Resurrection Review

artist: Chimaira date: 09/10/2009 category: compact discs
Chimaira: Resurrection
Release Date: Mar 6, 2007
Label: Ferret Records
Genres: Metalcore
Number Of Tracks: 11
Chimaira's first album since being dropped from Roadrunner shows the band is thinking outside of the box.
 Sound: 8.8
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8.8
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overall: 7.7
Resurrection Reviewed by: UG Team, on march 06, 2007
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Sound: Anger was probably an essential emotion that drove the making of the latest Chimaira record, particularly considering this was the first release since being dropped from Roadrunner Records back in 2006. Resurrection has a lot going for it aside from the passion, with guitarist Rob Arnold supplying some incredible riffs along the way. While it never breaks that much new ground in the general metal scene, the band has still succeeded in adding in some unusual styles into their songs. The CD starts out with the perfect song in terms of re-introducing itself as a band post-Roadrunner. Resurrection is pretty straightforward in it's delivery, but it still features a cool song structure. The intro effectively builds in intensity, and later on brief, manic guitar solo sections from Arnold are thrown in at various times. Considering this album follows a fairly dark period of the band, the song does relay that the band has recovered musically unscathed. One of the most intriguing tracks on Resurrection is Six, which starts off with an almost mystical-sounding intro. You can hear hushed, enigmatic vocals in the beginning, with a touch of Middle-Eastern music backing it up. Several different turns are taken in the course of Six, but it continues to come back to a pure melodic line much of the time. It's cool to hear the band balance out the metal with something more stripped down, and if nothing else, it proves the band has a lot to offer under the distortion and double bass pedal. There are moments on the CD when the band does get stuck in the same place. Worthless is a bit monotonous at times and doesn't quite match up to the creativity heard in Resurrection and Six. That is, however, until you get to Arnold's solo, which is every bit as strong as his other work. This is the first album that Arnold didn't write most of the songs, but it's good to hear that his influence is still ever-present in the solo work. The gruff vocals will undoubtedly annoy some people, but vocalist Mark Hunter does experiment with some other vocal styles along the way. While some have said the new record is a completely different turn Chimaira, the band is still staying true to its sound and should please its dedicated fans. // 8

Lyrics: It's not always easy to make out all of the lyrics, which may be a problem for some listeners. But once you get past the inaudible aspect of the songs, there are some cool lyrics behind it all. The title song is undoubtedly influenced by the band's tough times, and you can hear the passion come through Hunter's vocals. He sings, Free at last; Finally tasting happiness; Five years of hell for nothing; Trapped inside minds of failures. The fact that Resurrection seems to be speaking to the Roadrunner label (Chimaira was at Roadrunner for 5 years) makes the song all the more biting. It's great to hear a band get that kind of aggression out after being dropped from a label. Quite a few songs deal with anger and frustration, which is probably understandable considering what the band went through before recording Resurrection. However, there are those who will undoubtedly find these themes a bit cliche (Black Heart, End It All). // 7

Overall Impression: For fans looking to get the most Chimaira music that they can, there are 2 versions of Resurrection out there for the taking. The regular CD will include 11 tracks, while the bonus edition will also include 2 bonus songs (Kingdom Of Heartache and Paralyzed), as well as a DVD showing the making of the album. We didn't receive the DVD version, but that is probably the one to go for, if only to get more insight into the mood that was present while making Resurrection. On the record the band is at its strongest with a song like Killing The Beast, which never needs to go insanely fast to make a chilling impression. It's kind of a creepy song -- in a good way. Songs like that give listeners the chance to see the band is not just rehashing roaring vocals and lightening-fast tempos song after song. The fact that the band is able to introduce interesting chord changes and even the Middle-Eastern musical touch really shows Chimaira is thinking outside the box. There are more than a few standout tracks on the record, and it's likely that Roadrunner might be reconsidering their decision to drop the band. // 8

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overall: 8
Resurrection Reviewed by: howey, on august 30, 2007
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Sound: Chimaira have a great thrashy sound which is gaurenteed to get you moving. I havn't come across anything quite like this before. It's a very well done album sound wise, guitars, drums and bass all sound great. It's a good mix between their past albums, it has the more mellow side from immpossibility of reason and the more sinester side from chimaira. Another good thing about this album is that all the songs on it are relativly easy to play and this goes for all chimaira. 01. Resurrection - this is the most thrashy song on the album, and gets you hyped the first time you here it. Awesome riffs running throughout the whole thing and a catchy chorus make this one a winner. 02. Pleasure In Pain - nice and simple song, I like how the guitars follow the vocals and how the double kicks just keep comming. This is what to expect on the album, if you're planning on downloading a song and then deciding wether to buy the album or not this is probably the one to judge it on. 03. Worthless - probably me least favourite song on the album, it's very repetitive and the death metal vocals at the end just do not suit the song. 04. Six - best song on the album hands down! This is a song that approaches the 10 minute mark. The whole song just comes together so well and the intro sets the perfect mood for the rest of it. There's an awesome 3 minute instrumental part in the middle of the song which is what makes this a shining light among the rest. 05. No Reason To Live - this song has a great buildup and you just know it's going to be intense. The strange sounding guitar, then the double kicks, then one guitar, then two guitars. The chorus of this song is one of the most memerable on the album. 06. Killing The Beast - this song isn't great, it's a little to bare although there's a good outro to it. The song is just to raw for my liking and it dosn't really fit the rest of the album. 07. The Flame - overused guitar riffs throughout the first half of the song, although the second half is awesome and the end of the solo has a great transition back into the song. 08. End It All - good second half again, the first half is just not that special. There's a nice solo in this song. And a new vocal style for chimaira for a few seconds closer to the end. 09. Black Heart - this song just dosn't do it for me, I like the intro but the song just loses me after it has passed. 10. Needle - awesome riff! Far to overused but still awesome none the less. This song would be one of the best on the album if it wasn't so repetitive. 11. Empire - nice ending to the album, really good intro, maybe a little to long though. Keyboards are used to their full potentials in this song and it's really what makes the song an ending to the album. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are average the highlight probably being on 'no reason to live'. The singing on this album is great though and you see a more polished side of chimaira with clean singing and some harmonized vocals in different points. I'd say the best song on the album vocal wise would be 'no reason to live' it's just a great song and the vocals fit it really well. // 8

