Viva La Vida review by Coldplay

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  • Released: Jun 12, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (256 votes)
Coldplay: Viva La Vida

Sound — 9
The overall sound of Viva La Vida is consistent with the rest of their material. Coldplay has proven once again their ability to write great melodies and consistently craft strong pop rock songs. Fans in stadiums around the world will be heard singing powerful hooks found in songs such as "Cemetaries in London" and "Viva La Vida". However, Coldplay did do some things differently. For example, the song "Yes" is a standout on the album, showing a Zeppelin-esque mix of blues and Middle Eastern flavors not heard in most, if any, earlier Coldplay material. The sound is a mixture of the tried and true Coldplay anthems mixed with some interesting new directions that have developed a powerful sound.

Lyrics — 9
With plenty of religious references and a few political ideas, Viva La Vida has a number of interestingly built lyrical pieces. "42" displays a hint of Pink Floyd-type influence in it's words. Even the less lyrically complicated songs, such as "Strawberry Swing" or "Lost!", are still very powerful in different ways.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, I honestly can't stop listening to Viva La Vida. The title track and single "Viva La Vida" is, IMO, one of the lesser tracks on the album, leaving some Coldplay fans I know and myself somewhat weary of the band's tendency for releasing disappointing singles (ex: "Speed of Sound" off of X&Y). Nevertheless, the album is very impressive and is a yet another great piece of work by Coldplay. If you are any bit into Coldplay, you will probably get hooked very quickly to this CD.

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    Thom Yorke
    CasanovaBass wrote: Ok, so you Metalhead UGers don't like Coldplay. Look at it like this. You may listen to metal because it rocks, sounds awesome, is great live, or whatever. Apply that same thinking to a band like Coldplay. How do they sound? Pretty good to the ear. How are they live? A whole stadium is joined as one. No skill in the guitar work, you say? So why is the music as a whole deeper and more substantial than some metal will ever be. Music is about listening.
    I don't hate Coldplay - I do really quite like a few of their songs but I think you're very wrong to suggest that they're more talented than most metal bands - and no offence but they're not good live, they have no intensity and they just run through their biggest hits in a very roundabout way. And before anyone accuses me of flaming - I'm fed up with people saying that anyone who likes metal immediately dismisses all other music because we don't, but everyone who doesn't really listen to metal dismisses it as a genre
    swinghead wrote: I dont want to offend anyone and i apologize with coldplay fans, still i think their song are an insult to every decent musician working his ass to the bone not getting half a glass of beer. Even New York times journalists defined them a useless band and this album is here to prove this statement once again. Its not about my likes and dislikes, its about good and bad music! Dont get fooled! and most important dont get angry coldplay fans and sympathizers : cmon... get yourself some culture bout music
    Of all the 'anti-coldplay' comments on here, I think this has to be the most ignorant of them all. Okay, so there's no childish cursing or flaming, but a great child-like naivety or just blind ignorance. I'm not offended, just confused as to why this is bad music? Chris Martin is an extremely talented musician, as exemplified on this album and previous ones. Whether his music fits your preference is a different argument, but to say that it's bad music is just embarrassing. Furthermore, your ignorance is textured by your articulation, phrasing your words as if you're better than everybody else, that you're doing us all a favour by shedding you're wisdom with us and advising us to steer clear of this music, please, keep you're wise words to yourself.
    Definitely my least favorite Coldplay album. It's not bad but I was disappointed when I picked it up and popped it in the car cd player on the way home. I wish I would have listened to it online first.
    I can't believe all the hate on this board! My top 4 artists are Linkin Park , Coldplay, 2Pac and Dave Matthews Band. Why can't you haters accept that there is no such thing as 'bad' music, that music is solely based on opinion? I like rock and metal quite a bit, in fact I'd say that Shinedown's new release The Sound of Madness is as good as Viva la Vida (and not just the softer songs). Listen to No More Sorrow by Linkin Park - that's pretty heavy, and I love it. Then again, 2Pac's Changes is amazing. Not to mention Coldplay songs like Talk. Just open your minds (if you're haters). And if you complain that there's no guitar in Coldplay, clearly you have no idea what guitar is. As for the album itself, I think it shows a great progression, but I like X&Y a little (a LITTLE) better. However, I have confidence that Coldplay will continue to bring great music to the world.
    Chris Martin made a reference to Bob Dylan in describing how Rock has no soft, heavy, right, or wrong. This statement is certainly true, so argue on about which preferences or opinions are true. I love the controversy over this band though. Tip of the cap to Death and All His Friends(How I prefer to call the album). Very unpredictable and IMO creative. I am not an elaborate musician and therefore cannot give that justification to my argument, but this album takes so many twists and plateaus that I'm still listening to it several times per day. Great. Also... I encourage people to investigate Coldplay more, for they are contagious.