Something Wild review by Children of Bodom

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  • Released: Apr 28, 1998
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (109 votes)
Children of Bodom: Something Wild

Sound — 9
01.Deadnight Warrior: to set the mood for the entire album, they've included an eerie audio of a maniac laughing after a few explosions. Then some insane drumming with some thrashy chord progressions, but they've got this feedback whenever they slide up the guitar strings. But they make up for sloppy rhythms with an absolutely clean, fast solo. The rest of the song is just more chord progressions. The solo wasn't that technical or fast, but it was still musical. 02.In The Shadows: a rarity from Henkka, this song starts with some solo bass work, which is really deep, and you can barely tell the rhythm, but it sounds cool. This was one of their more musical songs, with a lot of music fill. My favorite part of this song, which is normally the same throughout every one of these songs, was when they went into triplet-breaks. Janne is very prominent in this song. Though, the main riff of this song is way too overused in my opinion. 03.Red Light In My Eyes, Pt. 1: this song definitely has a strong classical influence. The entire song, even the rhythm section, is just a whole bunch of amazing speed and technicality. Definitely one of the stand-outs. 04.Red Light In My Eyes, Pt. 2: don't be fooled. Though this is part two, this song sounds almost completely different from part one. It starts off with some arpeggios and this blasting rhythm that makes you want to headbang like crap. Though the entire song itself isn't all too technical, in fact I would grade this one to be the least of them all, it's still a stand-out because of all the different riffs that they placed together perfectly. My favorite part, though, was at the end with the chromatic upward scale solo at the end. It blows my mind. 05.Lake Bodom: a concert favorite! For good reason, too, it has the most epic intro to any song I've heard thus far. It has the perfect balance between aggressive rhythmic lines and melodic lines throughout the entire song, and a couple of key changes that make me smile! Alexi does some great solo work, which he has completely changed for live performances unfortunately, but Janne does his first, and only, solo of the album, and by God, it is the balls. 06.The Nail: my personal favorite song of the entire album. It starts off with an audio. "Hate keeps a man alive. It gives him strength." Though it has the sloppiest thrash chord progression in the entire album, they make up for it with non-stop harmonizing, technicality, musicality, and overall brutality. It has a triplet-break that makes me smile and feel triumphant and want to get in a fight- and win - every time I hear it. They perfectly fit together each part of the song, and it ends with the highest-quality non-stop arpeggio solo that anyone has to offer. Then it ends with a D minor arpeggio in the shape of an A minor, and with no other instruments playing, it shapes up to be the perfect, most satisfying way to end the song. 07.Touch Like Angel of Death: this song really sums the album up. They follow up a song of pure shred with pure melody, and they pull it off really well. This one, I believe, stands out the most out of all the other songs.

Lyrics — 10
Alexi's overall singing is definitely the best out of all the albums, by far. My friends tell me that there are some songs where he sounds like shit, but I completely disagree. If only present-day Alexi could still sing like this. Lyrics, however, are a different story. It's difficult to grade the lyric composition when Alexi only has lyrics written for one song. Although, Touch Like Angel of Death has a very deep meaning to it that I approve of. Bestial rage.

Overall Impression — 10
This album completely stands out from all other albums, considering that every album has a slightly different style to it, but this one favors over all others to me, except for Follow the Reaper, which comes closely in second. This album is what inspired me to work harder at guitar, and was the largest influence on my playing style. I would say the two most outstanding songs are Lake Bodom and The Nail, both for their sheer technicality, melody, musicality, and brutality. However, I would be glad if they cleaned up their playing a little bit, and I HATE most of Jaska's blast-beats. I'm glad to say, however, that this album is definitely worth buying more than once if you lost it.

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    this is a solid album, but my favorite Bodom albums would have to be FTR and Hatebreeder. I love this album though
    Amuro Jay
    llama_guitarist wrote: AngleofDeaf666 wrote: Lake Bodom is the best bodom track of all time! seconded
    Sixpounder wrote: Fuck i cannot find this cd, none of the music stores i go to have it. \m/Hate Crew\m/
    Amazon, my friend.
    it pisses me of that players as talented as Alexi get little credit where people like that Ashley Simpson bitch sell millions of records and hog the spotlight.
    this is one of the bodom albums i rarely listen too but i probly should more. follow the reaper is def my favorite song and album by cob tho, even tho theyre all good!
    jetfuel495 wrote: llama_guitarist wrote: AngleofDeaf666 wrote: Lake Bodom is the best bodom track of all time! seconded thirded
    Really? Lake Bodom? That's seriously my least favorite song from the classic Bodom albums.
    banana of bodom
    i always think theres going to be one letdown song on an album but on something wild they all kick major ass as on every children of bodom album i have