All's Well That Ends Well review by Chiodos

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  • Released: Oct 17, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (121 votes)
Chiodos: All's Well That Ends Well

Sound — 10
The sound in All's Well That Ends Well is awesome. First, I have to give my congrats to Craig Owens for his awesome vocals. Although extremely high pitched, but very awesome. The instrumentals from light and drifty to heavy and tight show very much emotion. That's my favorite part of the album. Another congrats to Bradley Bell (Keyboards) for his leaving-in-awe and random flowing keystrokes, Jason Hale (Lead Guitar) for his sweet and original leads, Pat McManaman (Rhythm Guitar) for some awesome chord-shifts and rhythms during breakdowns, Matt Goddard (Bass Guitar) for his original and perplexing note shifts, and Derrick Frost (Drums) for his tight time signature changes throughout the album and original drumming ideas.

Lyrics — 9
Oh yes. The second-best part of the album, the lyrics. Craig Owens provides some extreme, emotional, and just-plain-awesome lyrics on this album. The lyrics here are my favorite of all the songs I've listened to. From lyrics about being lost at sea to songs about revenge show some great emotion. The downside to Craig Owens singing is when he sings louder he tends to lose the tune of the song and hit bad notes. That's the reason why I gave this part only a nine. It would be ten if he got some singing and screaming lessons.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall this is my favorite album. Period. It's just the best album I've ever heard. Others may have other opinions about it, I respect that. Here's the tracks of the album and the rating I give them. 01. Prelude - a sweet beginning to an album but it doesn't really get you at all prepared for the pulse-pounding song All Nereids Beware! 02. All Nereids Beware - awesome song. It is my 5th to favorite song on the album (and I gave it a five). 03. One Day Women Will All Become Monsters - sweet song. A little sexist but easy to understand because girls can be a little at times if you know what I mean. 04. Expired In Goreville - awesome, but a little short since the intro takes forever to finish because all it is is waves crashing, but the rest of the song is awesome. 05. Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek - sweet, but a little repetitive. 06. The Words "best Friend" Become Redefined - awesome intro and bridge/outro but the middle of the song (I've been lying in this bed for weeks) is a tad boring. (still a great song! ) 07. Interlude, Pt. 1 - not much different from the Prelude. 08. There's No Penguins In Alaska - oh yes. 3rd to favorite song on the album. 09. Interlude, Pt. 2 - worst part of the album. I thought this song was a joke. 10. We're Gonna Have Us A Champagne Jam - awesome song, not in my top 5, though. 11. No Hardcore Dancing In The Living Room - another awesome song. 2nd to favorite song on the album. 12. Who's Sandie Jenkins - awesome guitars and screaming. 4th to favorite song on the album. It would be tied with No Hardcore Dancing but it's a short song. 13. To Trixie And Reptile, Thanks For Everything - purely awesome. Best song on the album. (bonus tracks on CD/DVD version) 14. Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek [Acoustic] - the original version of the song is better. 15. Queen Of Diamonds [acoustic/demo version/live] - the singing hurts mah ears! 16. Lindsay Quit Lollygagging [acoustic] - words cannot express how great this song is. If I lost/got this album stolen I would definetely rebuy it.

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    A monkey wrote: i find myself posting in an attempt to make some sense of the situation. Chiodos is actually talented. go listen to your shitty music airedaletheband. you truly are stupid and i pity those who are forced to endure your stupidity more than us who only sufffer from your occasional post here a monkey has spoken and now must rest
    Saw Chiodos at Warped Tour 2007 in Dallas, I had never heard any of their stuff and they blew me away, right from the first note in the first song they played, "When The Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined." Since then, I have yet to find a song by them that I don't like. The whole album is amazing. I can't wait for their second. And airedaletheband, you're just jealous that none of your "metal" bands can do any decent screaming. Listen to some real music for a change. I think it's obvious that we all pretty much hate you, airedaletheband. =/
    I Walk Alone
    Give_em Hell wrote: I saw chiodos live 2 weeks ago and they were kickass and a bag of caramel sweetnuts!! but they disappointed me cause they didnt play All Nereids Beware!!
    They never play it anymore =/.
    this album doesnt even compare to "bone palace ballet". some of it is quality...not all of it though
    Give_em Hell
    I saw chiodos live 2 weeks ago and they were kickass and a bag of caramel sweetnuts!! but they disappointed me cause they didnt play All Nereids Beware!!
    hey everyone! i put out a review of "Bone Palace Ballet"! hopefully it is on tomarrow, so check it out please!
    but its almost the same with punk rock kids I love punk rock but like at warped tour when im at a pennywise or an unseen or NOFX there are always that ignorant singer (caugh caugh Fat Mike) or people in the crown who just flick off the "emo bands" rambling on how their music sucks..... it gets anoying oh and Chiodos rule! I saw them at the warped tour and i must say they are amazing live
    Killingthecat69 wrote: airedaletheband wrote: im sick of this emo/screamo/total shit "music" and that my friend is why your stupid.....your close minded....grow up....all people who listen to metal(or any genre close to metal, indie, and stuff other than emo/screamo) do these days is complain about how stupid emo/screamo is....its annoying really...there are going to be other genres of music you are just going to have to get over it...
    true, i mean i love metal but i also love emo/screamo bands, and this band is one of my favs
    This album is amazing, i hope 'Bone Palace Ballet' is as good! my favorite song on this album is most deffientally 'All Nereids Beware'. Its so mazing in the beginngin and the lyrics are beyond my imagintion.
    airedaletheband, u have no taste in music,girls, or video games. Chiodos is way better than Hannah Montana or whatever you listen to.
    DRENCHEDinGRACE > Okay, well the thing is, I love metal. It's my favorite genre of all time. But the thing is, it's not like I'm this narrow-minded metal-obsessed type of dork who only listens to metal and despises the rest, ya know? I suppose it doesn't matter to you, but I kinda don't apreciate how you have to rant on about "metalheads" because what you're doing is just as bad as the very own kinda of people that you hate. It's pointless to hate one type of stereotype as far as the likes of musical genre and still parade on and on about "your" band. The point of listening to music is to be open to listening to new stuff. As for All's Well That End's Well.. Wow! An amazing album. I thought they were annoying as hell the first time I heard them. But I suppose they're like a new pair of shoes or something. The longer you have it, the more you get used to it and the more you love them. They are so talented.
    best song, "No Penguins" and airedaletheband, isnt it obvious everyone hates you?
    I thought Chiodos were annoying as hell when I first heard them. Then they began to catch on to me after a couple more listens. That's pretty much how it goes for most people and Chiodos, you have to get used to them. haha. Good band and a great CD none the less.
    Hahaha im sick of all of you little "metal" kids all you do is bitch about how nothing is metal enough for you,why don't you just shut up instead of knocking other people's music.You know what i love chiodos and you know what else they have more talent than any of your pitiful little metal bands will ever have."Hey you know what sounds awesome to me a bunch of D&D nerds singing about eating babies with c tuned guitars and double bass in everyone of our stupid songs"hahaha choke on it metalheads
    Thapumpkineater wrote: Bone Palace Ballet sucks in comparison to this CD.
    Truer words, never spoken.