way that, while being a decent album, it doesn't match up to the quality of the band. Was it worth it? Was the song I liked the most, it's different from the classic CoB sound, but it's a cool song overall. I don't know if this album is going to grow on me if I give it a few more listens, but right now I am disappointed by this album. // 6

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