La Maison De Mon Reve review by CocoRosie

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  • Released: Mar 9, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (8 votes)
CocoRosie: La Maison De Mon Reve

Sound — 9
CocoRosie consists of the half-Cherokee sisters Sierra ('Rosie') and Bianca ('Coco') Casady. Sierra studied in Paris to be an opera singer while Bianca spent years trying to find a way to express herself. After leading different lives for a long time, Bianca ended up in Paris at Sierra's apartment and that's how it all started. They started playing together and recorded their debut album 'La Maison de mon Rve' in Sierra's bathroom. Their music is, let's call it 'non-conformist'. It's something you've never heard before and there's so much going on that you can keep listening to the album. Sierra plays piano, harp and guitar; Bianca manipulates all sorts of children's toys, synths and drum computers. There's no amazing musicianship going on here. They like to keep it simple, but that's what makes their music so beautiful. They mix blues, hip-hop and soul, but the result doesn't resemble any of its ingredients. They also added a lot of 'weird' sounds to the songs. These sounds never get annoying though, because they add to the atmosphere of the songs. The atmosphere of the whole album makes it absolutely impossible to not become a part of their little universe. And that's what makes it so amazing.

Lyrics — 8
CocoRosie's lyrics appear to be innocent on the surface, but are pretty intriguing when you listen closely. They sing about sex, love, devotion but almost every song has a certain 'child-like' feel to it. Sierra has said more than once in interviews that they don't want to grow up. They don't want to be adults, and it shows in their music. They use rather simple words to express themselves, but it doesn't make the album less amazing. There are a few lines that are cringe-worthy, but they are delivered as passionately as can be. As far a singer skills go, Sierra's opera voice is absolutely amazing. Bianca has a more 'hiphop' style of voice which, I'll admit it, takes a while to get used to. As soon as you're used to their voices the true beauty of their intertwining vocal lines will never cease to amaze you.

Overall Impression — 9
If anything, this album defines the term 'lo-fi'. It's simple, but it's beautiful. Some of the songs that stand out on the album are the opening track 'Terrible Angels', 'By your side', the instrumental 'Candy Land' and 'Butterscotch'. If you want to check them out before getting the album I can recommend any of those songs. 'La Maison De Mon Rve' is, however, one of these records that you either love or hate. It's not easy to compare them to other artists, but you might want to check out some other artists in the 'Freak-Folk'/New Weird America scene. CocoRosie made a great debut album and are one of the promising acts in the New Weird America scene.

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