Pardon My French review by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

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  • Released: Apr 30, 2013
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.3 (9 votes)
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!: Pardon My French

Sound — 6
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is going to be one of those bands that you are either going to love or hate. I am, however quite in between on this, but I do love this album overall in particular (could not stand the first album). And it's quite funny that I say this, because this is most certainly a guilty pleasure in the sense of playing this to have fun, to sit back, relax, and just act like a kid. C!N,CC! have no problems being the different band in the scene, and writing songs about their teenager years, high school, and sappy love songs. In fact, I would call these guys the French version of A Day To Remember, but with a cross between Four Year Strong and For All Those Sleeping. I can compare these guys much more to FATS in the sense of sound in general, but they seem to come off as an early version of Blink-182 (and I hate borrowing this from another reviewer of the first album who said this, but I do agree). These guys are not quite decided on who they are as a whole. Are they pop-punk? Metalcore? Post-hardcore? ADTR has that same problem, and they surely do not care, as long as they have fans listening to them. Now, I can't say this album is so impressive that it's a contender of the top of these genres, but I can say that it is going to please and be known to many. The sophomore album introduces a tad higher dose of cleans to the table. Bertrand does a fair job on this. The sappy French voice on the debut album is much more toned down on this one, which is what makes me not mind it now. However, it is still sappy in most times, but his voice stands out much more. His voice in itself is not a standout though, and it is more fitting for your average pop-punk band. And that is not a problem, but in the end, the band is not going to be a true contender to other bands like ADTR. The other main problem with this album is how much the uncleans are just there to sound like it's heavy. And again, I have no idea if these guys want to be metalcore, but as I listen to their songs, I get a feeling that the heaviness is just not all there. One minute it's a sappy pop-punk song, then the next they go all brocore on ya. It's almost like a Woe Is Me and For All Those Sleeping met in the same room and made this. Surely, I am not bashing them, but I still feel like they have no idea on what type of music they want to play. I believe they play drop A# or B, which seems a bit odd if you're going to be a bit pop-punk, but I do like it. I did like how the bass appeared better on this (something you don't see much in the genre). Also, the drumming was great. Guitar riffs were okay, and I did like the pinch harmonics that came in every now and then, but at times I do sense the djent plucking against the strings into breakdowns, so I was tad bit thrown off there. It seemed cool, but I'm not sure if that's something new that they're trying to do.

Lyrics — 5
So, as I said, these guys are going to write songs about high school, girls, and friends. From lines like, "That's everything we've never tried All the fears that We'll never fight To every chance that we have missed The regrets we'll forever keep That's everything we've never tried All the fears that We'll never fight To every chance that we have missed The regrets we'll forever keep" (from "Taking Chances"). to "Hey, Do you believe what I'm saying now You better hold me tight Cause no one knows wheres my f--king mind Anyone What you afraid I'll do anything for death? Everyday I lose control I'm controlled but I lose my mind" (from "Bipolar Mind") to "Get up, open your eyes, you're just like everyone You waste all your time faking your smiles Wake up, look at your life, you don't need to stalk mine Here is my advice, get the f--k out" (from "Haters Gonna Hate"). to "I know the one you used to be You'll never be the same but your the only one to blame You're not afraid You're such a shame It's time to figure out your life For everything I hate to everything I want to find This is your fate Forget my name" (from "I Am Nothing Like You"). to "You're focused now on the comfort of your fate This fragile world that gives you will these days You just look back on these fading memories Sitting alone while hope is missing" (from "Reasons To Turn Back") to "How can you just be so proud? When all you did was tell all those lies But you're doing wrong this time I know who you are I've seen, so many times The way you try to bring me down You're made of proportionate mind But it's time to shake the lies Shake the lies'" (from "Between Your Lies"). All of these songs discuss personal matters from girl problems to life problems. I'm not too much of a fan of many of these lines, but the ones that did stick out to me or question myself were lines like, "And if you're looking up at night You'll surely see the next city lights This party takes me So fill your heart with caffeine Here is the life we all lead Is what we make of". (from "Miles And Decibels"). I wasn't sure about the "fill your heart with caffeine part", but it did question myself in interest. My favorite lines on this whole album is from "Taking Chances". "I've seen so many lives being wasted and slowly everyday The colors turn grey They say 'we already missed our time so it's useless that you try to leave your dreams behind'". Now, for C!N,CC!, I was also surprised by the use of swearing. I mean, it's whatever, okay. I hear many bands do this nowadays (mostly Rise and Fearless Record bands). But hey, if they put it to good use with emotion, it is fine. I'm not sure what these lines are directed to, though. "We face, what you'll never say You're a failure You're another piece of sh-t, you f--k For the motherf--king Take this weight". Also, uncleans at the beginning say "Go f--k yourself".

