Symptoms And Cures Review

artist: Comeback Kid date: 04/22/2011 category: compact discs
Comeback Kid: Symptoms And Cures
Released: Aug 31, 2010
Genre: Hardcore Punk/Melodic Hardcore
Label: Distort
Number Of Tracks: 11
Comeback Kid continues to put out solid hardcore albums, slowing down only to sneer in the direction of former members: the band's march forwards is inexorable and unrepentant.
 Sound: 7.5
 Lyrics: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 6
Symptoms And Cures Reviewed by: UG Team, on september 20, 2010
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Sound: Comeback Kid comes back in style with the introductory Do Yourself a Favour. For hardcore punk, it doesn't clock the fastest time on the grid, but acts more like a monster truck, sweeping clear everything that lies in its way. By the time the gang vocals have finished their work, Crooked Floors kicks in with real hardcore style and, most notably, speed. A melodic track, it is one of the albums exemplary tracks, embracing sing along choruses and melody only beaten by the next song: G.M. Vincent and I. It is not often that a hardcore punk band begins an album with such swagger. It's a daring that Comeback Kid should be wary of, some of the songs even bordering on pop punk, a sound that might further displease and even alienate the band's listeners. Because of All the Things You Say continues in the vein of the first three tracks, the screaming less intense, but the band as tight as ever, relying on rapid palm muting, and eerie guitar leads. The song ends on a low key guitar melody, perhaps the first sign of the band taking a breather. Indeed, the band slows down to experiment with tempo shifts on songs such as Magnet Pull, signalling to either the maturing or the decline of this band. This is fairly standard hardcore punk, making it difficult to review. It's loud, and perhaps suffers from the common production technique' of making everything too loud to truly appreciate the volume button or knob on whatever appliance used to play the album. // 6

Lyrics: Much has been made of Andrew Neufeld's appointment as lead vocalist of Comeback Kid in the wake of Scott Wade's departure back in 2006. This is Neufeld's second album with the microphone in his hands after 2007's Broadcasting, and he seems to have really risen to the challenge of succeeding a much respected hardcore vocalist. In the end, it comes down to whether one can get past the change of vocalist, with many fans arguing that Comeback Kid is no longer the same band as during the Scott Wade time period. // 6

Overall Impression: It's difficult to warm to modern hardcore when bands like Governent Issue, Sick of it All, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Minor Threat and The Germs loom over modern efforts. It's not so much that Comeback Kid is bad at what they do, but surely there is only so much more imitation that can be sustained by the hardcore scene before a special band emerges from the seas of platitude to really take hardcore by storm. Some critics might be inclined to over-estimate the value of the experimentation on Symptoms and Cures, but it has less to do with experimentation within the hardcore genre than it does with Comeback Kid's own limited sound. The transition from hardcore punk to melodic pop punk has been done before now, and Comeback Kid would be wise not opt for that direction in the long run. // 6

- Sam Agini (c) 2010

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overall: 9.3
Symptoms And Cures Reviewed by: alexander_MCR, on april 22, 2011
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Sound: 04's "Wake The Dead" was hailed by many as the best hardcore album of the decade. though after hearing "Symptoms And Cures" many critics and fans alike would have to reconsider. Comeback Kid returned in 2010 with their most stunning album to date. It carries that "emotional hardcore revival" feel that "Broadcasting..." and has that speed of earlier releases. Gun to my head its their best record to date! "Symptoms..." comes in just as the decade and the year is closing down and not a moment too soon. From explosive opener "Do Yourself A Favor" to the crushing closer "Pull Back The Reins" you are left bewildered, out of breath and above all amazed. Also, Sam Carter of UK hardcore outfit, Architects lends his voice to "Pull Back The Reins". // 9

Lyrics: Vocalist Andrew Neufeld leaves ex-front-man Scott Wade a forgotten memory. With songs like "The Concept Says" and "Because Of All" he reaches a range not previously seen and he still is as loud as ever. And when Andrew's loud screams are coupled with the dark, brooding vocals of Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats) on "Balance" you know the rest of the album is gonna be a real treat. And as good as he ever was, drummer Kyle Profeta is as fast as ever, perhaps even a little polished and crazier? In any case he keeps a strong presence through out the album, and proves why he is one of hardcore's best drummer! One track in particular, "GM Vincent & I" has a tale to it, which explains the songs name and lyrics. A few years back, Andrew (I), his mate Matthew Vincent (Vincent) and a friend who he nicknamed Grave Maker, (GM) were driving along through Canada's countryside when their car went off the road, Matthew was trapped under the car, until the ambulance arrived, all three survived without serious injuries, thankfully. // 9

Overall Impression: It is a beast of an album. It is an album that would get you pumped enough to take on the school bully, pumped enough that if anyone tried to mug you, you would respond by asking them to wait a couple minutes as you listen to a few of these tracks. Speaking of tracks, the gems on this album are as followed: "Do Yourself A Favor" "Crooked Floors" "Balance" "The Concept Says" "GM Vincent & I" "Get Alone" This is the album that inprints Comeback Kid into hardcore stardom and acclaim. This is not only the soul succesoor to "Wake The Dead" but one of the best albums of 2010, and the decade! 10 out of 10. // 10

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