The Noise We Make Review

artist: Chris Tomlin date: 08/14/2012 category: compact discs
Chris Tomlin: The Noise We Make
Released: Mar 1, 2001
Genre: Contemporary Worship Music, CCM, Singer-Songwriter
Label: Sparrow, Sixstep
Number Of Tracks: 12
That album has some good songs, and then the rest fall off the table.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 5
 Overall Impression: 6
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overall: 6.3
The Noise We Make Reviewed by: zillaman, on august 14, 2012
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Sound: When you put this CD in your music player, the first thing you will hear is Chris showing off his electric skills with a distorted riff. He goes on to play several up beat songs in a row including "The Noise We Make" which is the album cover, and "Forever" one of his greatest hits. "The Noise We Make" is one of Chris Tomlin's fan's favorite songs because of its up beat rhythm. Many of today's Chris Tomlin fans would not recognize this as Chris, so if you like his current CD's, this is probably not for you. Chris also includes a bluegrass section in the song "Happy Song". The mix of styles on this CD is great. // 8

Lyrics: Lyrics a good for every song on the disc, but some of the songs can be repetitive. The cover song "The Noise We Make" has the verse played a couple of times, and chorus even more. The only problem with that, is there is only one verse, and one version of chorus. A couple of other songs are like that as well, too repetitive. The lyrics, however, tend to go very well with the music. You can tell where the artist is coming from, and where he wants the song to go. Tomlin's skills in singing are not so good in this album. It starts off great with "The Noise We Make" and "Forever", but then he seems to sing the rest of the songs with the same monotonous voice. The only song after "Forever" that he really gets going in is "The Wonderful Cross". If you are looking for uplifting lyrics, this is a great CD, but if you want unique vocals, clever lyrics, and awesome lead guitar to go along with those, then this is not a disc for you. // 5

Overall Impression: Overall the CD is good. The best part of the album are the songs, "Forever" and "The Wonderful Cross" although "The Noise We Make" is right up there too. I really love "Forever" and the "The Wonderful Cross", and I could listen to those all day. However, I don't exactly get into the rest of the CD. I would compare this CD to the Newsboys' album "Devotion". That album has some good songs, and then the rest fall off the table. I would not buy this CD again, I would go for another CD and listen to my favorites online. // 6

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