As The Roots Undo Review

artist: Circle Takes the Square date: 08/15/2006 category: compact discs
Circle Takes the Square: As The Roots Undo
Released: Jan 6, 2004
Genre: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 8
If you are into loud screams, great guitar riffs, and the contrast of a very high voice - this CD is for you.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.3
As The Roots Undo Reviewed by: VeloriumCamper, on august 15, 2006
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Sound: Circle Takes The Square have one of the most unique sounds I've heard in a while. A genre I'd like to call Chaotic Emo, whatever you want to interperet that as is up to you. A mixture of noise, emotion, and gender complementing vocals, Circle Takes The Square creates a sound not heard in the music business lately. Circle Takes The Square take a lot of influence from other Chaotic Emo bands such as Pg. 99, Saetia, and it definitely shows. Whether you like the type of music they make, it is definitely worth checking out. Give them a chance. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are outsanding. Some of the best lyrics I've ever seen. You can tell the songwriters of Circle Takes The Square are incredibly intelligent and witty people, because half of the lyrics I don't understand/comprehend. The album revolves around the premise of a man who wants to commit suicide, but when he jumps off of a building to do so, he regrets it, but it's too late. When he arrives at heaven, he realizes it's not all it's hyped up to be. God is very demanding and controlling over the people there. The man then devises a plan to overthrow God, in order to make heaven peaceful. The plan is succesful but what happens? The man becomes just like God, controlling and ironically quite devilish. // 10

Overall Impression: Comparing Circle Takes The Square to other artists is pretty hard but you can put them up against Pg. 99, Saetia, City Of Catepillar, and other Chaotic Emo/Screamo bands. The most impressive tracks on this album are probably "In The Nervous Light Of Sunday", "Crowquill", and "Same Shade As Concrete", although the entire album is a gem. I love the emotion and thought behind the album. The songs on this album are (on average) around 6-7 minutes long, but that doesn't even bother me because they are so great. There's nothing I hate about this album to be completely honest. If this album were stolen I would for sure buy another copy. This album will definitely go down as one of the best to ever be made in the genre. // 9

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overall: 10
As The Roots Undo Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 25, 2004
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Sound: If you have not heard of the band "Circle Takes The Square" you should be slapped across the face. This is probably one of the most creative bands I have ever heard of. If you are into loud screams, great guitar riffs, and the contrast of a very high voice this is your band. My friend told me about this band and I was reluctant to listen to them at first since he likes Rufio and other really gay bands. After a while I had to listen to them. They were great. I couldn't find their CD anywhere so I had to order it of the internet. It was worth the shipping and handling. I would consider calling their style a little emo mixed with hard core metal. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics may be confusing at times since most of the words are being screamed at the top of the lead singer/bass player's lungs. This three man band has great lyrics to go with their kick ass music. Overall I think all of their songs on their CD are sung greatly. // 10

Overall Impression: I can really say that at some times they are a band all alone in their own genre they created. They sound like no one else, or at least anyone I've ever heard. The two best songs on the CD are "Crow Quill" and "A Crater To Cough In." I would really love to see this band get into the mainstream. The thing I love about this CD is how all the songs are genuine and all sound different. I do hate how in one of the songs there is a riff that is continually played for four minutes long! If it was stolen or lost (which I never let it leave my sights) I would definetly buy it again. // 10

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overall: 10
As The Roots Undo Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 05, 2005
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Sound: Circle Takes The Square has an unique sound that no other band has, it made it's on kind of music with starting out sounding emo and then turn into a mix between hardcore emo and anything that was hardcore. The band also uses many different sound effexs that I never heard a band use for example Non-objective Portrait Of Karma starts out with a 2 minute and 33 seconds of a violin then slides on the cords one and two (high pitched cords) the strumming of the same cords to build the anticipation the explodes into a fast paced song with lots of screaming a creative guitar rifts. Also every song from them sounds different and really good guitar drums and bass, they also do things that most other bands don't do like start out the bass playing and then the guitar behind and lots other creative things. Not one of their songs sounds the same and they stay to they're type of music in each song. They also sound different with a girl in there're band that screams or sings which makes it even more better because the guy and the girl go great together and they both can sing really well. Another thing that the girl singer adds to the band that she sings with different time variations or sings while the guy screams or screams while the guy is sings or both. // 10

Lyrics: Circle takes the square's lyrics are really good and they don't repeat whole sections so some of they're songs go down the whole page which is good because that means they really have something to say in their songs. Also each line in their songs seems to tell a story or has a comparison to something, and while they singing these awesome lyrics they are playing either a guitar or a bass. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall they make their own type of music and they play it really well and you'll like them no matter what music you listen to. The impressive songs are: In The Nervous Light Of Sunday, We're Sustained By The Copse Of The Fallen Constellation, Crow Quill, Patchwork Neurology, Non-objective Portrait Of Karma, Kill The Switch. There is nothing wrong with the albums I love all the songs, if I lost they're album (I would never lose it) I would definately buy it again. Buy the Circle Takes The Square albums! // 10

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overall: 9.3
As The Roots Undo Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 16, 2006
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Sound: I don't know where I saw their name but man am I glad that I discoverd them. Circle is the most creative band I have listened to, ever. Great guitar, amazing bass, the most underated drummer in the industry and fast loud vocals by this 3 piece just caught me way off guard. Just buy the album dude just buy the album. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are extremely deep and hard to understand. I have to really read the lyrics on the net to truely understand what the song is about. The two biggest things that make this band so creative are there are 2 lead vocals, one is a girl, and they don't play verses and chorus'. The voices of both the bassist and guitarist are insane, I really enjoy the girls scream/singing voice. // 10

Overall Impression: The album is a good debute album. Some song didn't flow very well and were kind of choppy. Favorite songs were "Non Objective Portrait Of Karma" and "Our Need To Bleed" and maybe "Crowquill." Every week I check their website to see when they will come near my town. If I lost it I would drive to wherever it takes to get it back, or just sit at home smoke pot and download the tracks. // 9

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