The Second Stage Turbine Blade review by Coheed and Cambria

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  • Released: Feb 5, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (74 votes)
Coheed and Cambria: The Second Stage Turbine Blade

Sound — 10
Coheed And Cambria's sound is just awesome and very unique, just by hearing it in a passing car or a friend's stereo you can really tell who it is. Their "dueling guitar" style is mesmerizing and sounds perfect together. This style relates to bands such as Rush and Yes. Claudio Sanchez's voice is pretty much undescribeable, all you can say is that it resembles a boy's voice going through puberty while he gets hit in the crotch. Every song on this CD is good, especially: Neverend, Time Consumer, 33 and God Send Conspirator. They way they perform these songs, constantly switching time signatures and different screams and pitches is just crazy and awesome. No song is a dull song for Coheed And Cambria.

Lyrics — 10
The 4 CD's that Coheed And Cambria are scheduled to put out is supposed to be a story. Second Stage Turbine Blade is the second part of this story (the later, In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 is the third) at times the story can be confusing, I would suggest going to the official website for details. Even without knowing the story the lyrics take you to another world and are just amazing. These guys hardly rhyme any of the lines in the songs but they still flow perfectly. Each track is a different chapter in Coheed And Cambria's life and is very important to bringing clarity to the story. There is some profanity, most not needed but it still adds character to the songs. If I can remember right, a few F's and S's and one D word. But like I said, some of them go with the story and adds emotion to the song.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall this CD is amazing, I saw Co & Ca at the Warped Tour and was highly impressed because they didn't sound like anyone else there. All of their songs are impressive, not one song is my favorite but all of them together seem to be just one song because of the way they are written as a story. As a aspiring guitar player their insane yet catchy riffs are fun to try and duplicate although difficult, it's still fun to sit back and listen no matter what time it is or what mood you are in. I would definitly buy this CD again if it got lost or stolen, but I wouldn't buy just one, I would by two to make sure it wouldn't happen again. This CD is one that you really shouldn't pass up. I would also buy their new album also (In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3) which I did actually lose and bought again. This band is amazing!

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    This In My Opinion Is Coheeds Best Album...It May Not Be Have As Much On It As IKSOSE:3 Or Good Apollo, But Every Song Is Just Absolutly Amazing And You Can Easily Listin To The Record All The Way Through As If It Was One Song...Also It As A Different Sound Than Their Of Records Thats Is Just Hard To Top. Personly I Think Everything Evil Is Probly The Best Peice Of Music Ever Written...
    just too clear up some confusion from the first review: there will be five cds total in the story. The Second Stage Turbine Blade, In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth:3, Good Apollo Im Burining Star IV Volume:1, Good Apollo Im Burining Star IV Volume:2, and then there gonna go back and make the first part of the story. There pulling a george lucas the turbine blade is acctually the 2nd cd.
    Lol @ first two reviewers comparing Claudio's vocals and a 10-year old having his sac in a vice.
    bye far the best cd youve yet to put out. cant wait til good apollo vol:2 to come out this summer. im a diehard coheed fan... but for most this is a love to hate type of band. it pisses me off when ppl diss on them cause they have no clue how good they really are. cause theyre turned off by the vocals. :/
    alxthexkiller33 wrote: bye far the best cd youve yet to put out. cant wait til good apollo vol:2 to come out this summer. im a diehard coheed fan... but for most this is a love to hate type of band. it pisses me off when ppl diss on them cause they have no clue how good they really are. cause theyre turned off by the vocals. :/
    Yeah,I cant wait till Good Apollo 2, and I agree,if people sit there and listen to his voice a little, for an example everything evil on Turbine, they would understand that its not a whining voice at all, I like it,I think its similar to Geddy Lee of Rush.
    C&C Magik
    wow how ironic that two of the reviewers would both compare claudio's voice to getting kicked in the crotch. i wonder if one of them read the others review and just took the comparison. but yeah im just listening to this album for the first time as we speak, and i like hearshot kid disaster alot, along with delirium trigger.
    yea it is the best album imo. its just the musicianship of it, in whole. song writing, playing, creativity. amazing and for those people who are turned off by claudio's voice. phtt. atleast he has a talented voice, that takes major skill. rather than most bands that involve 99% grunting.
    a brilliant album! claudios is voice is HIIIIGH indeed! but its great! you gotta love it! you do! there new album released this autumn so ive heard!!
    They're categorized under Emo? Alright...Lame. This was their best album of all. P.s. The last entry looks like it was written by a dude whose shoving a pickle up his ass.
    Fatally Jon
    "God Send Conspirator" has to be the best song Coheed has ever written. The outro alone has so much power, tension, urgency, and force that I'm amazed that a song can be so perfectly crafted.
    So they described them as emo? Thats really inaccurate. They don't really sound like the 1st wave, maybe influenced but more like a new breed of rock with shifting riffs, no definite chorus, fantasy story-based songs, long duration songs, complex riffs. I would describe it that way since some people can't accept the word "progressive". They don't sound like the 2nd wave. And obviously will never sound like the 3rd wave emo. Fugazi? They don't even sound like Fugazi. Lol Alt-Metal?! Haha what the hell.
    new one comes Oct. 23, ive already got the money set aside for it i cant wait. list of the albums in best to worst: 1)Good Apollo 2)Second Stage 3)IKSSE they're all good but IKSSE was way too mainstream for me. its still a great album though and i listen to it from time to time. Good Apollo is by far the best.