Viva La Vida review by Coldplay

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  • Released: Jun 12, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (256 votes)
Coldplay: Viva La Vida

Sound — 10
They've done it again! Coldplay's newest, Viva la Vida is definitely a must have! They are so consistent with putting out great albums that they are my favorite soft rock group of all time. Chris Martin's piano is always great to listen to and the different sound they have makes them stand out from the crowd. Quite a few of the tracks from this album will be topping iTune charts without a doubt. I love this group and will enjoy listening to every CD they put out!

Lyrics — 9
Their lyrics are always great. I more listen to them for their sound, but my overall impression is good. The lyrics don't always make sense to me, and can be unusual sometimes. The lyrics that stand out the most to me are from the track "Viva la Vida". "I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing; Roman cavalry choirs are singing; Be my mirror, my sword, my shield; My missionaries in a foreign field" This track contains the most inspired lyrics on the new album. Like I said, I listen to them more for their unique sound, but Chris Martin does a great job singing in my opinion.

Overall Impression — 10
This album does keep that consistent, unique Colplay sound that you would recognize right away. They do add a couple different sounds, but it's still the same, great Coldplay we all know and love. My personal favorite tracks are "Violet Hill" and "Cemeteries of London". If it were damaged or stolen, I would buy 10 more copies to have a limitless supply! I love the new sounds, I love the old sounds, and I love this album!

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    Mondo Generator
    ragnarqk wrote: i adore this music, and not because they're a rock band. it's because i like pleasant sounds and coldplay always delivers.
    I am the Drake
    I'm listening to it in its entirety for the first time now. I'll agree with what many of you have said about it being scattered. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. Although I do like this album, I'll take A Rush Of Blood To The Head any day over this.
    mlukeroberts222 wrote: How is this band considered "rock" music? Coldplay freaking sucks! I wouldn't take this album if someone tried to give it to me, nor will I ever listen to it and waste my time. Good luck "rocking" to Coldplay you pansies!
    What the heck is wrong with you? I love Coldplay!!!!!
    luv this album and coldplay! gonna see them when they come to melbourne just brought tickets!!!! This album is scattered but in a very good way. Metal music is good but i get bored of it very quickly and then i listen to softer music like coldplay that calms you down!
    skyshroudclaim wrote: I had never been a true coldplay fan before picking up this albumn but after listening to it i felt that it was an instant epic masterpiece! I don't care what anybody thinks about that im sticking with it!
    me too B4 i treated Colplay as just anothr 'pop band' but i guess now that im not a lil kid anymore ive matured a bit more and wen i first listened to Viva La Vida the album, well it was an experience i will never forget
    Other than strawberry swing, violet hill and the first half of the song viva la vida(Which isn't much to hold onto anyway) the album is a load of filler and sucks hard.