Overall Impression — 6
For the UG community, I know for a fact that there won't be a wide audience for a band like this, but don't be like some, who just disregard this band because they're different or because "OMG THEYRE SO GIRLY. THEYRE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO METAL/HARDCORE/TEH BR00TALZ" sense. I do also like the time of release this album came out. Here in a time of college, where all I really do nowadays is, #1: check music news everyday here, #2: do homework, #3: go to work, and #4: go to the gym, along with other every day shit. What I'm trying to say is Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is something to listen to to relax to, but have fun at the same time. It's your summer anthem tunes. It's something to just not care about and blast it while you're driving. And hell, you can disagree all you want but it puts me in the mood. I have one more week of spring semester at college (week of finals... blargggg). So they just make me realize that life is also fun, but showing the meaning and stories behind life in general. Much like the way MxPx, or Blink-182 did. I also love the anthems in say, "Haters Gonna Hate". That, "Taking Chances", "Restart", and "Bipolar Mind" are my favorite songs from this album. These guys are definitely starting to get big. Not an amazing album, and lyrics are where I found a bit of a weakness, but they still have many years to come for experiencing. And again, as I had mentioned in my last review, I am reviewing albums differently now, so I don't come off as biased because I know there have been some inaccurate reviews that I have done in the past. Now to sum it all up, who can these guys be compared to? As I had mentioned up to, I really do believe that these guys are just as experienced as For All Those Sleeping. However, I despise FATS, and I think that Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have much more potential. They have just as much potential as The Story So Far, whose album also came out fairly recently. I also read in the other album review that these guys sound a tad bit like We Came As Romans. Well, I honestly disagree. Maybe in a way, guitar-wise, but they don't compare to these guys at all. I think they're more comparable to a band like The Word Alive, who is also a fairly new band. All of these bands that I have mentioned down here have all released 2 albums in their careers so far, so they are all just as experienced. But overall, I think The Story So Far or Set Your Goals are the best comparisons thus far, musically. Overall this album is NOT a timeless album for pop-punk or somewhere in between. Yellowcard's "Ocean Avenue" or Blink-182's "Dude Ranch" I think are best suited for that. Even for post-hardcore, I think ADTR's "For Those Who Have Heart" and "Homesick" are also timeless. Well, there's my rant. I hope ya'll liked it.

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    And before anyone thinks why this review is so positive, yet such a low rating, well folks, you gotta realize a 5.7 is above average.
    "These guys are not quite decided on who they are as a whole." Sigh, I always spot out at least one error in my reviews. they have*
    Black Mustangs
    A couple of guys in my band are really into these guys. I want to like them, but I just can't get past that stupid ****ing name.....
    It does sound cheesy as **** and I'm not sure what inspired then to call themselves that but I honestly don't think names matter as much to me unless they mean absolutely nothing. Such as Korn, I believe one of the members randomly blurted the word out and it stuck. Then again, I'm sure Meatloaf, Cake, and Cream didn't really care too much either.
    I hate to be the one to do this but.. the main reason I got into cncc was because of their debut album. They realizes that the scene was shitty and I belive those are actually lyrics from a song.. captain blood maybe? You completely just butchered this review when you compared them to other bands out there right now. As a matter of fact, their are so many genres and "sub genres" it makes me sick. This is a well written review and you seem very educated but do me a favor. Shut the **** up. All these genres get so annoying. When your dealing with independent music. Metal is metal. And if you want to get technical metal dosent even exist anymore. Just dumbasses saying (insert your stupid name here) metal. Just shut up. Heavy yellow card? Shut up. FATS??! DAFUQ? Shut up. You really can't compare cncc.. hey thanks for the review though.
    Mostly agree with ^ that guy. There are too many sub-genres of metal these days to compare one band to another. It's one thing to compare early Metallica to Slayer. I will say that the similarities to ADTR were a good reference (my all time favorite band, favorite album is Homesick).
    Still better than Justin bieber ! I like their All Star cover too !