Carver City review by CKY

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  • Released: May 19, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (85 votes)
CKY: Carver City

Sound — 8
That familiar CKY tone is here to the joy of CKY fans worldwide, and the perhaps the dismay of those who don't dig this band's type of alternative rock. It not only feels fresh but also a step back to their earlier albums, with the welcome return of the moogs and gritty sound. To me, the album seems perhaps a little too crisp production-wise, and almost a little muddled since the songs on this album give attributes to both Volume One and Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild. Not only that but this is dubbed by the band themselves as a concept album of a fictitious holiday location named 'Carver City'; a place that may seem nice and pleasant but a lot of bad stuff happens, with that 80s horror film twist they got their name from. A 'concept album for dummies' this is not however, as the songs here in are skilled and catchy.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrically, this is CKY through and through. Perhaps a CKY that we haven't heard in a long while, not since Infiltrate and Volume One (once again to reiterate the point). Even vocally, Deron Miller (lead vocalist and guitarist) has come into his own, with his range going from heartfelt lows to screaming highs and deep growls. The only gripe is that maybe Chad I Ginsburg (album producer/lead guitarist) may have tweaked with his vocals a little too much to gain that extra layer of weirdness. It wasn't really needed at all but this is a band that do things their own way and strive to keep it that way.

Overall Impression — 8
I'm going to be honest; I am a CKY fan. Have been since 2003. But I'm also a musician with an ear for what sounds good or bad, so here I am going to be totally unbiased. I do actually like this album, and like most CKY records and songs, it's one that people will either love or hate. The same tone and riffage is here, to the satisfaction of CKY fans worldwide - heavy gain, punchy rythmns, the familiar octave and moogs. It's a sound that CKY are based in and won't ever change. However, there is something else in this new album - maturity. Having had a near internal breakdown of the band, this album very nearly didn't get a release. And I'm glad that this moment of agression and weakness actually shook them up to create one good album...and it's a concept album at that too. Like most albums I do have instant faves; this album's faves would have to be those that tip a nod to the Volume One era of CKY ('Woe Is Me', 'Plagued By Images'). I've dug the Volume One atmosphere and these songs capture that again. Tracks I do dislike are 'Rats In The Infirmary' and 'The Era Of An End'. Don't get me wrong, these tracks are technically brilliant and set an atmosphere and scene, but they don't feel that CKY to me..but that may be a part of the maturity of the band, even showing that they've most likely listened to their influences a little more and created some good tunes. The dumb question is that 'if it was ever stolen, would I buy it again?' - I'd hunt down the guy who stole it, give them a beating, and get it back...that or I would make sure it was never ever stolen. I got the special edition with 4 bonus tracks (the only one available at HMV in the UK), and even the bonus tracks are up there in my favourite songs from this album. I would recommend this album if you want to try something different or odd without straying too far away from metal/alternative rock.

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