The Infection review by Chimaira

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  • Released: Apr 21, 2009
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.6 (76 votes)
Chimaira: The Infection

Sound — 7
One of the few bands I listen to that never seems to make the same album twice, Chimaira's latest release takes things in a new direction for the band. One thing you will quickly realize is the tempo of the songs--slow, atmospheric and heavy. For those who liked their self-titled and Resurrection this may be a turn off, as a few of the songs such as Secrets of the Dead and Destroy and Dominate trade speed for the 'heavy' factor, resulting in songs that are for a large point groove oriented (it will be interesting to see the moshing that will come at concerts to these songs). Another factor that seems to stand out is the verse-chorus transition. In The Venom Inside the transition from the verse to chorus seems forced, as if it is missing something to tie it altogether. While not a standout issue, again it might leave a bad taste in some fan's mouths who prefer well structured songs. Like in most of Chimaira's releases, the bass is largely ignored in favour of the guitar onslaught, and while both guitarists do a good job (The Heart of it All being a example), some of the riffs feel overused or boring, unable to hold your attention to the song and otherwise diminishing it's replay factor. There is no question to the druming being superb, and many of the tempo changes and drumming techniques present could be described as reminiscent of the death metal genre.

Lyrics — 7
Probably the second largest change in The Infection has come in Mark Hunter's singing... Err screaming. His vocals are more guttural in this record, trading screaming for growling, giving the record a death metal feel in areas (Coming Alive is a good example of this). This change from simple screaming will probably turn some more fans off, but there is no question it fit's with the tempo of the songs and does not hinder the music much in any way. Mark's clean singing is also not that bad, and fit's well in Impending Doom during the 'lull' sections of the song. Lyrics are like most of Chimaira's: cheesy to some and acceptable to others, depending on your taste and views. Overall they are the usual metal fare (just look at the song title names if you have any doubts), and do not affect the record much in general.

Overall Impression — 7
While a big change for Chimaira in terms of music, the Infection is a reasonable record that has some minor hiccups that will probably be seen as bad for some fans. While not superb, The Infection is still alright, and some songs (minus their defects) are good listens. To get a taste of this record listen to The Venom Inside, Frozen in Time, The Disappearing Sun and The Heart of It All. Having gone from Nu-Metal to some twisted version of thrash-metalcore (for lack of a better term) and finally death metal-esq groove, it will be interesting to see what the boys from Chimaira will come up with after this for their next record. On a final note, listen to this album several times before making a decision on it, as many of these songs do have a habit of growing on you, as they certainly have for me.

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    barryenright232 wrote: thought this album was monotomous at best.
    I agree... Generic Metalcore at its worst.... Boring, slow repetitve riffs and monotone growling. I don't think Chimaira will ever quite do it for me
    Somebody else try this with me... I just listened to "The Venom Inside" and "Secrets of the Dead" and then played "Resurrection" directly after. Resurrection > The Infection.
    GaijinFoot wrote: AEnima18 wrote: Kerrang gave this 2 out of 5. Said it was just metal-by-numbers and nothing very special. Now I've read this I'm not sure what to think. Guess I've gotta make my own mind up... sure you can manage that?
    kerrangs bullshit
    My first contact with Chimaira was this album so I can't compare with their previous work and maybe that is a good thing. While at the first few times it didn't seem to be something special, it atually is very atmospheric and has a very catchy vibe. You just need to let it grow on you a bit.
    Well you can all **** off, because i love this album. Mainly because i love breakdowns. \m/
    i cant believe how many people dont like this album. just coz its not as up-tempo doent mean its not as good as their previous albums. i consider chimaira to be my fave band. and i , unlike most people think The Imposibillity of reason was their weakest album. this is definitely a step up. take the time to truly appreciate how good it is. its atmospheric, dark and its slow tempo ( for me ) is a brilliant change. i love slow badass riffs i can bang my head to, as opposed to 200 mph songs grinding in your ears. i love this album and so should you if you listen to chimaira, and are you seriously trying to tell me you dont like those seriously detuned riffs on The Disappearing Sun and Try to Survive....?
    Well you can all **** off, because i love this album. Mainly because i love breakdowns. \m
    well said.
    Jester InFlames
    Good album. I became a fan after Resurection, and I discovered that I didn't even notice the tempo. This is just my vibe, bullseye
    Its the best album to date. It doesnt need speed to be good. And Im glad that his vocals changed for the album. They are what made this album complete. And personaly, I think their self titled album was weak. Before The Infection, The Impossibility of Reason was the best.
    Jester InFlames
    I'm amazed how people can speak alot of shit about something just because of little details. HUGE album my favourite uo to date this year (2nd is mastodon) and really good in all points of views that's what it is. Repetitve? you don't know 2 whole genre's then metalcore like as i lay dying & company+ deathcore BMTH & company
    It's good, but not their best. IMO they've gone down the "LETZ ALL BE BRUTALZ!" route that a lot of bands are doing these days, and it's annoying. I LOVED the heavier parts of other albums (Paralyzed was especially good, and their heaviest up to that point) but this has gone into the realms of the death/black/hardcore/whatever that most bands are doing now, and it's annoying. They've kept their original sound, and what they've grown into, but it just seems like they've toned all that down to add more of a beatdown feel. Still very good, just not s good as I'd've hoped. YJ
    i love it. one of the few albums i can listen to all the way through without skipping a single song.
    Really it doesn't matter if an album is good or not everyone just flames everything nowadays...its a touch disappointing. But i don't mind this album at all, not their best not their worst.