First Temple review by Closure in Moscow

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  • Released: May 5, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (25 votes)
Closure in Moscow: First Temple

Sound — 10
Closure In Moscows debut album, First Temple, is an absolute masterpeice. The sound is different from their EP Tp&TP but still contains familiar elements within it. Their new sound involves a much more experimental side, often resembling that of "The Mars Volta". These guys recently moved over to the U.S. And began work on their album immediately. They hit the studio with 12 demos, and came out with 12 songs. The biggest plus about this album would be the guitar work which can go anywhere from quick loud soloing and riffs, to a lighter clean and intricate guitar line. I got this album the day before it came out by preorder, and have already spun it all the way through four or five times. This is one of the better albums I have ever heard.

Lyrics — 9
Chris de Cinque is not the average frontman. On the original demos of CiM he sung in a lower pitch. Then on TP&TP he starting singing in a much higher range. Now on this album he has combined both in an incredible way. He hits notes all over the place in both high and low ranges and makes the music stand out from the crowd while retaining the usual CiM level of cathciness. The Lyrics also stand out, retaining the same level of strangeness from the EP and remain just as catchy, if not more. There are a few moments where the lyrics seem not to fit with the music, or seem like they were sung differently to make them fit, but that is my only complaint in this category.

Overall Impression — 10
This album, again, is absolutely amazing, the songs go together extremely well. The most impressive songs would be Vanguard, Reindeer Age, A Night at the Splee, and Arecibo Message. What I love most about this album is the huge range of different songs which go anywhere from light to heavy. What I hate most about it is that is really only 10 songs, 2 being shortish interlude like peices that probably could have been left out, however they are still interesting to listen to. Basically, if this were stolen, I would do nothing because everyone should have this album. I'd most likely just get another one. First Temple is a masterpeice, and so far the best album of 2009.

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    I think they're more similar to circa survive than mars volta. the guitar work is surprisingly good. awesome album
    Both groups of people here are correct. CiM sound like BOTH The Mars Volta and Circa Survive put together. Although, I do have to say, I like CiM better than either of those bands.
    been listening to this two weeks ago when it leaked, and its an awesome album regardless of what styles you usually listen to
    probably chek them out...idk. im not a super fan of mars volta, but ill like just about anything as long as its progressive and well thought out. also, i dont really mind how many tracks are on an album. i hate it when artists throw in a bunch of crappy,would be b-sides just to add more tracks to a cd when in reality they werent good enough to make the cut in the first place.
    You are insane to compare these guys to the Mars Volta. Its much MUCH easier to define Closure in Moscow's sound over the Mars Volta. I love Closure and have been following them even before they got signed, but seriously, comparing them to the Mars Volta is a bit much...
    Listening to it right now, i gotta say these guys are really good. The vocalist's voice has some simalarities to Cedric's voice from The Mars Volta. Great album, gotta say it's one of the best of 2009
    Actually, you can hear the Mars Volta (Bedlam) influences all over the album. You notice it most in the structure, although there is some noticeable in the music as well. It's good though, because it's not really similarities, rather than just noticeable influences.
    Reasonable review except for this statement, "Chris de Cinque is not the average frontman. On the original demos of CiM he sung in a lower pitch. Then on TP&TP he starting singing in a much higher range." The demos you've probably heard (Chemicals Inside Me and Red Light Refrain) were from when Chris de Cinque was not their singer. Mind you I believe they did re-record some of their original stuff with Chris. As the songs were not written for/by him then that would explain the different style.