On Letting Go review by Circa Survive

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  • Released: May 29, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (80 votes)
Circa Survive: On Letting Go

Sound — 9
On their latest CD Circa Survive really shows their true colors, at times it sounds like one big jam session, but then when you listen really closely you can hear how everything is just melted together to make real music. The guitarists are just amazing, the way they work with one another is borderline telepathic, they sound awesome together, On Letting Go is a good track to listen to in order to hear this. The drummer also sheds new light on his talent, I think he gets some god-given talent from his huge beard, Living Together shows off the drummer. The bass player does really cool things to add to the music over all, I haven't heard anything overly impressive from him, but The Greatest Lie has a cool bass run.

Lyrics — 10
It's Anthony Green, need I say more? His lyrics this time around are some of the best he's ever written. On Letting Go, Semi-Constuctive Criticism, Your Friends Are Gone, and Travel Hym all show off his impressive writing skills. His voice never seems to stand out from the music, it sounds like another intrument in the background, he places it in the mix perfectly, no one does it better than him. His voice may take a while for someone whose never heard the band to listen too, but he really is amazing.

Overall Impression — 10
I bought this CD about two weeks after I bought the new Fall of Troy CD, and the new From Autumn to Ashes CD, I've listened to this more already than both those CD's together, it truly is some of the greatest music I've heard in a long time, you can tell they have their hearts in it, and it shows, they are simply breathtaking, if you've never heard Circa Survive, you need too. I love everything about this album and hate nothing, and if it were stolen, I'd buy it again.

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    yadiraisthebest wrote: Craig and Anthony don't sound alike. maybe because they both have high pitched voices, but other than that, they sound nothing alike. On Letting Go does have a message, and a point.. if you would actually listen to the lyrics.. or maybe even the album title.. On letting go to me, means that you're letting go of the past, and just looking into the future.. and Circa is kind of about outliving a time period, how everybody wants to have something more, which is pretty much what their name, Circa Survive means. Juturna also has the same vibe because Juturna is a mythological spring of life, from greek mythology, and it has a lot to do with starting over. it's just about letting go.. the title is pretty much self-explanatory.. to me, the lyrics do have a message, maybe some of you are just close minded and can't see that.. haa, well take the actual song On Letting Go for instince.. since there's been a lot of stuff saying that this cd is related to the New Testament.. I think it's sort of about Anthony and his relationship with his Mother.. This is how I see religion fitting around this cd. I think the symbolism and metaphors used throughout this cd are towards the confusion that sets in when you turn your back to the truth to blindly follow a belief..."all i wanted to be was one of your children"...It's almost like a call to a God that they now know isnt there....And this whole cd is On letting go of their traditional beliefs of how they were brought up.... Just my view of it. And Anthony not letting the rest of the band shine, I find to be complete bullshit.. since, well, most of us know Anthony is by far the best looking in the band... the fans kind of focus on him more, so if the rest of the band aren't really getting their chance to shine, it's most certainly not anthony's fault. that comes with any band.. people usually look at the vocalist more..
    I didn't say they didn't have a message, I just said that they didn't get the message across very well. Then again, I never said I was an expert at interpreting lyrics.
    oh yeah about the album =] circa did a video interview with some web site... idk what it is, but in the interview, (this was before the record came out) anthony (not to be outspoken by his bandmembers) graciously spoke to the woman and told her that this album was all about, now don't quote this, but he said it was about basically moving on from the past, and seeing the future as it is, and him and the band have all come to realize things that just made the album because all of them let go of something during the process. then anthony threw popcorn at the camera guy =P
    this album never ceases to impress me even after the 20th listen. it's so complete and full sounding..amazing.