On Letting Go review by Circa Survive

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  • Released: May 29, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.4 (80 votes)
Circa Survive: On Letting Go

Sound — 10
'On Letting Go', Circa Survive's sophomore effort sounds more like they've been doing this for ages. They really know their sound, and how to keep it interesting throughout the entire course of the album. The drummer Steve Clifford is very tech throughout the entire album, and he does it without sounding like he's trying too hard. The guitars, although hard to follow at times and very ambient (sometimes so soft, you can't even hear one or either of them), but they keep the album interesting throughout. They are really easy to immerse yourself in the almost ethereal sound they produce on every track. Nick Beard's bass skills don't really stand out much, but if you listen closely, a few of his licks jump out, especially in 'Kicking Your Crosses Down', where a very simple line is very powerful throughout the entire song.

Lyrics — 10
Anthony Green was stellar on 'Juturna' and he is even more so with 'On Letting Go'. His voice with Saosin was a little raspy and distressed, and with the formation of Circa Survive, Anthony was able to showcase his voice as something that is ultimately better according to his style. Standout songs on 'On Letting Go' are 'In The Morning And Amazing', 'Travel Hymn', and the album's title track. Anthony shines in every song, but particularly in the aformentioned, and especially in 'Your Friends Are Gone', the album's powerful closing track. Once again though, his lyrics are very vague and often times confusing to the less analytical listener. However, I've always thought to myself, sometimes music is to enjoy, not to pick apart each verse and line to concretely interpret exactly what the lyricist was writing about. I think Anthony would agree. He wants to write about his personal life and his feelings without specifically saying "this happened, and then this happened."

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, all of the instruments in the band collectively display an effective sound that works well for the overall feel the band had previously achieved with 'Juturna'. No hidden epic track this time, but the final song is powerful with "And all your friends were wrong, nobody cares," as the last lyric, and the final note, with just enough dynamic to leave the listener with a satisfied feeling. I was hoping Circa Survive would release 'On Letting Go' with a similar feel to their previous effort of 'Juturna', and I couldn't have been more pleased.

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    I love it more every time I listen to it, it is almost perfect. My only gripe is that Anthony's singing is a lot harder to interpret here than in Juturna, but it still sounds perfect with the music. Now if only someone would tab out some of these songs to add to the UG Circa tab collection, all of those tabs are either from Juturna or bootlegs. And some I have never heard of previously
    And I also find it difficult to listen to Craig for more than 5 seconds without wanting to stab the speakers with an icepick
    i like this band alot... the one thing that gets me is that anthony green is constantly singing.....