Milk & Kisses review by Cocteau Twins

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  • Overall Impression: 10
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Cocteau Twins: Milk & Kisses

Overall Impression — 10
Forget about all of the other trendy so-called "alternative" groups like Live, Bush, or The Offspring, The Cocteau Twins are the real deal when it comes to TRULY alternative music. after the so-so effort of Four-Calendar Cafe, the twins have made their best album since "Blue Bell Knoll", with it's groovy bass playing courtesy of simon raymonde, the shimmering, cascading, feedback laden guitar work of Robin Guthrie, just possibly the world's most underrated guitarist, and the sweeping, swooping, dipping, curving, twisting, turning, operatic vocals of elizabeth frazier. i spotted six hit singles on this album, the stunning opening track "Violane", "Serpentskirt", the awesome "calfskin-smack", the merry-go-round-like "ups", "treasure hiding", and one of the most erotically otherworldly songs out there "Seekers who are lovers". This record is aptly titled, because it feels just like your mother wrapping her arms around you, feeding you milk and smothering you with kisses, telling you that its gonna be alright, and it has a way of amplifying any mood you might be in, its perfect music for your honeymoon! I can't wait till their next album!

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