Shout The Truth review by Confide

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  • Released: Jan 1, 2005
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (9 votes)
Confide: Shout The Truth

Sound — 8
When you hear the Debut of LA's Scremo Rockers Confide you'll be blown away. From the Second that it Starts right to the End, it's packed with fast paced Guitar Riffs, Brutal Vocals, and Drums that would kill your Grandmother if she heard it, Metaphorically speaking. Each song has the Raw Strength that continues with each passing Track. Lead Vocalist Ross Kenyon just brings so much Creative Feeling into the Music they write. Their Debut although does have a lot of mistakes which is natural with a lot of Debut's, People also look at this Band and Say, "Ohhh... Their just a Washed up Band trying to Follow the Scene of Most Los Angeles Bands", of which this is not True, Don't Judge before you hear this Album. Although there is some comparisons among their music and other Bands as too some times when Kenyon brings his Melodic singing with his Brutal Screams he has a Tendency to get off Key like in "Can't See The Forest For The Trees" when he says, "Dancer dancer keep your Feet in Time and Inside the Lines." He does Sound a bit like Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath, Well I can sum up that the album can be Compared with Solid State's album Oh, Sleeper because It packs Tons of Energy just like it, but they didn't really do anything New Music wise because many Bands have already tried their genere of Scremo/Post-Hardcore but if you can agree with Me, there's way more to Expect from These Five Rockers.

Lyrics — 9
The Lyrics on Confide's Debut Album Shout The Truth are Of the Best I've ever seen, and can be compared to Lyricism of Bands such as From First to Last, Pearl Jam, and Incubus. There message of Jesus Christ in there Lyrics can be seen in songs such as "Millstone", "Can't see the Forest for the Trees", and "Holes" among others.Some Lyrics are still being Disputed by Fans of there meanings as to in "Can't see the Forest for the Trees" when Ross sings,"Everybody is Starting to Wonder what I'm talking about, how can I explain This, My God explain yourself." which is still being Debated and in "Holes" when he states,"I pray to God, that the Devil never sees my Sorry Face" which I understand but those lyrics are Written strange in their Booklet.The Band's Lead Singer Ross Kenyon which is from the UK came to the U.S. To experiment with Christian Lyrics in a New Band as he was picked up by the other Four members of Confide looking for a New Lead Singer as their old one Left.The band had already been using Christian Lyrics in their material which just seemed to fit right with him as Lead Singer. If you had heard their 2 Ep's before this release, you will kind of see a more Mature Lyricism in Shout The Truth. Of couse their are a few mistakes here and there as in "I am Scared of Me" where they say,"O God can you Keep me Grounded, I don't wanna let it pull me under" repeatedly which I guess they out of Lyrics to use at that point, But overrall the Lyrics are top notch and waste no time giving you a message such in songs like "City to City","I am Scared of Me", and "Vultures Among the Dead". But Ross can just put such a Show on that makes you just think when you hear him as he combines his melodic singing with inhales and Screams that makes your Heart jump out of your Chest and Run away. Just listen and go get your copy today.

Overall Impression — 9
Well I'm gonna run you through all the songs and what I thought of them as I listened to Confide's Debut Album Shout The Truth: 01.Millstone: the opening Track of the CD and what a great job it does at that, Losing No Time it Surges to you and gives you just a taste of what these guys can do, Great song. 02.Can't See The Forest For The Trees: without hesitation it packs the same energy as Millstone did but comes at you with even greater strength, actually one of the Best songs on the Album it is also one of the shortest ending at 2:26 which is a problem because another 6 tracks excluding the intrelude "00:00" all end at 2 min. Making the album shorter that I thought it should have been. 03.I Am Scared Of Me: is another great song but still packs the same energy as the tracks before it which would start to bore people by now but it does give us more material to listen to them but non the less a great song. 04.City To City: is another great song but not the best comparing to other tracks, it still tells a great story though if you listen to it 05.Zeal: Great opener for the next track but is one of the shortest songs on the album, the song is about coming to grips with yourself and celebrating what you have before it's all gone thus the name Zeal but sounds the same as other songs on the CD and is not the Best song on the Album, it was on a demo of new material release in 2008 given out at their shows shortly before the release of Shout The Truth. 06.If We Were A Sinking Ship: probably the Best song on the Entire album I think and their 1st single off it with a video made for it, It starts out with Spoken Words and Soft Guitars and Lead into A pulsepounding crossfire of Music with one of the best choruses I've ever heard saying,"I am the Words when you are Silent, I am the Comfort for when your Gone, I am your thoughts behind your actions, I'm on the End of your last Breath."Right now it Remains their most played songs at shows. 07.00:00: an Intrelude signaling the completion of the First half of there album.It is the shortest track on their album and runs about 2:01, it's actually not bad for an intrelude 08.Holes: is actually not too bad of a song, in this case's one of the most Religious songs on the album saying,"I pray to God that the Devil never Sees my Sorry face" and to me is the most religious but still great song to listen to. 09.Vultures Among The Dead: another great song to listen too, it does spell out a story to you if you listen and Hopefully the Next Single off the Album. 10.The Bigger Picture: a song not really talked about much because it isnt that well known yet of a song, It is very Short running to 2:39 and does seem like a Filler at times yet still good to listen to it. 11.In Reply: another great song to listen to and is probably one of the Best on the Record.Not much I can Say just Really Good, It was Another song on the Demo that was given out before the Shout the Truth Release, Love the Drum Intro. 12.This I Belive: Is the closer to the Record and the Softest song on the CD.Being played with acoustic guitar, all members contibute to the song and is a good song to end with. I especially Loved the Idea they had for the Song which each member sings a line over and over again and add a new line to it making a big Harmony and then Reprising the song by singing the last line of In Reply at the end of it like a chant which they do at multiple times in the record. Just Grand So that's about it, if this CD was Stolen I would be Bummed and Try looking for it again because it's already hard to find with all of there sales going on but if you want my advice, If you just happen to have 20$ in your pocket and your in a music store go buy this CD Trust Me It Will be Worth It.

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    absolutely love this band and agree with everything this review has to say. their new album doesnt fall very short of this either, the singing isnt as unique as it was in the first album but its much cleaner, besides that everything is just as impressive as the first album