Overall Impression: The album is a step in a different direction for chimaira, which hasn't really worked in my opinion. I still miss the IOR sound. The best songs on the album are Six, Resurrection and No Reason To Live. I think this album has a few totally awesome tracks if only it was more consistant it would be far better. I find the songs have great startings or endings but they don't seem to keep you wanting to listen to the whole song. A good example of this is the song Needle after you hear the intro riff you've basiclly heard the whole song and sure it's a great riff although just hearing that for 3 minutes isn't that great. This album definatly has it's highs and lows, but overall it is a good album. If it were lost or stolen I would buy another copy. // 8

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overall: 8.3
Resurrection Reviewed by: Schecterplayer5, on june 28, 2008
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Sound: As brutal and pounding as Chimaira's always been. Mark's vocals haven't changed much, but that's not a bad thing though, as I personally love his vocal style. One thing I think really gave theis album a huge punch was the return of Andols. This dude can play that double bass like there's no tomorow and he proves it on songs like Six and No Reason To Live. Chris Spizzuca adds not a numetal tinge to it but almost a feeling of epicness especially on songs like Six (as you can probably tell, this is one of my favorites) and Empire. Rob continues to lay down skullcrushing riffage as always, and his soloing has improved since thair last record in my opinion. The record gets repetitive at times, but there's never really a moment where you want to skip over anything. // 9

Lyrics: These guys must've been pissed off when writing the lyrics for this record. Virtually every song oozes either anger, violence, depression or an unhealthy combination of them. Not to say the lyrics are poorly written. Infact, with the exception of Worthless which to me sounded like a teenager having a fit over another kid, the lyrics we're very well done. However, those who are easily upset should skip over songs like No Reason To Live, and defenitely The Flame, because they can get pretty brutal, the latter steps into death metal-based lyrics. but hey, nobody buys a Chimaira album expecting a happy and uplifting record. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall, I'd say this is easily their best album to date, and one of the better releases of 07. Their formula hasn't changed much since The Impossibility of Reason or thei Self-Titled, but their still is a different feeling to it. The Tracks I'd recommend are Six, Empire, and The Flame but really there aren't many weak points here (Worthless was the only one that didn't click for me). I'm really glad to see Andols back with the band, he adds so much to the Chimaira sound. And if this were stolen, Hells yeah I'd buy this record 1000 times if I had to. // 9

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overall: 10
Resurrection Reviewed by: Clancy 13, on september 10, 2009
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Sound: I picked this album up for $10 at a sanit music sale. Had no idea how awesome it was. I Just love the way the band uses the heavy punchy riffs in this album, is so good. I think that alot of metal band have so much distortion that you can't hear jack shit of the riffs. Chimaira have taken a bunch of awesome riffs, chucked them together with some crazy ass drumming, and made a freaking awesome album. The way the riffs are so easy to hear, but so brutal and heavy is what got me hooked. Even during the fast playing, you can hear each and every pick stroke, its not buried under about 6000 watts of distortion. Also, the way the vocals work in is fantastic, because even though it is screaming, it is tuneful. // 10

Lyrics: The two songs I think were special on this album would have to be Ressurection, the title track, and Black Heart. The lyrics on both of these were fantastic. Really good vocals that were dark and agressive, but melodic and meaningful in other places of the songs. I freaking love the fact that they got the balance right, like they got just enough growl, and just enough melody. I get so annoyed by some albums that would have been fantastic, had the vocals had a little more growl, like Metallica's S&M, where James had fantastic melody, but ruined it by not having enough growl. // 10

Overall Impression: The best songs on the album for me would be 01. Black Heart 02. Worthless 03. Resurrection But yeah, this is one of the best Chimaira albums. This is one of my all time favourite metal albums, and it is going to be remembered, just like a Dio or Judas Priest album will be: Eternally metal. Even if you're into bands like Cannibal Corpse and that, you should still try this one out. // 10

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