Coal Chamber Review

artist: Coal Chamber date: 07/01/2006 category: compact discs
Coal Chamber: Coal Chamber
Released: Feb 11, 1997
Genre: Rock
Styles: Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Industrial Metal
Number Of Tracks: 14
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8
Coal Chamber Reviewed by: Spike6sic6, on october 24, 2003
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Sound: Heavy and catchy. Lot of bass. Reminds me of KoRn, but it's heavier. One of Meegs' strong point is making songs with simple riffs and it's still really good and heavy. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics are not bad. Dez,the singer,has an agressive voice and it fits well with the music. Some songs lack originality, like "Maricon Puto". // 6

Overall Impression: This album is similar to Dark Days. "First" is awesome. The bass on this track is simple but really good. "Loco" kicks out the album well. This is a good CD and I would recommend it. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Coal Chamber Reviewed by: masterometal666, on july 01, 2006
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Sound: Heavy. The best way to sum it up. But in my opinion they sound too much like Korn for thier own good. Still, great band, great sound. The difference between them and Korn is the members and the tunings used in the guitars. Instead of using low A on 7 String Ibanez guitars, they use low B on 6 strings, though really the use of the slap bass is what dooms them to be haunted by the ghost of Fieldy's bass techniques. Even so, they use it very well. // 10

Lyrics: The singer is also like Johnathon Davis in the way that he really doesn't posess much of a voice, but he still fits the band. The difference here is the frequent use of all out screaming, which he seems to be quite good at. And because of his frequent use of drugs, the lyrics never seem to mean much. Still, they fit extreemely well with the music, something that KoRn doesn't have down all of the way. // 8

Overall Impression: Probably the best album they have done. The best tracks on the album stand as Sway, Loco, Pig (especially if you have the extended version, which is the funniest shit ever), Big Truck, Clock, and Amir of the Desert (which, although it lasts less than a minute, is funny as hell, and therefore extreemely addicting.) If lost, destroyed, or stolen, I would buy it back and get a copy for a friend too. // 10

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