Night Songs Review

artist: Cinderella date: 01/20/2012 category: compact discs
Cinderella: Night Songs
Release Date: 1986
Label: Mercury
Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Hair Metal, Pop-Metal
Number Of Tracks: 10
Cinderella's debut album, Night Songs, positions the band as a second-tier pop-metal outfit.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 10
Night Songs Reviewed by: CinderellaFan14, on january 20, 2012
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Sound: Cinderella makes it's debut in a flash of lightning and a puff of smoke with "Night Songs"! The first album by the later infamous band, "Night Songs" is easily one of my favorite albums of all time. Why? Because Cinderella breaks new ground in many areas, and does it flawlessly. Most notably for this success is Tom Keifer, the lead singer and guitarist for Cinderella. Not only does Tom write most of the songs for Cinderella, but he also gave hard rock and glam metal a whole new meaning with his amazing falsetto! His voice has a bit of a growl to it, which at times can send chills down your spine, and also is a voice that nobody has matched. The album starts off with the song "Night Songs", an slow tempo hard rocker that introduces the listener to the band. The album then kicks into overdrive with the hit "Shake Me", a fast paced rock song with amazing guitar work and incredible vocals. Things are slowed back down with another hit, "Nobody's Fool", which has a similar pace to "Night Songs". The song shows how Tom makes it seem easy to switch between his normal singing voice to the falsetto growl that gave Cinderella so much success. This song is followed by yet another big hit, "Nothin' For Nothin'", a great fast hard rock track. This song is followed by "Once Around The Ride", a great song that has some blues guitar features mixed in, which would later dominate some of Cinderella's later albums. The album stays on a fast pace with the next song, "Hell On Wheels", which shows some of Cinderella's amazing talent guitar wise with the quick and complicated riffs. Once again, Tom dominates the song with his stunning vocals. Cinderella stays on a roll with the next song, which is one of the band's greatest hits and one of my favorite songs of all time: "Somebody Save Me". This song shows the best of all of the band's talent, with great guitar work, stellar drum work, and flawless vocals. This song is an instant classic to anyone who hears it. The next song shows a much heavier blues-rock influence as compared to "Once Around The Ride". The song "In From The Outside" shows the band's ability to easily switch between genres of music and still have the album flow perfectly. The album transitions right back to the hard and heavy rock with "Push, Push". Yet again the group lets their talent hang out! Lastly, the album ends perfectly with the song "Back Home Again", a classic song showing talent from all four ends of the band. The song fades out at the end, and fades back into "Night Songs" when the CD is finished. Cinderella takes Hard Rock and Glam Metal to a whole new level with their brand new, amazing sound. The sound of the album was so great, the album went 10x Platinum. If this doesn't tell you how great Cinderella's sound is, then nothing will. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics for the songs on this album are simply perfect. They move perfectly with the music, creating a winning combination. For example, "Somebody Save Me" is about a boy growing up hearing about the American dream, and when he's grown up, he finds that the "American Dream" isn't what it's said to be. The concepts for the songs would simply scream rock and roll, but that's why they have Tom Keifer to scream for them! Tom's singing skills are a force to be reckoned with, and are simply unmatched. His vocal range goes through the roof, and there appears to be no note he can't hit! Cinderella makes it's presence to the world with a "BANG!", and Tom Keifer is both the fuse and the bomb! // 10

Overall Impression: "Night Songs" is one of my favorite albums of all time. There is no question about it. Cinderella cannot help but show their talent in this album with each and every song! I love everything about this album, from the mind blowing guitar work, to the terrific drums, and maybe most of all, Tom Keifer's stunning vocals. I cannot help but describe this band in the greatest detail I can because that is how amazing they are! I love every single one of the songs on this album, but the ones that really stand out are: 1. Somebody Save Me 2. Nobody's Fool 3. Nothin' For Nothin' 4. Shake Me 5. Hell on Wheels The only thing I hate about this album is that you need more great songs on it! This album is flawless from beginning to end, and I think every Hard Rock lover, Glam Metal lover, Rock Lover, ANY TYPE OF MUSIC LOVER should buy this album, as it is one of the greatest rock albums of all time. If it were stolen, the thief would die a slow and painful death. It would not be lost. Period. Anyone who has not had the chance to hear this album yet, you need to. Now. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Night Songs Reviewed by: JackWhite1988, on september 14, 2006
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Sound: In 1985 Jon Bon Jovi caught a Cinderella show in Philadephia and contacted his record label Mercury Records. By 1986, Cinderella had released their debut album Night Songs which featured a couple ballads and rockers. Well at the time this was basic formula for success in the late '80s as a hair-metal act. Cinderella however is an original band even if not made obvious on this album, later albums would display the bands versatility as they got away from the glam-metal sound into more blues rock. The only version in America available for purchase is the original compact disc version. Which makes this a not so full sounding metal album. It doesn't sound horrible, I've heard worse mix's and this is far from it. A remastered version would be great though. // 8

Lyrics: Pending the listeners disposition towards '80s metal, the lyrics are hit or miss. If you approach this album looking for the White Album or Highway 61 Revisited then you will be rudely awakened. If you approach the listening of this album as a hard rock/metal musicians and or someone looking for a good CD to jam to on a Friday night with the guys then you'll like the album. The lyrics aren't extremely cheesy like other hair metal bands such as Britny Fox, Winger or White Lion. These guys as I mentioned earlier are the upper-tier of '80s hair-metal. A standout moment on the album comes from the title track which is about an over-night truck driver who needs to hear only the singles of albums to keep him up all night. I thought this was a cool topic to base an album off of. "Nobody's Fool" is a ballad that gave them their first hit (of course right). Nobody's Fool is a nice piece. One of the better tracks is "Somebody Save Me" which is a good piece of lyrical fiction. This song is based around a working man who faces the dilemma that the American dream that is glamorized isn't what it's cracked up to be. Tom Keifer is the brains behind this band. He arranges many of the songs lyrics and music. His voice is mixed between Steven Tyler and Brian Johnson. It's a very distinct vocal sound with a very powerful growl. // 8

Overall Impression: This was their debut album, and this is a classic metal album. That's fact. However if I compare it to their other albums, it isn't as deep nor does it have as much substance as the sophomore release "Long Cold Winter" and '90s "Heartbreak Station". Those two are thought out pieces of blues influenced rock songs. Night Songs got the band into the mainstream and helped launch their music by using the famous image approach of the business at the time. I urge you to not let the fact that Cinderella was a glam-metal band in the '80s deter you from appreciating the actual instrumentation. This was the hardest album they ever released and they are considered one of the top 5 '80s metal acts along with Motley Crue, Ratt, Dokken and Whitesnake. If you're going to dabble in hair-metal, you might as well start out with the best. // 9

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