Bone Palace Ballet review by Chiodos

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  • Released: Sep 4, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (158 votes)
Chiodos: Bone Palace Ballet

Sound — 10
First off let's talk about the album cover, which is a vivid representation of some sort of 1800's ballroom situation, with two skeletal characters, which does look pretty cool. But just looking at the cover of the CD won't get us far so let's start off with the first track "Is It Progression If a Cannibal Uses a Fork?". Brilliant use of what sounds like Piano is used to much effect, then when the chorus sounds we are exposed to the real meat of what the song contains, the brutal melody of Craig's voice and thumping drums. This is by far one of my favourite of all the songs and I found the guitar Hale uses to have a very very metaly sound, which sounds freaking awesome in his little breakdowns. Next in "Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot with a Monkey Face)" we are introduced to another piano intro, and some very cool keyboard effects, this song is very much a softer song but still gets heavy and carries a really nice beat in some parts. The intro to "Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered" is amazing, it's something you'd want to learn to play, it's fast and really makes you want to sorta like bop your head to it, it's really catchy. We also get a heavy ass breakdown about midway through the song, which sounds massivly awesome. "A Letter from Janelle" makes my sun shine, it's a beautifully inspired song, and never bridges the gap between heavy and soft, it stays right in the middle. "I Didn't Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was a Wizard" opens with a nice acoustic intro backed by Craig, but then the head banging commences and it gets very interesting, the guitars and drums in Chiodos are all supporting Craig wonderfully in this song. But the song stops midway through and the keyboards kick in, and some really cool reverb effects enhance Craigs voice really dam good. There are 10 tracks total, and not one of them will leave you anything less than speechless.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are clearly heard, Craigs crystal clear voice lets us hear every word perfectly, but I also like the fact that he can scream, it adds more depth to the album, I'm going to give this a 10 based of the fact that I've never really heard lyrics quite like this before, they meld with the instruments perfectly.

Overall Impression — 9
Totally blown away, I look for new bands on a regular basis, and I though I'd reached the end of my search, until I heard these guys, then I was opened up to another band willing to produce music better than the average. This isn't one of those albums I'd listen to like crazy all the time every day, but when I feel like Chiodos, I feel like Chiodos. It's a nine overall, really really really well done album.

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    I think it's good definitely, and original, but sometimes it seems like the guitarist just learned sweep picking and is playing with it like a new toy.
    Chazasul wrote: Am I the only one horribly disappointed with their new direction?
    I do believe you are the only one who thinks that. i loved alls well that ends well, and then bone palace ballet was just as good, i couldnt tell you which one i liked better
    and this band also has by far some of the most creative lyrics ever my favourite is from - i didnt say i was powerful i said i was a wizard - and it was - "attention all of my worst critics who were once the best of friends, your all just crows on the powerlines"
    Capn Crunch
    intensity in ten cities is FUCKIN EPIC. lyrics are great; and the piano is awesome. all good songs on the album though.
    All's Well That Ends Well was way better in my opinion, due to the raw harcore sound, but i respect the effort they put into Bone Palace. pce
    Hahaha last November, Chiodos was signing autographs at Marley Station Mall in Maryland so i went and naturally you had to by the cd to get an autograph and of course it cost a fortune($17) but when i popped this cd into my player the next day i realized i would have paid $40 dollars for it because they brought their A game this time with this smackdown of a cd
    I love Chiodos and I think that this is their best album so far I can't wait to see what their future beholds.
    nobody ever mentions "life is a perception of your own reality". so i just wanted to say that its, um, really good. Some people may get turned off the violins at the beginning, but it is really a great song about stepping back and taking a good look at yourself. so yeah give it a listen and enjoy. "ill show you how to really move"