The Second Stage Turbine Blade review by Coheed and Cambria

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  • Released: Feb 5, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (74 votes)
Coheed and Cambria: The Second Stage Turbine Blade

Sound — 10
The best band in the world is Coheed And Cambria. Not to mention this is the best cd in the world. There second cd In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 was okay but this cd makes there second look like a Rufio cd (if you have never heard of Rufio they suck). There sound is complicated with a great rythem guitar and great lead guitar. Claudio voice is compared of that of an 8 year old choir girl except his voice is probably higher. They have no music genre that I can think of they are not emo. Some people would tell you about the story Claudio is making and the four discs are like a soundtrack for it but thats beyond the point. There music is to great to talk about some story. In this cd they are more hardcore and have more of a similarite to there roots (Shabutie). The sound of there music varies at times. You can tell this from the song "Junesong Provision" where the melody goes from hardcore to soft. Overall they have something to offer that other bands don't.

Lyrics — 10
There lyrics come from a story Claudio is making and thats why they are so hard to understand. In this cd, unlike in there second, they actually curse. In "Devil In Jersey City" they use profanity often. In the song they say the F word and S word. Also in "Hearshot Kid Diaster" if you listen closely you can hear a vocalist say "Oh god you're all f--ked up for sure". This could also be a sign of there roots. Overall there words match there melody and are some of the best lyrics I hace ever heard.

Overall Impression — 10
There is no band who could copare to Co And Ca. There are so many of the songs I lide I will just tell you the songs I dislike: "Everything Evil" and "Junesong Provison" (even though I listen to these tracks as much as the other). What I love about the album is how long the songs are because I wish they would never end. I can hoenestly say that there is nothing that I dislike about this album other than the fact it is to adictive. I would like to know why in there second album In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 they don't curse. This could be because now there mainstream and I hate to say it but selling out. But I love them and I would not care if they sold out. For the centimental value of the first Co And Ca cd I bought I would pay a 1000$ ransom to get it back. There is no way I would lose this cd so I don't have to worry about it.

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