Live At The Starland Ballroom [DVD] review by Coheed and Cambria

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  • Released: Mar 22, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 9
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (29 votes)
Coheed and Cambria: Live At The Starland Ballroom [DVD]

Sound — 10
I have always loved the sound of Coheed And Cambria and every one of their songs. I love their guitar tone, specifically Claudio's, which he gets from EMG active pickups. Both of the guitar players are exceptional musicians, and the drum and bass player both stand out significantly as well. I've always found their music to stand way way apart from anything I've ever heard before, and they have been my favourite band for a couple of years now. The sound of the music on the DVD is excellent, and leaves nothing out.

Content — 9
There are a bunch of extras on this DVD, including four extra live songs from a different show, a couple of interviews, and music videos. The main content of this DVD is their set at the Starland Ballroom (obviously). I love the setlist they played, although I would have preferred a better ending song than The Light and The Glass, because it is acoustic and I like concerts to end with a bang. I would have preferred In Keeping Secrets... at the end instead, but either way, both songs were played amazingly.

Production Quality — 10
The video is awesome, and there are some very nice camera angles. Like I said, the sound is A-1, and the video is no worse.

Overall Impression — 10
I have many music DVDs and this is way way up in the favourites of my collection. I like it as much as the Led Zeppelin DVD, which is saying something, because that DVD is just fantastic. The best part of the DVD is the main concert of course. If it were lost/stolen I would go right out and buy another copy.

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    the guy who gave 9/10.. ur a dumbass.... the show is flawless and well.. theyre amazing! best live dvd ive ever seen
    Haha. I like it when Claudio sings into the guitar pickups. It was completely unintelligible, but that happens with every guitar. GO COHEED!
    Coheed and Cambria's DVD is definatly an A++++, 10 all the way. I've been following them for years now. Their unique sound is unbelievable, and as a guitar player... I must say, Claudio has talent with what he plays and sings. There music is unique, no matter what song they are playing. "in short, for the murder of those I court, god bless, the hour the holds your fall... I WILL KILL YOU ALL" they always had some hard core lyrics... the ones you here and makes you go nutz!!
    Solo Wing
    Great DVD, worth every penny, all of the songs are performed flawless and each of them shine in their own unique ways. I'll also add that this is one of the best set lists i've seen them play too. Oh and how the hell could you not love the guitar gun during Everything Evil.
    ya to the guy who gave it a 9. F. U. why be the same in concert? bands need to make it up a bit.
    Really what I'm pointing out here is there are times when there is a sour note here and there. It's not really a shot against the band or anything like that, because this performance was absolutely stellar. It's meant to be a review, and as such, the reviewer is meant to act as impartial as possible. Either way, marvelously done.